Trudeau, Liberals Ignore Unprecedented World Wide Christian Persecution

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“The persecution of Christians is at its highest point in three decades, according to the latest report from advocacy group Open Doors.”

The World Watch List, released by Open Doors on Jan. 18, 2023, reports that “the number of Christians facing persecution worldwide remained steady in 2022 at approximately 360 million.”

All of which fell on deaf ears among the Liberal Party of Canada. At the same time, PM Justin Trudeau just gave Islamic Canada its biggest boost of all-time.

This month, PM Trudeau, together with Somali Refugee MP Ahmed Hussen, selected  religious fundamentalist Amira Elghabaway as Canadian “Minister of Islamophobia.”

CAP can see why this lady made the cut. Like Trudeau and Hussen, Ms. Alghabaway has an extremely low opinion of our country. If things went her way(don’t count it out), our nation would have no Canada Day celebration.

According to conservative blogger Spencer Fernando, Amira Elghabaway “opposes Canada Day as a celebration of “European, Judeo-Christian storytelling.”

What a slap in the face this is for Canadian-born citizens. As if her precious holy books are devoid of fictitious “storytelling.” Our Liberal government’s Islamophobia cop offers her take on our country:

“Unfortunately, the majority of Quebecers seem influenced not by the rule of law, but by anti-Muslim sentiment.”

In contrast, Alghabaway behaves as if her religious brethren nations are pure as Nunavut snow. Along these lines, we check in on a couple of leading Christian-persecuting nations:

“The few Christians who remain in Afghanistan are living like the early Church. They live the faith in secret because it’s the only way to live in safety.”

Beauty, eh? Degree to which Trudeau, Ahmed Hussen, M103 founder MP Iqra Khalid and Amira Elghabaway have a problem with this form of religious oppression? Blink, and you missed it– because it doesn’t exist.

This week, CAP happened upon a video clip of MP Khalid’s introduction of our freshly-minted Queen of Islamophobia. The first thing Khalid speaks of is the idea that our nation Canada exists on stolen land. Talk about trashing the country who permitted a half-Pakistani citizen like herself to lord it over secular and Christian Canadians.

As established by the federal department of immigration, Nigeria currently sits among the top 6 source nations for migration to Canada.

“In sub-Saharan Africa, anti-Christian violence has reached unprecedented intensity.”

“Nigeria continues to be the epicenter of massacres with 5,014 Christians killed in 2022, nearly 90% of the total number of Christians killed worldwide — 5,621.”

A problem for the Liberal Cabinet and Caucus? Not in the least. Not one of them has spoken out against mass murder of Christians in Nigeria, or anywhere else.

But give a hijab-clad Muslima the stink-eye in Canada, and watch the politically correct fur fly.

Is Canada an anti-Christian, pro-Islamic nation? Cultural Action Party answer in the affirmative. Those who believe these issues are limited to countries other than Canada best think again. The same dynamic exists in the dying Great White North:

In 2022, the Catholic Register reported that “international observers are condemning media, politicians for turning a blind eye to a new report that shows a 260-per-cent increase in anti-Catholic hate crimes in the past year.”

So, Mr, Trudeau, do tell– how long will it be until a Liberal government-sponsored “Ministry Of Christophobia” arrives in Canada?

Upon which CAP cough into our Tim Horton’s coffee cup. It will never happen under the iron-clad control of Trudeau’s minority Liberal government.

We certainly won’t be hearing about it from the exalted Amira Elghabaway. Rather, Ms. Thang has this to say:

“Its very existence[Britain] and survival is built upon the oppression it benefited from throughout its shameful history.” She continued that it is “one of the most powerful symbols of racial oppression.”

As reported by Western Standard News, ”Elghawaby wrote the monarchy in Canada should be dissolved because Queen Elizabeth II was racist.”

My, my– such appreciation for the country who let her through our democratic doors Alghabaway has. This will likely place her in a position for further promotion within our political environment. Who knows, one day she may hit the jackpot and be fast-tracked into the PMO as Canada’s “progressive” prime minister.

It’s all so insane. But not as insane as the following inevitability:

Alghabaway, Hussen, Khalid and company are going to get everything they ask for. Pourquoi? Because the entire sordid affair is as locked-in as the belief system to which religious fundamentalists adhere to.

Courtesy of Justin Trudeau, the future is their oyster. A born-again Canada is the end-game at hand. Not in the Christian sense, of course. More in the decimation of traditional Canada and its rebirth as a 3rd world-dominated socialist dictatorship.

Like Pierre Trudeau before him, Justin Trudeau wouldn’t have it any other way.

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