Trudeau Nation: How The HATERS Of Canada Became RULERS Of Canada

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A long and sordid affair this one is–as well as a political transformation hidden away from the awareness of the people of Canada by media for the past forty years.

CAP have expressed many a feeling on this topic, so we will herein attempt to stick to basic historical events:

1968– Liberal Party leader Pierre Trudeau becomes prime minister of Canada.

1971– A mere eight months after he became the first western leader to establish diplomatic ties with China after meeting with Chairman Mao Tse Tung, Pierre Trudeau forces “multiculturalism” upon an unsuspecting Anglophone community– as well as Canadian in general.

1982– Pierre Trudeau entrenches the anti-Anglophone, pro-3rd World “Charter of Rights and Freedoms.” Although ostensibly an act to create equality among all Canadian communities, the reality is that the Charter serves as a social mechanism to advance 3rd World Canada, and disempower “Old Stock” Canada. Media utter not a word about this.

1988- Multicultural Act of Canada. This begins a transfer of some $30 Billion Dollars from tax-payers to not-for-profit 3rd World immigration and multicultural organizations.

2015: Justin Trudeau becomes  prime minister. Like his father, his family arrogance results in a series of unilateral decisions and proclamations on behalf of every living Canadian.

Canada is a “post-modern” nation. Canada has “no core identity.” Next, against the will of the people, and without any public mandate whatsoever, Justin proceeds to entrench the Nation of Islam within the fabric of Canadian society.

Not only this, PM Trudeau entrenches the Nation of Islam within the Canadian government. Media say nothing. Suddenly, half-citizens MP Omar Alghabra, Maryam Monsef, Ahmed Hussen and Iqra Khalid are the “hottest thing in Ottawa.”

Justin Trudeau tours Canadian mosques, dresses in Islamic garb, and recites the “Shahada” prayer for Islamic conversion at an Ottawa mosque. The, he proceeds to reinstate citizenship for convicted ISIS terrorists, open Canadian borders to illegal Third World Refugees(George Soros’ Open Border Society anyone?) and instil M103 “Islamophobia” motion within government.

Degree of exposure from CBC, National Post and the rest? Zero–nothing, not a darn word.

So why did the Trudeau Dynasty–including commie brother-in-the-shadows Alexandre Trudeau— take this path toward the degeneration of Canadian society–in particular white, Anglophone Canada?

Easy– because the Trudeau family hate English Canada. Being of the Third World-Communist variety, the Trudeau’s have a collective chip on their shoulders  regarding the  “colonial roots” of our nation.

Therefore, they have done all they can to marginalize, disempower and vilify Anglophone Canada–as well as Christian Canada.

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CAP Conclusion: The most influential politicians of all-time in Canada hate the nation they were elected to lead. Not China, Mao Tse Tung and its murder of tens of millions. Not Islamic nations and their oppressive, theocratic governments. Not Cuba, Pakistan or Somalia.

No, it is Canada they Trudeau Dynasty hate— and this is the root of the downfall of our nation.

Consider the nascent Wexit Party–not to mention the People’s Party of Canada. These “right-leaning” parties developed in the wake of the advent of Justin Trudeau as prime minister. Ever hear CTV allude to this truism? Never, of course.

As it happens, Wexit has the potential to split Canada into two distinct nations. What does this tell Canadians who have not been brainwashed by Canadian media and academia?

That it is Justin Trudeau who may be the individual who breaks Canada apart. Rather extreme, isn’t it? So extreme that CBC refuse to allude to this in any capacity.

As CAP opined from day one in office, we believe Justin Trudeau is a born destroyer. With the establishment of the Wexit Party as an official federal party, the destructive nature of the Trudeau family--one shot-through with mental illness-– may well become a reality of life within the fading “Great White North.”




6 thoughts on “Trudeau Nation: How The HATERS Of Canada Became RULERS Of Canada”

  1. Very interesting. These are part of the reason why we in Ontario are working to establish a new and caring provincial party to make Ontario the best place to live, love, work and raise a family.
    Would you consider writing an article about this party?
    We’re on Facebook and the internet.
    We are The Ontario Guardian Party.
    We hope to have candidates running in the next election and hope to introduce a National, Canadian Guardian Party in the future.
    Let’s take our country back from those who want to join us into the new world order that a Justin is planning.
    Thank you.

  2. You forgot the most heinous crime of PET, up till 1976 99% of the money in circulation in Canada came from the Bank of Canada – INTEREST FREE! IN 1977: 99% of the money in Canada comes from Banks and horrendous interest rates. The Bank of Canada was set up so politicians could borrow $$ for infrastucture projects – interest free – that was the cost of us joining the G8! This is the worst part of Trudeau’s legacy. See the film: “Oh Canada our bought and sold out land”! For shame Pierre.

  3. Yes, these are all good points the comment I have is very true in my life right now as a disabled person! “The rich keep getting richer and the poor just keep getting poorer.”
    I use medications, choose to not use edible marajuana and CBD/THC oils. Yet, the provincial government will not pay for any supplements that may help me live. I already use a cane and a walker. How. An a square oeg got in a circle of wooden pieces?
    This government has made some serious actions that really leave a bad taste in my mouth! As a Military Mother, I have allot yo say but, always seem to be silenced because of my permanent, inoperable disability! Why?
    I realize I’m a grown person and just have to cope with changes I can not change but, really!? I believe Trudeau is the one that must listen, change and see the light at the end of the tunnel for ALL Canadians! It’s just getting to be unbelievable and hurting THISE who mostly deserve much more positive, financially more stable changes. While He sits in parliament, he has gone absolutely nothing for be honest better my life, TRULY!

  4. We, The Ontario Guardian Party have been working hard for several years to have Ontarians join us, support us and vote for us, regretfully, the response has not been what we expected, especially with all the lies and untruths we are being fed these days.
    Therefore we have decided to put the program on the back burner for now and wait for a more opportune time to proceed should the opportunity arise. Thanks to all who supported us and God bless Ontario and Canada.


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