Trudeau Implements Plan To Destroy Independent Media in Canada

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Buried within all consternation regarding a Liberal government assault on internet content in Canada lies a formidable truth. In terms of internet regulation, our country is undergoing an unprecedented, radical transformation.

“We have thus far, but now we are seeing our readership about to be hacked by federal legislation (Online News Act,) our broadcast reach hurt (Online Streaming Act) and our voices censored (Online Harms Act.) Taken together, this is an existential threat to the free press.”

So writes Derek Filibrand, publisher of Western Standard News based in Alberta, Canada.

CBC won’t speak of it. To do so could forfeit the $1.2 billion dollars per year they hungrily accept from our federal government. Yet, beneath the surface of government’s ostensible concern for delivering Canadian content, a nefarious goal lies in wait.

The bottom line is basic: the Trudeau government have transferred control over Canadian internet content to the Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission [CRTC,] a branch of federal government. Out of this foundation springs forth a plurality of repercussions, none of which are focused on preservation of freedom of speech in Canada.

What we have here reeks of government-mainstream media collusion. Don’t you know? These forces are at war. But not with China, Russia or any other foreign adversary.

No– the Canadian government and their media partners are at war with “the people.” Specifically, those who have negative things to say about government, media and the monolithic propaganda machine emanating from a coordinated attack on freedom and democracy in Canada.

As such, they have set their targets on what is known in our country as independent, or “alternative” media. CAP refuse to beat-around-the-bush. Justin Trudeau and  pit-bull internet censorship czar Liberal MP Pablo Rodriguez want independent media in Canada dead.

That’s stone-cold, buried-in-the-grave dead. To accomplish the goal, the Liberals have passed legislation certain to take a large financial chunk out of revenues for stand-alone conservative media outlets in Canada.

As many  have heard, Bill C-18 has passed, and the results are certain to be trouble for media devoid of an endorsement from our Liberal government. Unlike CBC, CTV, Globe & Mail, news organizations such as Western Standard, The Rebel, True North News and The Post Millenial do not receive federal government subsidies.

A curtailing of news dissemination on Facebook and Instagram is certain to cut into indie media’s revenues. Unlike the mainstream, these folks are not funded by the Feds.

The result is an ominous, potentially disastrous situation for alternative media in Canada. In CAP’s mind, every bit of it is being done intentionally. As with authoritarian governments of history, the ruling Liberals are obsessed with control of information in Canada. Naturally, the internet stands at the pinnacle of concern.

To wipe out independent media in Canada fits into historical models of  authoritarian state transformation, as well as current media structure in communist nations such as China.

“The Chinese Communist Party  must resolutely engage in propaganda”,  President Xi Jinping told party officials in 2013.

“Xi added that all media, including its foreign-language outlets and social media platforms, must be edited in the right direction, and must love the party, protect the party and closely align themselves with the party leadership in thought, politics and action.”

Justin Trudeau is advancing the same structure for internet dissemination in Canada. Why would CBC inform Canadians of such a thing, when the upside is all theirs?

The Liberals next move in a seizure of the internet will be the incoming Online Safety Act to consolidate internet censorship powers under the guise of reining in  harms such as online hate.

Upon which we recognize the incremental nature of government’s assault on freedom of speech:

First came Bill C-11, the foundational act to transfer control of the internet to government. Next, Bill C-18, for the purpose of controlling internet news content. To be followed by the Online Harms Act:

“Online platforms are increasingly central to participation in democratic, cultural and public life. However, such platforms can also be used to threaten and intimidate Canadians and to promote views that target communities, put people’s safety at risk, and undermine Canada’s social cohesion or democracy,” says our federal government.

Cultural Action Party will guarantee you one thing: if government and media weren’t purposefully driving social division through the Canadian roof, the need for so-called internet censorship would be so much less.

In other words, government has created the problem– or at the least made it far worse– for the purpose of censoring opinion and destroying freedom of speech in Canada. It’s a wicked game derived from totalitarian governance in the 20th century. So is destruction of non-government endorsed Canadian media:

“Censorship in Nazi-occupied Europe was extreme and strictly enforced by the governing  Nazi Party, specifically by Joseph Goebbels and his Reich Ministry of Public Enlightenment and Propaganda. Censorship included control of all forms of mass communication, which included newspaper, music, literature, radio, and film.”

Obsessed with media control they were. As it also applies to the Trudeau family’s hero-nation of China:

“Propaganda is considered central to the operation of the CCP and the Chinese government.  The propaganda system, considered a central part of CCP’s ‘control system’, drew much from Soviet, Nazi and other totalitarian states’ propaganda methods. Newspapers unfavourable to the central government could be harassed at will.” 

Justin Trudeau isn’t just out to “harass” alternative media in Canada– he is out to destroy them.

A light-bulb moment arrives. We come to understand an affinity between Canada’s Liberal government and authoritarian governments of history.

“For the grifters at News Media Canada — which falsely claim to represent the news industry in Canada — this is bad. Their readership will shrink considerably. But it’s not that bad. They can always go back to Daddy Warbucks and ask the federal government for even more bailout money to cover off the shortfall.”

Correct, Derek Filibrand, who further comments:

“They will be made whole by Ottawa. But the big silver lining for them is that their competing independent online upstarts — like the Western Standard— will see their readership drop off without the buckets of federal cash.”
 Exactly as the totalitarian doctor ordered. Justin Trudeau is in the process of destroying freedom of speech in Canada. He helped create the problem, only to turn around and offer a remedy straight out of the totalitarian playbook.
 How long will it be before every aspect of Canadian society is under government control? It’s a slow train coming, driven by a pseudo-democratic government intent on converting Canada from democracy to dictatorship.

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  1. The corporate broadcasting giants become powerful again while the independent alternative outlets are thoroughly ground into fine powder and destroyed.

    He wants the CBC to be the only game in town.

  2. He will get rid off all media except government control, with mergers, Toronto Star is in talks with Post Media. How do we stop this nightmare from stopping?


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