Trudeau, Jagmeet Singh Refuse To Attend Protest Against Iranian Government

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He talks big, but when push comes to shove, PM Justin Trudeau goes bungee jumping.

A lady named Kaveh Shahrooz, an Iranian lawyer and human rights activist, helped organize a  protest against the government of Iran which took place this month in Toronto. She says:

“Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Foreign Minister Mélanie Joly didn’t acknowledge our invitation. New Democratic Party Leader Jagmeet Singh acknowledged the invitation, but did not attend.

Instead, Trudeau could be seen dangling upside-down with a bungee cord attached to his body. Degree of condemnation from media? Absolutely nothing.

“We knew that having high-profile leaders at the protest would bring more awareness to the cause. The president of the Ukrainian-Canadian Congress attended, and we also invited the leaders of the PC, Liberal and NDP parties.”

Why the hold-out from Trudeau and Singh? No concrete reason has been provided, so one can only speculate. In CAP’s opinion, both political leaders are loathe to criticize or condemn the Iranian government.

Tarek Fatah is a Muslim-Canadian journalist who frequently offers his feelings on the government of Iran. He is one of the very few who dares to transcend the tribal bubble and condemn religious tyranny that exists at the heart of Iran’s authoritarian theocracy. He says:

“As I watched the many thousands of Iranian Canadians chant slogans and march to protest the tyranny in Tehran, our politicians and feminists were conspicuous by their absence. One would have hoped the NDP Leader or his colleagues would have showed up in solidarity, but no.”

“Not one was in sight. Did Jagmeet Singh and his comrades fear being labelled ‘Islamophobic’ for standing with Canadians protesting an Islamic regime?”

Pro-Iran, pro-Khalistan, banned from entry to India, the birthplace of his parents. That’s the leader of the NDP Party, Jagmeet Singh. How many times has party founder Tommy Douglas rolled over in his grave by now?

Simply put, it’s a travesty that Jagmeet Singh is the leader of an official federal political party in Canada. Why is this character so fearful of condemnation of the Middle Eastern theocracies and the despotic religious fanatics who control their societies?

CAP doesn’t know for certain. What we do know is that PM Justin Trudeau is exactly the same. Causing one to wonder who these political aberrations are taking their orders from.

We will, however, take a wild guess. Justin Trudeau and Jagmeet Singh are in reality controlled by the World Economic Forum. Add to this the Covid-era World Health Organization. Naturally, the Nation of Islam is in there somewhere, as in the communist government of China.

Placing the influence of 38 million Canadians exactly where Trudeau/Singh want it to be: at the bottom of the barrel. Yes, Justin says he will issue sanctions against Iran. As with all issues related to his chosen people, it’s simply an exercise in public appeasement.

In the meantime, NDP leader Jagmeet Singh continues to play back-up quarterback to a Woke Revolutionary organization called the Liberal Party of Canada.

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  1. Yes it is true,both of these a**h**es are traitors to this country and it’s citizens as they are not working for the Canadians that are paying their salaries NO they are working for that DICKHEAD Klaus “Hitler” Schwab and his W.E.F. Gang and they are intentionally going about destroying CANADA.They and their party members should be charged with treason for following the W.E.F. and Globalist orders and ALL should be imprisoned !!!


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