Trudeau Lets Transgender Sexual Predators Loose In Canadian Prisons

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According to a recent study titled “Gender Diverse Offenders with a History of Sexual Offending,” over eighty percent of gender-diverse offenders with sexual offence histories are transgendered women.

“Sexual offending indicators showed that the majority of these offences were committed while living as their biological sex, and that the highest proportion of victims were ch*ldren or female.”

In Canada, Tara Desousa is current held in a Canadian prison. When Desousa was known as Adam Laboucan, he sexually assaulted a three-month-old to the degree that the child required reconstructive surgery.

“Then, he was known as Canada’s “youngest dangerous offender.” Now, he is described as being a ‘two-spirit person.’”

How did it come to be that sexual predators of the transgender variety came to be held in male prisons?

As published by True North News in January 2023, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau promised that “he would allow transgender inmates in Canadian prisons to serve their sentence in a prison facility that aligns with their gender identity.”

Trudeau’s commitment came days after[Correctional Services Canada] released its policy directive on trans inmates, which confirms the previous policy that bases placement on birth sex rather than gender identity.

“Pre-operative male to female offenders with gender dysphoria will be held in men’s institutions,”  states the Trudeau government directive on trans inmates.

Trans-lation: PM Justin Trudeau opened the door for sexually deviant transgender offenders to act out their impulses behind bars.

“It’s quite shocking. The study also shows that 41% of trans-women are in for homicide-related crimes while with male inmates it’s only 21%.”

It is a situation which exists as an affront to law-abiding Canadians on a number of levels. By way of ubiquitous support for all-things-LGBT, the dark side of transgenderism has been buried.

While Trudeau and Minister of Gender Equality Marci Ien blindly back sex-change surgery for citizens of any age, “transgender regret” among participants– highly prevalent at present– is ignored by media.

The non-binary ideological movement supported by Mr. Trudeau finds the following situation eluding general society:

Savannah Meadows, born Ryan Skillen, says she will apply for MAID once eligibility opens up to people suffering from mental illness.

“I would spend 10 years going through my transition from male to female, including getting both breast augmentation and vaginoplasty surgeries,” she said.

“Sadly, none of this did anything to help reduce the ever-constant, ever-growing pain inside me.” 

CAP cut to the chase: Justin Trudeau, MP Marci Ien and our Liberal government not only support transgenderism which Meadows claims has ruined her life. Additionally, they support her request for death based on a claim of mental illness.

And to think PM Trudeau was deluded enough to begin his prime ministerial career spouting the virtues of a “sunny ways” government.

Not only is Savannah Meadows sick. By way of Trudeau’s Liberals, the same applies to the current state of Canadian society. As clown-prince of World Economic Forum woke ideology, common sense Canadians witness the mess Justin Trudeau has made of our society.

CAP has always claimed Trudeau is a destroyer. Yet, the form of destruction we anticipated was more on the “destruction of democracy” tip. At the risk of hyperbole, we can now claim that “destruction of life” is part and parcel with Liberal government policy.

How many ways can we state that Justin Trudeau has made a mess out of the country of Canada? All citizens should have known that a sheltered, not-too-bright narcissist would inflict this degree of pain on our nation. If not for media obfuscation, it would have been understood years back.

Of the 99 inmate sample group who took part in the study, 44% of the trans-women convicts are sex offenders.

“We’ve known this all along,” former federal inmate and advocate Heather Mason told the Toronto Sun.

How typically “woke Canada.” How typically Justin Trudeau. It is with little surprise that a cogent summary of the entire spectacle comes from media outside of Canada:

“This is the result of the tortured logic of transgender activists, who claim that biological reality must be ignored based on feelings and self-identifications.”

“This even applies to serial rapists and child rapists, who are placed among a population of women who, regardless of their crimes, are supposed to be under the protection and supervision of the state, not placed with male predators.”

As facilitated by the sunny ways to dark days Liberal government of Canada. PM Justin Trudeau, residing.

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  2. what a creep and a sick-o that Trudeau is!
    By the way, whoever writes these blogs, thank you! It is nearly impossible to find actual truth on the media these days!


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