Trudeau Imports Terrorism, Ruins Life For Average Canadians

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 “3 Injured, 1 Arrested As Concordia Students Clash”

“Three people were injured and a 22-year-old woman was arrested, according to Montreal police, after a violent clash broke out between students over the conflict in the Middle East.”

“Bullet Holes Found In The Doors Of Two Jewish Schools In Montreal”

“Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Premier François Legault on Thursday condemned two overnight incidents that saw Montreal Jewish schools targeted by gunfire.”

O Canada, what have you become? A frightful question it is. Just don’t go looking for mainstream Canadian media to attribute our societal degeneration to the person most responsible.

Truth, or non-truth? For the past eight years, the Liberal government of Canada has been setting up the circumstances for the state-of-society at present. All it took was for an international incident to spark our country’s descent into social chaos.

War in the Middle East is the ticket by which domestic flames of inter-community conflict have caught fire. Intentional or otherwise, our Liberal government should have known well and good what would eventually transpire.

Since coming to power in 2015 funding, promoting and empowering the Nation of Islam has been Mr. Trudeau’s “piece de resistance.” Today, Canada’s Muslim population stands at approximately 1.3 million, the fastest-growing community in Canada.

Along with  Muslims who wish to leave behind the strife which organically develops within their nations, the Liberals have imported a sub-set of religious fundamentalists and political radicals.

No one can tell CAP that Trudeau is too ignorant to understand the consequences of these actions. By way of non-profit organizations funded by Canadian tax-payers, ethnic community political power is consolidating at a rapid rate.

If Trudeau is too blind to understand an inevitability, Liberal MP Ahmed Hussen is not. This politician is a refugee from Somalia. He knows the score in the dichotomy that is religious relations on both a global and domestic scale.

This is the fellow that Trudeau selected for Liberal Immigration Minister in 2019. While on the job, Hussen took over 20 trips to the Middle East and Africa for the purpose of migrant recruitment from so-called “developing” nations.

Four years later, Canadians experience the result. This would be all of us, not just a gang of Middle Eastern “guest professors” at York University ranting about “post-modern colonialism.” Not only Jewish-Canadians who claim that anti-semitism is the most extreme it has been in Canada since the 1930’s.

Degree of responsibility directed toward PM Trudeau by way of CBC, CTV, Global News, Toronto Star, National Post, Montreal Gazette?

Nothing– not one sentence in which culpability is placed on the shoulders of Canada’s woke prophet of globalism.

In short, Canada is now a mess. Whether with intention or otherwise, a sheltered rich rid from Quebec named Trudeau has gone and messed up our society. All of it. 

“Islamophobia: I Have Never Seen It This Bad.”

“Our communities feel caught off guard, under-equipped to deal with a tide of hate targeting marginalized people.”

Cultural Action Party [est.2016] believe you. After which the caveats come out. First of all, responsibility for an increase in anti-Muslim hatred belongs to government, and not the people. Canada’s “Islamophobia” industry would do well to recognize this truism. Unlikely that it will occur, because for this to happen, changes in perception and behaviour are necessary. History suggests this to be a low-percentage probability.

The target should be government— not non-Muslim Canadians. By blaming average citizens, anger is stirred up within these communities. This stiff-necked approach does nothing to remedy the rise of racism– it only makes it worse.

Secondly, this is not a “marginalized” group. Accommodation from Canada’s controlling institutions– government, media, academia– constitutes the greatest degree of favouritism any “identifiable” community in Canada has ever experienced.

“Rise In Antisemitic, Islamophobic Threats Has Canadians Scared In Our Own Streets,” says PM Justin Trudeau.

“Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is calling out what he describes as a “terrifying” rise in antisemitism and Islamophobia across the country as the Israel-Hamas war grinds on.”

CAP attempt to explain why our nation is in the situation it is in:

On October 19th, 2015, the most under-qualified national leader in Canadian history became prime minister. A shallow thinker, Mr. Trudeau has led a life of sheltered privilege entirely divorced from the “man in the street.” [oops–peoplekind, Ed.]

An under-achiever, Justin sets out to make his mark on society. Impressionable as a school-boy, out of touch with street-level Canadians, “special interest” community leaders begin to whisper in his ear. They also showed him their wallets– a giant motivator for Trudeau, who loves spending other people’s money, as opposed to his own.

Thus, the birth of political Islam, as well as Canada’s LGBT industry. Behind both is found giant money– a fact that media has kept in-the-pocket all along. If readers have ever wondered how entirely incongruent communities like these became the order of the Canadian day, this is why.

Back on our post-modern streets, tempers continue to flare. Visceral anger is no longer limited to citizens clashing in front of city halls. Now, due to immigration policy, Canada  contains living, breathing politicians who promote Sikh-Khalistani nationalism, in addition to religion-centric political power.

Some can be found in Trudeau’s “no core identity” Liberal caucus, inclusive of a host of MPs holding half-citizenships from their birth-countries. Pakistan, India, Iran, Syria, and such. On the flip-side, a handful of Jewish MPs. The result is fragmentation within government, in addition to general society.

After which wet-behind-the-ears Justin Trudeau claims that “diversity is Canada’s strength.” Bollocks to that– it’s a lie.

Tasha Kheiriddin: Canada’s Multicultural Utopia Now A Balkanized Grievance Factory

“Canada has become a nation of diasporas. Rather than wrapping ourselves in a common flag, we huddle in our enclaves: Muslim, Sikh, Hindu, Jewish, Chinese, Black and the list goes on. Faith, color and country of origin divide the nation. Everyone is the ‘other,’ and increasingly, the enemy. Violence and acts of hatred are multiplying in our streets.”

Something better change, and fast. But don’t go looking for answer from our Liberal government. Ditto for set-in-stone, inflexible religious fundamentalists.

A change in government might help, but in truth, it’s only a temporary measure. In cyclical fashion– Liberal to Conservative and back again– one day the Trudeau-types will return to tearing apart the fabric of our society.

A solution may be available, but it’s not one that Justin Trudeau and his neo-communist woke revolutionaries will provide.

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  1. The following is a neutral comment; I’m not taking sides: Word has it that Trudope may bring in 500,000 Palestinians. Knowledgeable sources say that they would be coming against their will; which seems a bit odd; given that their lives seem to lie in ruins. In light of the trouble now taking place in Canada; could this exacerbate the clashes between various “marginalized” groups? Little boy Trudeau likes playing with matches; with seemingly no regard for the likely consequences. Then again; he’s a political arsonist. Matches are his thing. He likes to watch things burn to the ground.


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