Trudeau INCREASES Federal Deficit 500%, REFUSES To Answer For It

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“Parliamentary Budget Office studies suggest that Canada’s deficit stands at an unprecedented $260 billion.

“This is five times the size of the Canada’s last record-breaking deficit, which stood at $55.6 billion in 2010.”

Sound like ominous news to you? CAP certainly think so. Too bad that Justin Trudeau’s media partners are handling potential   economic decimation as if it was no more relevant than snow on a Nunavut winter’s day.

 The Canadian Parliamentary Budget Office  says it’s possible “federal debt will hit $1 trillion because of pandemic relief spending.”

Yawn. Not to worry, fellow Canadian citizens, investors, tax-payers, families, parents and children– Justin Trudeau has been elevated to “untouchable status” by mainstream media, and he will take care of the entire sordid situation– Not!

Please do tell–how much more OBVIOUS can it be that the prime minister of Canada is a rogue pseudo-dictator driving our society toward dual social and economic bankruptcy:

Obviously, one agenda is economic bankruptcy. For CAP, the purpose is to create a brand new “playing field” in Canada. This involves the incremental erosion of freedom and democracy, to be replaced with a socialist, pseudo-communist social condition.

The second component of an agenda of destruction is “social bankruptcy”— a deliberate program of intent from the Trudeau government to pit community against community.

For what purpose? Here, we turn to Canada’s academic world. Fact is, while millions of Canadian parents slept, our university system trans-itioned from pro-democratic to pro-Marxist.

A basic tenet of Marxism is the transformation of societies over time. A capitalist nation will in time morph into a socialist nation, which is then followed by a true communist society.

An essential component of this transformation is “social chaos.” This Mr. Trudeau has accomplished with aplomb. Yet, an astute Canadian must understand the “method in the madness.”

 “Speaking before the Commons finance committee,Yves Giroux said the $252 billion figure he cited only a few weeks ago is a low-ball estimate of just how much the programs will cost the federal treasury this fiscal year.”

Now, for “fun and games,” check out King Justin’s reaction to the potential long-term bankruptcy of the Canadian economy:

“Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has said that government would not predict the size of Canada’s deficit in 2020,” according to Blacklock’s Reporter.”

Oh my King of Kings!  Justin Trudeau does not want to “soil his hands” with all this “Canadian deficit” nonsense.   The man has better things to do, such as this:

“A new report from the department of Global Affairs shows Canada exported close to $2.9-billion of military equipment to Saudi Arabia in 2019, nearly all of it light armoured vehicles (LAVs).”

“That’s up from $1.3-billion in exports in 2018 and just under $500-million in 2017.”

Now, let CAP do something CBC, Globe & Mail and Toronto Star never do:

Point out the giant hypocrisy inherent in this:

“Saudi Arabia has committed numerous violations of international humanitarian law. As of August, 2018, at least 6,592 civilians had been killed,” according to the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner.”

“Saudi authorities stepped up their arbitrary arrests, trials, and convictions of peaceful dissidents and activists in 2018, including a large-scale coordinated crackdown against the women’s rights movement.”

Extent of PM Trudeau’s condemnation of the theocratic Saudi Arabian government? Not a single word.

The situation is downright pathetic– verging on bathetic. CBC say nothing as Trudeau violates his own commitment to international equal rights for women around the world.

No matter for Justin The “Untouchable.”  Turns out Canada’s 23rd prime minister maintains an ability unique to his persona: the right to decide the fate and future of Canadian society “all-by-himself.”

Of course, this is not quite accurate. Rather, Mr. Trudeau is controlled by a globalist cabal of those working to trans-form Canada into a socialist nation-state.

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Question No Media Entity In Canada Ever Asks:

Where is Justin Trudeau’s hi-jacking and re-invention of Canada leading? How will this play out as the decades pass?

What are the long-term ramifications? Will the next generation be paying this back?  How will society in the year 2038 deal with the fall-out of this economic assault?

Collective Media Response: Nothing at all. Notice again how the government of Canada and media NEVER speak of a future Canadian society. Why not?

CAP has definite ideas about this one. It is because our nation as it has existed for its first 150 years– 1867 to 2017— is now in its final stages.

Democracy in Canada is to be replaced with post-modern pseudo-communism. Within this structure, some will “win” and some shall “lose.”

CAP Prognostication: The losers shall be English Canada, Anglophone Canada, Christian Canada and European Canada.

Trudeau’s combined devastation of the two pillars of society–social and economic— will ensure our nation completes its pre-destined transformation from democracy to dictatorship.

Establishment media play their part by hiding this “transformative” reality from 37.8 Million Canadian citizens.




2 thoughts on “Trudeau INCREASES Federal Deficit 500%, REFUSES To Answer For It”

  1. Thank you again Brad for trying to open everyones eyes. Time for a revolt from the REAL Citizens of this once great Country. We must come together and denounce this dictator trudeau and all the left political parties, media , acadamia and the leftists that support trudeaus transition to a communist state. If this doesn’t happen Canada as we knew it will not survive. SPAWN is taking Canada down the rabbit hole each and every day and it’s not a pretty sight. We need proper non-partisan investigations into ALL of what has transpired in the last 5 years from the election of Notley to present day. If this doesn’t happen then everyone better begin to learn how to do the goose step. Western Canada WILL HAVE TO SEPARATE to keep our democracy alive. Trust me this HAS TO HAPPEN!

    • You are most welcome= CAP exist as a political organization dedicated to the preservation of Anglophone and European community and cultural identity. In this, we are the POLAR OPPOSITE of Justin Trudeau and his lie-beral globalist “hench-people”


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