Trudeau Lies About “Helping Middle Class”– Funds Middle Eastern Nations Instead

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“Keep on telling a lie and eventually the people will believe it”— paraphrase of a statement by a prominent fascist dictator of modern history.

Seems PM Justin Trudeau and back-room schemer Gerald Butts have taken this tid-bit to heart.

“A staggering 47 percent of respondents to a survey by the Calgary-based insolvency firm MNP say they “don’t expect to be able to cover basic living expenses over the next year” without increasing the amount of debt that they’re in.”

So just about half of Canadian citizens are living hand-to-mouth under PM Trudeau’s post-modern pseudo-dictatorship. How sweet. Wanna get really angry, fellow patriots?

Try this on for size:

In 2016, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau committed $465 million to Afghanistan, including $270 million for development assistance and $195 million for security support.. The funding is being used to sustain the Afghan National Defence and Security Forces, and to help the Afghan government provide basic services to its citizens.

That’s Afghani citizens, not Canadians. Benefit: Nation of Islam. Detriment: Canadian tax-payers. How King Justin Trudeau is this?

 “Canadians are down to an average of $142.00 in terms of how much money they have left over at the end of the month.”

Now, let’s focus in on the increase in financial aid since Justin Trudeau since King Justin gained his Canadian crown.  

International assistance levels from 2015 forward:

Syria- up 76%, Iraq- up 67%, Jordan up 64%, Afghanistan- up 47% and Lebanon- up 45%.

Afghanistan is  number one in Canadian aid(all funds paid  with Canadian tax dollars) at $233 million, followed by Ethiopia $ 193 million.

Nice for them, but how does this benefit  Canadian citizens? Quick answer–it doesn’t. 

CAP Conclusion: Justin Trudeau is indeed working for the Middle Class: in Somalia, Nigeria, Iran, Syria, Afghanistan, Lebanon and Jordan.

As for the Canadian Middle Class, they can go eat out of a Smithrite for all PM Trudeau cares. In CAP opinion, his entire “Middle Class” assistance program is one giant LIE.

Unreal, isn’t it? How can a Canadian prime minister behave in this manner and still get re-elected for a second four-year term? Control the Canadian media–communist style. That’s how.

This is exactly what has trans-pired in the wake of Justin’s 2015 victory. So in socialist style, Trudeau and his scheming backroom commie Gerald Butts deceived Canadians into believing Justin Trudeau’s deception of the Middle Class citizens of our nation.

CAP Salient Question: Is anything really going to change during the next four-years of Globalist-Liberal societal domination.

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Yes, perhaps–on the surface– the place where Trudeau perpetually dwells. What are the “red flags” thus far? CAP will inform: While media have spent their time analyzing the election outcome, thrashing the rise of populism and trashing Conservative leader Andrew Scheer, a major development has occurred outside of their “purview.”

Third World Canada kicked major “butts” in the recent election. Every one of Trudeau’s Third World- Canadian Liberal posse won their seats for another term. MP Ahmed Hussen, Iqra Khalid, Omar Alghabra, Maryam Monsef, Bardish Chagger, and the all the rest(save one–Amarjeet Sohi).

Within the coveted GTA area, once again the Third World rocked the house. Did you know? All five ridings in Brampton, Ontario went to Liberal Sikh-Canadians.

Taking a look at the five Brampton, Ontario ridings in 2019, here are the results–

Brampton West: Liberal Kamal Khera

Brampton South: Liberal Sonia Sidhu

Brampton North: Liberal Ruby Sahota

Brampton Centre: Liberal  Ramesh Sangha

Brampton East: Liberal Maninder Sidhu

In other words, both Sikh Canada and Muslim Canada gained substantial ground in Trudeau-Butts Third World seduction of the former “Great White North.”

Now, here is what CAP believe will deliver the “good news” that Justin is going all-in on Sikh and Islamic Canada moving forward– his choices for the pending Liberal cabinet.

CAP Theory states that if Canada’s “King Of Kings” selects Somalian Refugee MP Ahmed Hussen for a second term as immigration minister, it informs Old Stock Canada that the Liberal-Globalist seduction of our people is rubber-stamped for another four years. Like-wise if Trudeau moves the portfolio to a Sikh-Canadian MP.

What this brings to the table is bias. What the good people of Canada truly deserve is the placement of an objective, unbiased, full Canadian citizen(Hussen is a half-citizen) to be in charge of the demographic destiny of Canada.

This Hussen character is as far from this ideal as humanly possible–the exact reason why Trudeau selected him. In CAP’s opinion, Hussen despises English Canada. From there, it is not hard to guess he also dislikes the citizens of English Canada.

How can this man possibly remain objective regarding the selection of potential migrants and refugees. Obviously, he has not done so. He advocates for illegal Third World migrants to hop the U.S. border, placing an increased tax burden on Old Stock Canadians each time he does so. These people have large families–therefore, they get large tax-payer hand-outs.

And yet Trudeau and Hussen treat these folks as if they are worth their weight in gold. What a giant deception! Then, on the flip-side, we find that Canadians who have paid taxes our government for decades can barely make ends meet.

Then, Trudeau and uber-rich Laurentian Mountain Liberal Finance Minister Bill Morneau emerge from parliament with their typical cheesy smiles while holding up a copy of the Federal Budget book for CBC to fawn over.

How sick is this? Answer: very, very sick. CAP despise Justin Trudeau and his globalist-liberal lies to the Canadian people. Yet, we may well be stuck with this political charlatan for another full four year term.

Canadian patriots— this is your Canada in full effect. Media puppets are not here to deliver objective truth–that’s all so “2014.” Rather, CBC and the rest now exist to protect a hidden agenda of Canadian cultural and economic decimation.






3 thoughts on “Trudeau Lies About “Helping Middle Class”– Funds Middle Eastern Nations Instead”

  1. I got the permanent Ban on Twitter, I get 30 days back to back on Facebook but I still expose the Traitor Justin Trudeau. I will not stop till that waste of life is put to justice.The elections was rigged to no end. Ontario counts never made it in as they had the votes boxes still lucked up in the voting back rooms. The same happened in BC.
    Those vote boxes are still roaming if not all burned as yet.

  2. 2016 working in taking votes in municipality. Most municipality never got the boxes in to be added to the counts.
    I was a witness of this scam.
    Votes really don’t matter if most never make it to the counts, we are talking most of a province don’t see their votes count. Only the big cities are making the name for the province. Not the people.
    Government down.


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