Trudeau Imports ISIS TERRORISTS While Canada Burns From Pipeline Protests

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The priorities of a ruling government tend to inform voters of what said government is really all about. For the twenty-two Canadian prime ministers who came before Justin Trudeau, they by-and-large worked toward a benefit for those who voted them into office.

Justin Trudeau does not work this way. In truth, Mr Trudeau is the first PM( save his father) who prioritizes non-Canadian, non-democratic nations over and above the nation of Canada.

The examples are  manifold, however one recent phenomenon exemplifies Trudeau’s complete dedication to foreign entities over the best interests of the people of Canada.

While our nation burns from pipeline protests from coast-to-coast, Justin Trudeau is working hard to import ISIS terrorists into Canada.

“Khalid Awan is among a handful of Canadians who’ve come home after having been imprisoned abroad for terrorism-related offences — in his case “providing money and financial services to the Khalistan Commando Force.”

Global News reported on Thursday that five terrorism offenders had been released from Canadian prisons in the past year, and three more could be let out in 2020.

Hands up those who believe the priority of the Liberals should consist of an “all hands on deck” approach to the myriad pipeline protests, incidents of arson, and general chaos as it relates the the First Nation pipeline crisis.

Or rather, do you believe PM Trudeau should be putting effort at this time into dealing with the social problems the Nation Of Islam has in terms of getting along with the people in western societies?

Another recent Trudeau priority:

“Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has taken Canada’s campaign for a seat on the United Nations Security Council directly to African diplomats with a speech that tried to emphasize his boyhood connection to the continent.”

Trudeau fondly recalled accompanying his father, former prime minister Pierre Trudeau, on trips to Africa as a child and later as a young adult backpacker.

He spoke in a pre-reception address this week to an audience of about 200 people, most of them diplomats from African countries, at the Ottawa headquarters of Global Affairs Canada.

Incredible. While Canada sinks lower and lower into social chaos, Justin Trudeau’s top concerns remain– United Nations, Africa, Abortion, Homosexuality, Islam and the other “usual suspects.”

What to conclude? CAP will take the lead: No matter the degree of domestic social chaos upon Canadian soil, Justin Trudeau will not–or cannot-deviate from a pre-mediated globalist agenda of political and social trans-formation of the nation of Canada.

More, More, More–How Do You Like It?

“In addition to those exiting the Canadian corrections system, more with convictions for terrorism-related crimes have been returning to Canada from foreign prisons.”

They include those imprisoned for their roles in Al Qaeda, the Tamil Tigers and Sikh extremism.

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My, my- how “egalitarian” of King Justin. Turns out that Sikh Nationalism is also high priority for our illustrious PM. What an all-around great guy, eh?

Not. In a situation where a sensible Canadian would think that Justin Trudeau cannot stoop any lower, he does this very thing. What a beggar-boy this man truly is. If the issue relates to Islam, Sikhism, Transgenderism, Islam and Homosexuality, Justin is all over it–including massive Canadian tax-payer donations to:

Get ready for it…

Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Nigeria, Somalia, Jordan, Bangladesh, Sudan, Pakistan, Niger, Senegal, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Uganda, Yemen, Cuba, Haiti, Chad and Burkina Faso.

All told this amount to billions of tax payer dollars every year. Ever see the CBC or Globe & Mail expose this truism to the people of Canada? Why not–it’s not like within a democracy the public do not have a right to understand exactly where their tax dollars are heading.

Throughout the rest of the source article, the writer rambles on about these poor, unfortunate Islamic souls. No condemnation of terrorism is contained within.

Typical Canadian establishment media in action– “always working for the other”– just like their boss-man, King Justin Trudeau Of The Dying Great White North.






3 thoughts on “Trudeau Imports ISIS TERRORISTS While Canada Burns From Pipeline Protests”

  1. Trudeau as well as Canadian Government, Embassies all are only saving the terrorists but the same time innocent 12 years old canadian citizen, born in Canada was sitting as the hostage in Bavaria, Germany as the Hostage for 6,5 month, sexually assaulted and abused. Her canadian citizens parents could not get any help from Canadian Authorities to get involve for 6,5 months! It took 4 countries to put the pressure on Ottawa to get involve! And now the same Canadian Authorities are desperately blocking all this information to be release to canadian families. Canadian born Child is traumatized for life!

  2. Turdo is a fake leader but his election and support by silly Singh demonstrates the number of fools there are in “Canuckistan.” A vote for this lying puke is a vote for pedophiles, torturers, murderers, beheaders, sex traffickers and other criminals.


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