Trudeau Nation: From Sunny Ways To SOCIALIST BREAD LINES

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Easter Weekend, April 2020, Vancouver B.C., Canada:

Celebrate good times, come on. Cruising through urban neighbourhoods in Downtown Vancouver, CAP came upon a most enlightening “post-modern” observation:

While dreaming of purchasing a lovely Butterball Turkey at a major grocery chain, residents are forced to line up to enter the store. Okay, perhaps CAP will drop by later on.

Moving to the local Chinese vegetable market, a purchaser planned on picking up some potatoes or yams to compliment the delicious turkey dinner.

What do you know—another lengthy line-up. Oh well, let’s cruise on by the Liquor Store, with the goal of easing the anxiety of the previous ventures with a taste of vintage table wine.

Lo and Behold— another frackin’ line up. Now, CAP are not so elderly as to have forgotten the political mantra once espoused by the prime minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau:

“Sunny Ways,” spouted Canada’s freshly-minted PM in the year of 2015. Seems like decades ago that this blast of government positivity was reiterated to the people of Canada by CBC, Globe & Mail, and related media in Canada.

Let the Canadian “on the street” digest this curious social pattern. Why them? Because government sure as heck isn’t going to do so. Nor Toronto Star or National Post.

After all, to juxtapose these conditions would expose a profound truth within society— PM Trudeau has failed the people of Canada.

Please do tell, fellow patriots— if one had to choose a single person most culpable for the condition of present-day society, who would this be? CAP can only think of our prime minister.

Fact: There is no Canadian alive who promoted the Open Border globalist philosophy more than King Justin of Canada. Absolute truth, without a doubt.

Not that CBC will ever communicate this messaging to Canadians. This is strictly taboo within Trudeau’s “No Core Identity” Canada.

What to conclude? Naturally, opinions vary. Is it an accurate observation to state that the ruling Liberal government has trans-itioned society from “Sunny Ways To Socialist Bread Lines?”

Is CAP getting all paranoid once again? Frankly, perhaps we have just begun.

Speculation Time:  CAP cannot help thinking that Trudeau’s current “bread line” society has significant historical parallels.

In times of economic depression—not to mention fascist government control— a breadline environment was indicative of the times. Try buying real coffee or chocolate in Berlin in 1944—no can do.

Salient Question Time: Are the “powers that be”— the globalists, the Liberals, United Nations etc, conditioning Canadians for what society will become post- Coronavirus?

Keep in mind the idea that within nations which transition from, let’s say, democracy to communism, the conditioning of the general public is an essential component.

No surprise, the Trudeau family hero-nation of China comes to mind. So what has really transpired here? Are the powers pushing the buttons of puppet Justin preparing our nation for a coming “New Globalist Order?”

Economic austerity such is the standard in Greece and Venezuela?  Government control of the daily lives of the public as found in Cuba?

Media are positioning Justin Trudeau as some Covid-19 “saviour.” Bollocks to this— how does a government who simply give back the tax dollars they sucked up in the first place qualify as heroic?

Only according to CBC. A sensible Canadian—one who eschews what CBC have to say— would see through this in an instant. That is, if media did  not obfuscate the entire scenario.

Beware Canadian Patriots: Justin Trudeau Pushes Nation-Wide Covid-19 Injections As “SOLUTION” For Pandemic

Are the people of Canada being led down a path of no return? Is Coronavirus “rationing” a sign of what the dying Great White North is to become in the future?

So many questions—no answers from media. More questions:

Is the globalist assault so extreme that Justin Trudeau no longer plays a significant role in the demise of our nation? Have the globalists wholly usurped any power this Trudeau fellow once maintained?

Is this being completely obscured and covered-up by Canada’s socialist media slaves?

Food for thought, brother and sister patriot. Perhaps this will suffice for the lack of a turkey dinner with Grandma in Oshawa, Ontario.

Sad, sad times in Canada by way of Justin Trudeau and his sunny gang of globalist destroyers, no?


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