Trudeau Moves To Make Surveillance Powers Over Canadian Citizens Permanent

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As Canadians focus on Parliament’s passing of the Federal Emergencies Act this week, the Liberal government is quietly moving to implement an expansion of surveillance power.

Under the EMA, the federal government announced that crowdfunding platforms will now have to comply with Canada’s financial reporting rules. Banks have been authorized to freeze accounts suspected to be involved with the Freedom Convoy blockades.

“These changes cover all forms of transactions, including digital assets such as crypto currencies. The illegal blockades have highlighted the fact that crowdfunding platforms and some of the payment service providers they use are not fully captured under the Proceeds of Crime and Terrorist Financing Act,” said Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland.

“The government is bringing forward legislation to make these changes to Fintrac’s mandate permanent.There you have it. The implications of such a move are profound. The presentation by Canadian media entirely banal.

Justin Trudeau has invoked legislation to freeze bank accounts and cancel insurance policies without a court order. There is no recourse available for those targeted. Government are planning to make this permanent. Doing so allows the Liberals to freeze bank accounts of citizens they deem to be a threat to their governance.

According to the National Review, Justin Trudeau “is following the example of Democrats in the United States, who have used strategies ranging from securities investigations to insurance regulation to punish political enemies.”

All of which conjures up a critical question: why is today the day that Parliament in Canada are voting on passing the EMA? The protesters have gone home. Roads and bridges have been unclogged. Is there are purpose to the passing which falls outside the parameters of the Truckers Convoy itself?

There darn well could be. Time and again we witness the fine art of subterfuge emanating from Team Trudeau. Perhaps the ultimate purpose is control of over private citizens finances, and not the protest itself.

If so, what we have here is validation of a well-worn “conspiracy theory” premise. Justin Trudeau is transitioning our country from democracy to dictatorship. Government and media report that the protests are illegal. This is technically false, though some of the protesters have broken the law by blocking public roads and the like.

An obvious parallel is found in the 2020 Black Lives Matter protests in Canada, which included incidents of law-breaking. Trudeau did not invoke the Emergencies Measures Act to suppress those protests, even though they brought together large crowds during a dangerous phase of the Covid-19 epidemic.

Far from shutting down the BLM protests, PM Trudeau and Cabinet Member MP Ahmed Hussen took part in the processions. What can be learned from their hypocrisy?  How about the idea that Canada in 2022 is not ruled by law– it is ruled by ideology. When the scenario fits the woke Liberal weltanschauung, government provide a thumbs-up. The contrary brings scorn, social chaos and accusations of racism. It sounds like a replica of life in a communist society.

After which CBC, CTV, Toronto Star and Globe & Mail pronounce the EMA as an application of democracy. Don’t you know, fellow Canadians? This is “Liberalism” in its penultimate form. Not.

The Canadian Anti-terrorism Act was originally passed by Parliament in response to the September 11, 2001 attacks in the United States. Canada’s anti-terrorist laws were created in reaction to a wave of international terrorism. The attacks on the World Trade Center, attributed to mastermind Osama bin Laden, served as its catalyst.

Since then, the Canadian government has banned over fifty-two terrorist organizations. They include Al Qaeda, Taliban, Armed Islamic Group, International Sikh Youth Federation, Hamas, and Hezbollah. Can Justin Trudeau freeze the bank accounts of Hamas? Not likely. But he can do so for innocent Canadians citizens. What a revelation it is. Or would be, if legacy media did not hide the concept from the general public.

Anti-terror laws created to address Islamic terrorism are now being applied to working class Canadians. The application is even more stringent toward our people than terrorists from Al Qaeda and the Taliban. Justin Trudeau, what have you done to our country?

17 thoughts on “Trudeau Moves To Make Surveillance Powers Over Canadian Citizens Permanent”

  1. I have no confidence in the Justin Trudeau Government directly the result of the actions shown all over Canada of that government. In fact, as a direct result of the hack of Givesendgo, theft of personal information from it and now seeing the contributors’ bank accounts grabbed by the government, all done upon LEGAL peaceful protest tells me that the hacker was the government of Canada and that no one in Canada can ever trust provision of private information, not even to the government, let alone online organizations. So if this comment posts in spite of my avoidance of any registry here, I still will not use my name below.

  2. No, what have WE done to our country with our complacency and endless beliefs in party politics and corporate government?

  3. We in America should stop all Canadians from entering our country, this means no trucks, no pipelines, no ships with Canadian goods, maybe the people of Canada will wake up and run that PUNK out of office, shame on Canada !!

    • HI Paul I am from Canada. I am afraid it is not that simple. Ontario and Quebec control who becomes PM. They have the most seats based on population. Unfortunatley western provinces like Alberta the one I live in dont have much of a say. However, a takeover by USA woud be welcomed by many of us

    • Yes see all premiers, all health ministers, hospitals, atleast half of the cabinet is paid off, most judges as well. Police paid off, we as citizens have no help from the military or police. We are struggling because of this, we can’t use weapons. That would be a disaster, we need serious help soon before it’s too late. Our government’s including Biden seek to destroy us. Not sure what to do

  4. Justin Trudeau has now opened himself up to several types of Constitutional, criminal and civil litigation and people need to donate to support the CCLA.

    (Canadian Civil Liberties Association and the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedom along with several other law firms.

    • So here’s my question…it may be a bit ignorant but I’m serious…

      What stops him now from freezing donations made to JCCF? or even the Conservative party?

      Where and how is the line drawn? How can he decide what is or isn’t something he can seize?

      • Authoritarian control always occurs in incremental stages. As long as they are able, our govt will continue to chip away at personal freedoms until none remain.

  5. Who will help us to get rid of him,and his corrupt party? Is there going to be a revolution after all– I still want to know who was in uniforms with the batons, I have never seen so many over-weight policemen in my life.

  6. TERRORISM- a calculated use of violence to create a general climate of fear in a population and thereby to bring about a particular political or religious objective………sound familiar folks?

  7. In addition to making these mandates permanent, martial law is also permanent. The Jackal will force those premiers to return back to Covid policies of lockdowns between provincial borders, strict mask mandates and vaccine passports which by his law to be digital by the QR codes. That means there will be no privacy of personal information nor are the Charter of Rights legal anymore.

    Jackal Trudeau insists on a very strict dictatorship. No American citizens being tourists allowed, nor families in Canada allowed to visit family even close by across the border. Only business and truck commerce allowed. The border between Canada and the United States will be tightened for limited access.

  8. Now that Justin Trudeau gained the support of the Canadian NDP in his use of the war measures act against LEGAL peaceful protest, I have no confidence in the NDP under its current leadership. Along with this flows no confidence in several MPs and the parties they represent who would have opposed the use of the emergency act in the parliamentary vote, but voted to support it BECAUSE they did not want an election. Maybe by the time another election BY THE PEOPLE, if another ever materializes at Trudeau’s behest, there might be a FREEDOM party in Canada to vote for? Maybe CAP?

  9. There is enough contradicting information regarding the experimental ‘vaccines’ for COVID19 that in looking at just a scratch of the surface should make one wonder WHAT to believe.

    Even administering these ‘vaccines’ have contradicting methodologies, one method has the administrator space off from shoulder point then squeeze that measured injection spot before inserting the needle – contradicted by another specifically arguing against squeezing the upper arm. And through the trial period so far there have been many warnings about dangerous “blood clots,” which were initially being denied by the vaccine producer(s) only now being admitted by those producers.

    Right from the first claims of a “pandemic” named COVID19, the survival rate with no treatments yet available were reported in the high 90% range. And when the ‘vaccines’ rushed onto the scene, the mandates started being imposed by governments, even those pretending to be ‘democracies.’ Blood clot side effects were not the only side effects – paralysis is another.

    FIRST dose – AstraZeneca’s

    2nd dose – Moderna

    Booster shot – Type not given

    Compare admin methods
    Proper administration video according to CDC (Central Disease Control)

    Intramuscular injection

    And if your brother complied with the government mandate, and soon after the first shot became paralyzed from neck down, dying paralyzed shortly thereafter, I think anyone would think twice about complying with those government mandates.

    If Trudeau continues to ignore the danger-warnings that researchers have given ever since very shortly after the ‘vaccines’ materialized, he or anyone else will not shoot my arm with any of that stuff – I would rather that he use a gun on me than a needle!

    My choice is to take the chance that if COVID19 actually exists (researchers say they have not isolated such a virus) and I get infected, that I might well be within the 90+% survival rate without any treatment – then there is POSITIVE information on success using Ivermectin and zinc to mention only ONE successful treatment that requires no injection.

  10. I find nothing surprising in Trudeau aiming for surveillance big time. Peeping toms love looking through key holes of bedrooms – historically. But a dictator has no choice but do all he can to not only gather names and addresses and snoop in private conversations to know who to concoct as an ‘enemy of state’ via publicly funded media.

    And modern technology played a very high proportion of world population right into his pocket. I recall the days, not so long ago, when public schools gained a tiddly-winks computer that had a special cart built so it could travel classroom to classroom to introduce the kids to keyboards. Now the kids each have what is still called a “phone” that tracks them even when it is turned off. And as I see it presently, to recommend that Canadians actively protect their own privacy would be deemed ‘conspiracy’ you got it, ‘theory.’

    If Canadians want to REGAIN their privacy after surveillance has been so firmly rooted, a big step in that direction would be to dump the “phone.” And THAT would only scratch the surface as they would also need to dump Internet connection – however, there are browsers and other tools these days that are so private that Google throws up Captcha puzzles supposedly to ‘protect’ itself. And THAT act resembles the Trudeau narrative that painted a large PEACFUL protest as ‘terrorists’ etc. etc. etc.


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