Trudeau Nation: Canadian TV Host Pushing For Word “Christmas” To Be Eliminated From Celebrations

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CTV’s “The Social” caused major controversy on social media a couple weeks ago when another guest co-host, Jessica Allen, suggested children in hockey have “white privilege,” which spurred the Twitter trend #FireJessAllen.

The changing of the Santa Clause parade to “Winter parade” is just the latest example of the so-called “war on Christmas”. A U.S. town removed Christmas and religious overtones because of citizens complaints. In that case the “Annual Tree Lighting” was removed and replaced by “Frost Fest”.

Now, another co-host of CTV’s talk show The Social is upsetting everyday Canadians for being excessively politically correct.

According to Post Millennial News, The Social’s guest co-host Meredith Shaw was discussing a story about a mayor in a U.S. town changing the Christmas parade to the “Winter parade”, when she argued people who don’t celebrate Christmas shouldn’t have to live somewhere that has a Christmas parade.

“Personally, I mean I celebrate Christmas, but I don’t think my celebration of Christmas should hurt your feelings or hurt your ability to express yourself. If you want to celebrate a different thing I shouldn’t necessarily have to call it Christmas, nor should you have to be in a town where we do a Christmas parade.”

And this lady is a TV talk show host? Talk about an inarticulate  rant lacking substance. Please– what Canadian is forced to be in a town where they “do a Christmas Parade.”  As it happens, in Canada it is against our Charter of Rights and Freedoms  to force people to reside in a specific location?

Why the exclusive focus upon the Christian faith, and their religious/cultural celebrations? Is it not just as likely that many Canadians do not want to hear about Ramadan, or experience Islamic Eid celebrations on the streets of Canadian cities.

What about Muslim’s who pray at subway stations, airports and the like? Based upon Shaw’s “logic,” Canadians who find this offensive should have the right to demand it is taken “out-of-sight.”

Naturally, the Snowflake CTV host eschews this element of cultural and/or religious oppression. How “liberal-globalist” is this. Likewise for the Sikh celebration of Vaisakhi– a holiday celebrated in Surrey, B.C. by way of  giant, 100,000 person attendee parade held annually.

Do you think that there isn’t a bunch of Canadians offended by this “multicultural” spectacle? One reason a citizen may be offended is that, in fact, non-Sikh’s pay for much of the tab by way of their tax-dollars— thereby adding to the “offensive” nature of this “diversity march.”

What does CTV have to say about this? Does Ms. Thang advocate the same treatment for Muslim-Canada and Sikh-Canada that she does for Christian-Canada?

Of course she doesn’t–she is a card-carrying member of Canadian establishment media– an anti-Christian entity if there ever was one. Surprised? Only a liberal snowflake-type would be.

Talk about a biased, hypocritical stance on the entire situation. Yet, what else would a common sense Canadian expect? After all, we have  a Trudeau family member as prime minister–of course Christianity is going to be singularly attacked within media.

So let’s say–hypothetically speaking, that Ms. Shaw’s dreams come true, and the word “Christmas” is prohibited by government to be used for public promotion of this annual celebration.

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CAP Analysis: First of all, one can draw a parallel with the Trudeau family’s “home-boy” nation of China. Would Canada not be emulating the behaviour of the communist government of China? Yes–it would be this exact situation.

Additionally, punitive damages would exist for one religion only- Christianity. How does China feel about this particular faith? Why, they suppress it--just like what the CTV host wants in Canada.

End Game: Sikhism, Islam and Chinese celebrations all get a pass. Call them whatever you like, the Trudeau government and their propaganda media arm will not say a word to hinder the celebrations.

But for Christmas? We want it gone. And what irony! The individual requesting the banishment of the traditional terminology is Christian, and celebrates the holiday with her family.

Now this, fellow patriots, is what CAP refer to as the “essence of Canada”— communist-derived propaganda which teaches Anglophone Canadians to hate their own cultural identity, while  advancing non-Canadian culture as much as humanely possible.

Then again, this media figure is a white Canadian. Chances are high that she attended a Canadian university, more than likely studying journalism at Ryerson or some such Marxist-infused institution.

Bingo– there you have it. These “educational” institutions are at present globalist propaganda centres brain-washing “Old Stock” Canada and their children to hate Canada, its heritage and history–as well as its present-day incarnation.

No wonder Meredith is ripping her own personal and family identity. Liberal advisor Gerald Butts would be damn proud--as would King Justin himself.  After all, Mr. Trudeau just spent four years slamming and demonizing Anglophone Canada  by way of apologizing to every so-called “minority”(retire this term–it’s a globalist weapon) he could muster up.

Guess what, fellow patriots? Justin Trudeau says you are racists for your treatment of Chinese-Canadians. Also, according to our globalist “King Of Kings,” Anglophones are bigots against Muslims. Our people are xenophobic, and instigators of genocide toward First Nations Canada.

No wonder people like Ms. Shaw are trashing Canada’s traditional customs and holidays–she is embarrassed to be a Canadian–and so is Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Oh, the sweet smell of success. Christianity sublimated, Islam and Sikhism glorified. Welcome, my friend, to the self-deprecating “propaganda show that never ends”–at least until the time Canada has been successfully stolen from the descendants of those who founded our nation in 1867.






6 thoughts on “Trudeau Nation: Canadian TV Host Pushing For Word “Christmas” To Be Eliminated From Celebrations”

  1. The Globalists, encouraged by a weak and ignorant Prime Minister are going full tilt to change the World and our Christian way of life. We must unite and stop them. This is a push from third world countries who have no idea of our Christian values and are too ignorant to be taught.

  2. you do not like Christmas parades merry Christmas well I think you should get on the next boat back home you came to live the west lifestyle not your middle eastern BS

  3. They can kiss my white ass. I will use Christmas in my celebration forever 😡 rotten sonsabitches 😡👼👼👼👼🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  4. Why is that stupid useless gutless spineless piece of shit trudum dictating that we should change our ways for the immigrants that came here. If they don’t like Merry Christmas and Santa Clause parade than pack up your bags and go back to where you came from. We are not changing our ways for you and takecthat IDIOT trudum with you.

  5. I simply believe that if they come here they should conform to our laws, we should not have to conform to theirs. We have been a traditionally Christian country but have also accepted other religions with out harming ours and that is because the other religions accept our laws of our land and follow them.If this offends anyone, so be it. I am Canadian.


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