Trudeau Leverages Covid-19 To Seize FULL CONTROL Of Canadian Society

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“The Trudeau Liberals have used the coronavirus pandemic as a convenient smokescreen to effectively take full control of all spending, taxation, corporate nationalization, and a host of other policies”

So says a journalist from Canada’s Toronto Sun media outlet. Since there is a slight “mincing of words” here, Cultural Action Party of Canada will lay it on the line:

The ruling government of PM Justin Trudeau may well be leveraging the deadly Covid-19 virus to transition Canada from democracy to dictatorship.

In truth, CAP came to this conclusion within one-week of Coronavirus catching on within our dying Great White North. How so? Hard to explain—for some reason, we seem to have serious insight into the methodology of the Liberal-Globalist-3rd World government of Justin Trudeau.

More Astute TS Journalism:

“The last thing a government needs if considering a takeover of its own democratic country is an armed civilian population.”

There you have it—the singular reason why the Liberals are disarming Canadians by way of draconian gun legislation(our theory—not theirs).

See the way these nasty globalists roll? Too bad 95% of Canadians do not. This, CAP attributes the media communist sympathizers.

Globe & Mail for certain. Toronto Star for sure. And of course, the king of the globalist media castle, the Trudeau-financed CBC Corporation.

CAP Recommend Readers Now Pay Very Close Attention:

“(Justin) Trudeau has never been accused of being intelligent, but the people behind him who pull the marionette strings are a malignant evil.”

“This will be the husk of a SOCIALIST, autocratic country beyond repair before he’s gone.”

Degree to which CAP has espoused the theory since day one? 100%. Degree to which we were branded racists and other foolish terms?

A heck of a lot. Oh well, life is no “bowl of cherries” as they say.

What is the take-away from all of this? That CAP is the greatest thing since sliced bread? Not at all.

The point here is that society— and even media—are coming around after five years to what CAP published after one month of this Trudeau character controlling our nation.

“Justin Trudeau, an admitted admirer of China’s communist government — as well as the Marxist doctrines of Fidel Castro — would know this better than most because he was taught on his daddy’s knee.”

READ MORE– Globalist Agenda, Phase 2: Trudeau Creates SOCIAL CHAOS In Canada

There you have it— from Toronto Sun. Now, CAP would like to wager a bet with our rather extensive reader base:

We wager an amount of $888.88 dollars that CBC will NEVER allude in any capacity to what has been hereby exposed. We know this game inside and out by now. After all, its only been 35 years of following issues of this nature.

After all this time, as well as publishing over 1000 articles on these topics, we are confident in what we say.

As the Club of Rome wrote in 1991:

“In searching for a common enemy against whom we can unite, we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, (and) famine would fit the bill.”

King of Carbon Taxation: Justin Trudeau. The “common enemy” is not pollution, but rather the pollution produced by a pseudo-socialist government working to trans- ition Canada from democracy to a dictatorship.


2 thoughts on “Trudeau Leverages Covid-19 To Seize FULL CONTROL Of Canadian Society”

  1. The Common Enemy is not Trudeau; it is lack of knowledge.

    Once one has accurate information, they know the real enemy, but especially, they do not waste their time trying to change a 200-year old corporatocracy or blame one man — they replace it with a Constitutional Republic, complete with referendums and recalls.

    To suggest that Canada has ever been a democracy is misleading at the very least — that’s the narrative pushed by the government, but it is not reality. There is no evidence that has ever been the case. There is no evidence that we have ever known, let alone elected the decision-makers.

    The evidence shows that CANADA is a corporation listed on the SEC – entirely for-profit, and as the corporate Courts have already decided in a case called Littlechild, our corporate government is not in any way obligated to consult the electorate.

    But especially, the evidence shows that Canada, the landmass, was never confederated. EVERY province and territory is a sovereign nation. ONLY once every province installs a Constitutional Republic can we then look at the formation of United Republics of Canada.

    The Party system is the problem, from beginning to end. It is a fraud and engaged in massive deception of the people who were entitled to their own style of government from 1931, when Corporation CANADA went bankrupt after the British literally stole all of the wealth (yes including gold). And every new party simply falls into the trap set by the corporation … incorporation into the ‘system’.

    Corporations do business with one another. In 1992, under the color of ‘environmentalism’, the Corporation CANADA transferred control of our landmass at Rio (Rio Accord) to the UN (United Nations = United Corporations). In 1994, the UN distributed its UN Munciipal Manual to every municipality; that manual openly disregarded the Rule of Law we believed existed. Now, there are no property rights, parental rights, education rights.

    In early 2019, Governor Julie Payette signed the Canadian Parliament over to the UN Parliamentary Assembly. This of course was all steered by UN operative, Gerald Butts in the PMO office. Within months, a number of people including the Lieutenant Governor of Ontario, Elizabeth Dowdeswell (formerly a UN Official who was appointed LG in 2014) were given awards for transforming Canadian Citizens into Global Citizens. Pictures of the group ceremony were on the internet, but MSM not once ever mentioned any of this because they are subsidiary corporations of the parent corporation.

    Harper told us plain and simple: Canada gave up its sovereignty for trade deals. Translation: corporations do business and that includes selling off its human resources, the lands and infrastructure as we see fit. Both Harper and Trudeau have passed legislation to faciliate the Chinese take-over of Canada by allowing China to maintain a standing army in Canada to protect its ‘investments’.

    With knowledge, we can then really change things non-violently, because these corporations are merely de facto authorities until we stop denying the facts of our true situation.

    If you would like to assist meaningfully in creating a Constitutional Republic in Ontario and are not a politician, lawyer, MP or MPP, RCMP upper level management, municipal council member, upper level bureaucrat, provacateur, Antifa sicko or infiltrator, etc, then contact me at No tire-kickers please; we are already ragged from 14 years of hard research and efforts to prove to people they have been ‘incorporated’ without their knowledge or consentand that the party system can never serve them.


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