Trudeau Makes Canada World’s First “Death On Demand” Society

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“A guidance document produced by Canada’s providers of medically assisted death states that doctors have a professional obligation to bring up MAID.”

From “Sunny Ways” to Death-On-Demand. How many superior examples can one find to define the absurdist hypocrisy of Canada’s Liberal government?

In a perfect world, media would lay the truth on the line:

PM Justin Trudeau is the founder of legal assisted dying in Canada. With each permutation, government expand the spectrum for qualification. First, it was the physically ill. Next came the mentally ill. To be followed by a lowering for the age of consent to 18 years. Those diagnosed with depression now qualify. In several cases, the motive for choosing death came down to poverty. Others are rooted in homelessness.

In the main, establishment media has been on board with the process. Or, at least, they do not question institutional euthanasia from an ethical point of view. What can one say about a country in which life-and-death transition to the frivolous? What can be said about a government which institutionalizes the process?

Yes, it’s happened before– 20th century European fascism is a significant example. Still, it’s not enough to shake the corridors at Trudeau’s state-funded CBC.

“In most jurisdictions in the world with legalized euthanasia, doctors are explicitly prohibited, or strongly discouraged from raising assisted dying with a patient.”

Well, would you look at that. Canada is an outlier in this capacity:

“A guidance document produced by Canada’s providers of medically assisted death states that doctors have a professional obligation to bring up MAID as an option, when it’s medically relevant and the person is likely eligible.”

Death on demand. Has a rather ominous ring to it, no? Not to worry. It’s nothing more than a cost-benefit scenario. If a Canadian citizen is deemed ill and unproductive, they can be eliminated under federal law. It can occur by order of the state, without consent from family, or even the patient themselves.

Over in China, regulations speak of “the doctors’ duty to obtain consent from their patients and/or their family members. A violation of that duty results in tort, disciplinary, or administrative liability of doctors and medical institutions.”

Are we reading this correctly? In China, a country of 1.3 billion, doctors can be disciplined for not obtaining consent regarding Euthanasia.

In our country, a nation of 38 million people, doctors are mandated to offer assisted dying to patients. Which country is the more authoritarian in this regard? The answer is Justin Trudeau’s “no core identity” Canada.

Witness the outrage as Canadians tear their hair out at the thought. Not. It won’t happen– just as it never happens regarding any element of Canada’s authoritarian conversion. In 2022, the Liberal control legacy media– another aspect of our nation’s conversion to neo-communism.

In the meantime, we witness the flip-side of the coin:

‘Double Number Of Immigrants Coming To Canada Through Parents and Grandparents Program’

Holy cow. While doctors encourage euthanasia for the elderly, they are doubling the intake of elderly from India, China, Pakistan and Iran.

Still not a problem for Canadians? You got that right– nothing that government does ever is. Pourquoi? Because average citizens have no vehicle in which to successfully fight back. As it is in China, Cuba and other communist countries.

Canada’s MAID providers and assessors said that there is also no provision in the law that prohibits clinicians from initiating the discussion and raising the possibility of MAID.”

Has Justin Trudeau converted Canada to a Death-On-Demand society? Yes he has– as rooted in demographic manipulation practiced by communist despots he so admires.

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  1. Hey, didn’t Hittler also practice criminal euthanasia against the weak and elderly and mentally ill????? Wasn’t he a fascist??? Oh, and didn’t he also go after his own citizens of a different descent than himself??? Quack,quack,quack. Said the duck! Time to hide our crystal folks. November 9-10, 1938


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