Trudeau Ignores QUEBEC PATRIOT DAY, Promotes Ramadan Coast-To-Coast in Canada

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One word CAP tend to throw around a lot is “microcosm”—  to define a micro-issue that contains to seed of a “macro-issue” within Canadian society.

For us, there are few finer examples than Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s approach to domestic social issues, versus his preferred “globalist issues.”

Here is an excellent example: Quebec Patriots Day—an equivalent to Anglophone Canada’s “Victoria Day” statutory holiday.

This generally arrives at the same time the 30-day celebration of Ramadan occurs world wide. It is celebrated with a certain degree of aplomb in Canada—particularly by way of the Liberal Party of Canada.

In typical fashion, PM Trudeau overlooked the domestic element, and went straight to “international” politics:

“Sophie and I wish Muslims around the world a blessed Ramadan”– slight paraphrase.

At least the man is consistent. From day one as PM, Mr. Trudeau has been advancing the Nation of Islam within our nation.

Now, let us flip to the “b-side”— the Liberal government’s dedication to Canadian patriotism.

This can be summarized with three simple words: “They HATE IT.” 

What other Liberal-Globalist oriented entities agree? Try Justin’s communist brother-in-the-shadows, Alexandre Trudeau. CAP is also thinking the Liberal-3rd World MP powerhouse the Liberals created in the Greater Toronto Area(GTA) concur.

CAP Conclusion: the ruling government of Canada, as well as provincial and municipal government bodies hate nationalism, yet adore Ramadan. 

How can this be denied when at the very same time Quebec Patriot Day comes along, Justin Trudeau and some provincial governments are pushing Islamic holidays upon the citizenship of Canada.

Did you know? The municipal governments of Brampton, ON, Ottawa, ON, Calgary AB and Halifax, NS have all broadcasted public Ramadan prayers within the “town squares” of their Canadian cities.

Degree of celebration of Quebec Patriots Day? Try nothing at all. Again, a quintessential microcosm for Justin Trudeau’s “no core identity” Canada.

Media say nothing. French CBC offer not one word of criticism. Not a single Canadian journalist has pointed out the pathos of Trudeau when it comes to working for the United Nations rather than the people of Canada.

When searching on the issue in a popular web browser—CAP did manage to uncover one article on the Patriot’s Day.

Penned by one of an increasing number of Muslima journalists in Canada, scribe Sofia Ahmad wrote about Patriot’s Day in the Montreal Gazette.

While positive in tone, there was not a word which juxtaposes the Ramadan-Patriot dynamic. Not that CAP expect her to do so.

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CAP Observation: Ramadan “in”— Canadian patriotism “out.”

Anyone surprised? You shouldn’t be. After all, if CBC ever revealed the truth on this subject, perhaps 90% of Canadians would realize that it was Justin Trudeau’s father, Pierre Trudeau, who set-up Canada for this prime political “inversion.”

What a strange state-of-affairs. Here we are living in a so-called democratic nation, where a citizenship might expect leaders of our nation to support, promote and advance pride in Canadian identity.

Forget about it. Pourquoi? Because Canada has spent five terms with a Trudeau family national leader— three for Pierre, two for Justin.

What this means is that Canada-haters have been ruling Canada one heck of a lot. Not hating Quebec so much—just everything and everywhere else.

The “Trudeau Dynasty’s” problem with our country? It was founded upon British Colonialism.

Know what this means for the Trudeau’s, “multicultural” Canada, immigration-pushers, refugee advocates, social justice warriors and the Liberal “snowflake” contingent?

English Canada deserves to be culturally decimated, and transferred into the hands of the United Nations.

Remember that revealing piece of this during a broadcast on CBC News at 6pm Eastern Time?

No worries—neither does CAP— because CBC are a partner of the Liberal-Globalist-3rd World government of Canada.

Therefore, they hide away everything alluded to in this article—as well as everything contained in the 1500 articles CAP has previously published.

This is your Canada, brother and sister patriots. Extra! Extra!  Your ruling Liberal government hate English Canada, and have made a decision to inflict punitive damages upon our people.

Establishment media—ostensibly a “Canadian-controlled ” monolithic media entity— side with the decimation of English Canada.

Now why would an Old Stock Canadian media work to destroy Old Stock Canadian identity, heritage and culture within the dying “Great White North?”


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  1. Naw! He can’t be double-crossing Quebecers now could he?? I mean, they kept the illegal border crossing at Roxam Rd open just for him, didn’t they?


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