Trudeau, Liberals PUSH BACK On Establishing China-Canada Investigation Committee

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Now here is an area of politics CAP has covered for decades–the unspoken, covert relationship between the Liberal Party of Canada and the communist nation of China.

Based upon long-term research, we will state with confidence that a form of political collusion exists between the two political entities. Despite decades of media twisting and spinning, very tangible examples exist to validate this sketchy “Silent Revolution.”

Based upon media optics, a Canadian might believe China’s interest in Canada to be a relatively recent development. Those in the know may well attribute to the work of ex-Liberal Prime Minister, Pierre Trudeau.

A good call to be sure, yet the relationship between these nations goes back over  two centuries.

 “BMO Bank of Montreal has been building relationships in China, almost as long as the bank has been in business. Merely three months after its opening in 1817, the bank undertook its first foreign exchange transaction in support of trade with China in 1818.”

The year 1818-– not exactly a nascent development, now is it? Welcome to the financial element of the equation. Now for something completely different–education.

In the late nineteenth century, Chinese students attended a number of educational institutions in Chinatown [Victoria, B.C.]  Children of merchants had lessons at home with private tutors, and the Methodist Church ran a Sabbath School for Chinese adults and children from 1874, then a mission school from 1885.

Okay, so fair to say China’s reach into Canada began in these two capacities– finance and education. One can argue these two areas exist to this very day as the “heart and soul” of Canada-China relations.

Fast forward  fifty years. The Canada China Business Council or CCBC a private, non-profit business association founded in 1978 to facilitate and promote business, trade and investment between Canada and People’s Republic of China.

CCBC has offices in  TorontoVancouverMontrealCalgaryBeijing, and Shanghai. CCBC is the de facto Canadian chamber of commerce in Beijing.The CCBC is a private, non-partisan, membership-based business association, with members from both Canada and China.

Members include large multinational corporations such asBarrick GoldBlackBerryBombardier, BMO Financial Group, Caisse de Depot, CITICExport Development CanadaHuawei TechnologiesManulife FinancialMolycorpPower CorporationSNC Lavalin, and Sun Life Financial.

As it happens, two of the founding entities for the CCBC are the Trudeau Family of Quebec, and the billionaire owners of Power Corporation, the billionaire Desmarais family of Quebec. 

Olivier Desmarais,  Senior Vice-President ofPower Corporation, is the current CEO of Canada-China Business Council. Other power players include Senator Peter Harder, another former CEO of CCBC.

Mr. Harder is perhaps Canada’s most vehement China-pusher. The other contender, Senator Yuen Pau Woo, is the ex-CEO of Asia Pacific Foundation, a B.C. based “non-profit” which for decades has been pushing communist China’s integration–both economically and culturally–into Canadian society.

What do these two have in common? Both were appointed to the Senate by current PM, Justin Trudeau.

According to Senator Harder, “relationships mater, education maters, culture matters, bonds of shared experience and understanding matter.  Cultural and knowledge diplomacy is an important dimension to Canada’s international brand in China.”

BURIED BY MEDIA: Billions In Third World Foreign Aid INEFFECTIVE, WASTED: Canadian Taxpayer’s Association

CAP has a term for this type of Canadian–Harder is a “china-pusher”–not only economically, but culturally as well. While CEO of Asia Pacific Foundation, Senator Yuen Pau Woo pushed for Chinese languages to be taught in Canadian schools–as in, all public schools from coast-to-coast. He failed, thankfully.

So much for “ancient history” Who was the first prime minister to open up the Alberta Oil Sands to be swallowed up by China’s “corporations”–  meaning their government?

Ex-Liberal PM, Jean Chretien. Did you know? Chrétien’s son-in-law is André Desmarais, the deputy chairman and co-CEO of Montreal’s Power Corporation. Desmarais is also the honorary chairman of the Canada-China Business Council.

See how all this is coming together? Good thing–so now perhaps 2% of Canadians will comprehend the back-room globalist dynamic at play. The remaining 98% know nothing of the sort– establishment media having sublimated the entire affair.

Conclusion: There is a long-term, established pattern of economic and political collusion at play within this covert agenda.

Now, let’s get contemporary. Two Canadian journalists have rotted in a Chinese prison for 12 straight months. According to reports, the lights are on in their jail cells 24-hours per-day, while interrogations exist on a regular basis.

What has current Liberal Prime Minister Justin Trudeau done about this? What public statement has he made which in no uncertain terms demands the release of these two Canadians?

Trudeau Jr. has said next-to-nothing about the matter.

Amid the continued efforts of the Trudeau government to negotiate a free trade deal with China, a recent report suggests that a free trade agreement with the world’s most powerful economic force should be a “non-starter” for Canada.

The report, from the  Macdonald-Laurier Institute, examines how China’s previous trade are  designed in favour of the Asian manufacturing giant. Furthermore, the report highlights the ideological differences that could become obstacles to achieving true free trade between Canada and China.

“I think the main message for Canada is that time and time again, the Chinese government is able to not fulfill their negotiated agreements in an honest way, and the advanced industrial nation really has no effective recourse against this because of the asymmetrical power relationship between the two countries,” said Charles Burton  a senior fellow at the institute’s Centre for Advancing Canada’s Interests Abroad.

In other words Justin Trudeau and his Liberal government pushed forward a Canada-China Free Trade Agreement regardless of the ominous–and potentially destructive– nature of such an agreement. Who then is Trudeau working for–Canada, or China?

Moving in real-time politics, opposition parties–Conservatives, Bloc Quebecois, NDP— recently out-voted the Trudeau Liberals regarding the establishment of a government committee to analyze Canada’s relationship with the behemoth nation.

“The Conservatives have succeeded in a demand for a special committee to examine Canada’s contentious relationship with China.”

Conservative MP Erin O’Toole called for a special committee on Canada-China that would examine the entire relationship including diplomatic and consular issues, as well as trade and economic ties.

So all federal major parties in Canada voted for the probe-with the exception of the federal Liberals. Considering the amount of hidden information, media spin and general neglect of the tribulations of China’s position within in Canadian society, Trudeau and his team STILL vote to keep a lid on the whole sordid affair.

Does the Liberal Party of Canada function as a conduit for Chinese government economic and cultural entrenchment within Canadian society? It certainly appears this way.

Lucky for China that Canadian media exist to hold back these realities from 37.5 million Canadians. Please do tell, fellow patriots– are CBC, CTV, Globe & Mail and National Post working on behalf of Canada’s interests,   or for the benefit of the communist nation of China?











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