Trudeau Pushing Canada Toward “Dangerous Authoritarianism”– U. S. Media Report

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A news report from outside of Canada has delivered a scathing assessment of Liberal government behaviour. Fox News personality Tucker Carlson this week drew  a parallel between the leadership style of Justin Trudeau, and that of  Italian fascist dictator Benito Mussolini.

“Suddenly Canada is a flagrant violator of the most basic human rights. “Canada[has taken] a dramatic move toward legitimately dangerous authoritarianism. Fail a COVID test and they will lock you up without trial.”

“Anyone who attempts to avoid these rules– detention in a government internment facility for example– could face a million dollar fine and three years in prison.”

“This is Justin Trudeau’s Canada, said Carlson.

This is not Justin Trudeau’s Canada– say domestic news sources CBC, CTV, Globe & Mail and Toronto Star. Which makes good sense. After all, a fundamental of an authoritarian state is found in full media compliance with the will of government.

Good thing Cultural Action Party has since day one of Trudeau’s rule advocated that Canada’s days as a democracy are numbered. This means that a small sliver of news readers may comprehend what Tucker Carson speaks of.

Obviously, the lion’s share do not–if one can believe political polls released by mainstream media.

According to a recent Abacus Poll, the Liberal Party are leading Erin O’Toole’s Conservatives by eight points. The Liberals have risen by five points to capture 38% of the popularity.

Are we to conclude that Canadian voters adore a shift to totalitarianism, and thereby poll accordingly? Not in the Liberal Cabinet’s wildest dreams. As CAP see it, Canada is in 2021 a nation under seduction.

The Great Reset agenda has been decades in the making. It now controls of every fundamental element within society– much like what can be found in communist China.

The role of media is to portray the Conservative Party–the only true contender to Trudeau’s Liberals— as a collection of bumbling failures, over-the-hill white men, anti-abortion mongers, and 3rd World-hating bigots.

The bad news is–they are succeeding– just as they did when MP Andrew Scheer led the party. As they did in their contribution to the removal of former Conservative PM Stephen Harper.

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In other words, when  Justin Trudeau is looking bad in the eyes of Canadians, media’s job is to make the Conservatives look “even badder.” They are paid to do so.

Thus emerges what Fox News have to say about the ruling government of Canada: they are an authoritarian political institution. Fox News are correct– PM Trudeau is, in reality, a fascist-like character conjuring up the spirit of dictator Benito Mussolini.

Will any of this prevent Justin Trudeau from attaining his third consecutive term in office? Of course not–Canada is today a pseudo-dictatorship. When will the citizens of our nation come to recognize this incrementally accomplished  transition?

Try on the day it becomes impossible to do anything to prevent government and media’s transformation of our country from democracy to dictatorship.

— Brad Salzberg, CAP Founder(est. 2016)

7 thoughts on “Trudeau Pushing Canada Toward “Dangerous Authoritarianism”– U. S. Media Report”

  1. ” According to a recent Abacus Poll ”

    Just remember that ” Statistics lie , and liars use statistics ” …

  2. I am saddened to acknowledge Trudeau as Prime Minister of Canada. Having his father as PM was bad enough. But Jr. has got to be the the most hated, vindictive, deceitful, communistic Person who has ever become PM to Canada. And I believe got elected illegally. I pray someone will eliminate this PM before he ruins our beloved Canada.

  3. He flat out said China is his favourite country because of its ‘turn on a dime, basic dictatorship.

    Like Father, like Son. His A**hole of a Father pirouetted behind the Queen’s back but cowtowed to Communist leader Mao Tse Tung.

    Apples don’t fall far from trees.

  4. This is not the Canada I grew up in. I love this country and what it use to stand for. However, the current dictatorship and robbing of basic human freedoms makes me ill.
    It is not “The True North Strong and Free” it used to be.
    We don’t talk to one another,, we talk AT one another.
    We are told to spy on our neighbours.
    We call the cops at a the slightness of problems it seems.
    We are killing our economy in favour of big business.
    We are killing the spirit of our young people by shutting down their interaction with others.
    We are destroying our country.

    Wake up CANADA before its to late.


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