Trudeau Ignores Increase In Church Burnings Over Christmas Holidays

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December 25th, 2023: “Four Alberta churches burned in the weeks before Christmas.”

“The church has been a staple in the community since 1945, with generations of families marking life’s milestones within its walls.”

As the year 2023 closes out, reaction from government typifies the condition of Canadian society. In regard to the Christian religion, citizens shouldn’t expect anything other than indifference to colour the palette of political and media discourse. The disgrace that is governmental attitudes toward the Christian faith should be comprehended by all. It isn’t— for good reason.

For eight years running, our Liberal government has been quietly working to transition Christianity to second class religious status. Myriad examples exist; each intentionally obscured by mainstream media.

At last count, 83 Christian churches have been destroyed by arson since news broke of so-called “unmarked mass graves”at the sites of residential schools across Canada.

PM Trudeau called the burnings “understandable.” To place this in context, we imagine a burning of 83 Canadian mosques, and our PM’s hypothetical response. If this doesn’t elucidate government’s attitude toward Christianity, we add some fuel to the fire:

Conservative MP introduces bill to declare December ‘Christian Heritage Month’

According to the CBC, “Bill C-369, Christian Heritage Month Act, is unlikely to be debated or come up for a vote.”

Team Trudeau killed this bill faster than a Minister can say “Merry Christmas.”

And why wouldn’t they, now that Parliament is chock full of neo-communists, Christian-bashers, half-citizen MP’s, LGBT-pushers and various other forms of anti-Canadian political warriors.

Truth is, Christianity in Canada is on its way to religious extinction. Shrinking Anglo-European communities in combination with mass immigration will eventually extinguish the flames of Christian faith. In tandem with the erosion in populations of Canadians of European heritage, it makes perfect sense.

Liberals love to call themselves “progressives,” and in some ways, it’s an accurate assessment. Their singular concern is the future of a nation. Socialists are always like this. When administering a silent revolution, it’s always a case of “out with the old, in with the new.”

It was this way during Joseph Stalin’s Russian Revolution. The same applies to Mao Tse Tung’s Silent Revolution in China. In this capacity, Justin Trudeau’s “Woke Revolution” is no different.

In each case, the Christian ethos remains anathema to the ruling government. Judeo-Christian morality is not Mr. Trudeau’s bag. Communism, as well as Islam, far more accurately fit his power-hungry psyche.

‘LILLEY: Trudeau Explains Away Arson Attacks On Churches’

“Yes, it’s true that Justin Trudeau has also said that the burning and destruction of churches is unacceptable and wrong, but by saying it’s “understandable,” the PM undermines his mild condemnation of what is going on.”

“If there were attacks like this taking place at Mosques or other places of worship, then we know that Trudeau would have tweeted right away, issued statements, and rightly denounced the attacks as hate crimes.”

Indifference toward Canada’s traditional religions being par-for-the-communist course. Know why this is? Because the Liberals are gunning to rid our country of all its traditions, religious or otherwise.

In order to successfully tear down a society and re-build it as a socialist nation-state, all forms of tradition must go. Just ask the ghost of Mao Tse Tung:

“China Transformed by Elimination of ‘Four Olds’”

“One of the early objectives of the Cultural Revolution in China, which began in 1966 and goes on today, was to wipe out the ‘four olds’—old things, old ideas, old customs and old habits.”

After which Cultural Action Party take a stab at the “four olds” the Liberals are working to eradicate

— Democracy, now being incrementally transitioned to authoritarian governance.

— “Old Stock” Canada, nemesis to an agenda of socio-political transformation.

— National sovereignty, currently being outsourced to international forces.

— Christianity, to be replaced by religions of 3rd World immigrants and new arrivals.

In a million light-years, mainstream media won’t enlighten society as to the agenda. This makes sense, as authoritarian governments always maintain control of the press.

We come to understand the nature of the revolutionary beast, inclusive of government’s desire to erode and eventually eliminate Christianity in Canada.

That’s the ironic thing about the “progressives.” They progress up to a certain point, after which they solidify into a rigid, immutable authoritarian force. One trick being to ostensibly standing up for “the oppressed,” while at the same time establishing “post-modern” categories of community oppression.

It’s here that Christian faith comes into government’s political picture. Canada used to have a core, only to have it unilaterally cancelled by ex-Liberal PM Pierre Trudeau with his enforcement of so-called “multiculturalism.”

Today, Canadians stand witness as Justin Trudeau proceeds to replace the core that so-called father eradicated. The death of Christianity remains integral to Canada’s systemic transition from democracy to dictatorship.

5 thoughts on “Trudeau Ignores Increase In Church Burnings Over Christmas Holidays”

  1. one day religious people might notice that all religions claim non adherents to be inferior, since this place is daft that means muslims think you’re infidels, it means christians think you’re heathens, it means jews think you’re goyim, it means buddhists think you’re asleep, it means hindus think you’re not intelligent.

    for some strange reason, promoting the fact that you chose a cult somehow makes the initiates believe they will “escape” this world and then fight each other over territory in the mundane.

    man get a hold of yourself. you have no clue where you are, you have no clue where you are going, you believe school and government and technologie saying “this is the map of the world” and that there is trillions of galaxies, or you decide to say “nah… i’m not having it, i believe its flat”

    either way, you’re deceived… you don’t know how to get on a boat and sail far enough to figure out if there is any extra or more continents, how big is this “plane” is it infinite, is it small? you gave up your freedom and will towards the authority, be it clergy or political class, in favor for your security and gullible life of no critical thought process.

    ask yourselves… if you were born without labels and propaganda, would you believe what you were told today? the answer is no, yet you still cling to the religion your parents mentioned, like as if they know what they are talking about, too afraid to venture on your own and ask questions like the one i’m posing.

    can you … sail outside of the known world? ever thought of that or is this a new concept to you?

  2. I have been the first to defend the rights of our Native peoples, and I hope that most of them will decry the burning of Churches. Yes, horrible things happened to too many young Native boys and girls in the residential schools they were forced to attend by the Governments of the day, but apologies have been made, along with efforts to repay the families. More still has to be done, there is no doubt in my mind, to remedy the after affects on these children who are now adults. TOO MANY YOUNG CANADIAN NATIVE MALES ARE STILL COMMITTING SUICIDE. THAT WORRIES ME IMMENSELY. I WANT SOMETHING DONE ABOUT IT, BECAUSE IT IS A NATIONAL TRAGEDY. BUT I ALSO WANT OUR CHURCHES TO REMAIN STANDING, BECAUSE HAD OUR ANCESTORS TRULY PRACTISED THEIR CHRISTIAN FAITH AS CHRIST INTENDED THEM TO DO, THEY WOULD NOT HAVE BELIEVED THAT OUR NATIVE PEOPLES NEEDED TO BE ASSIMILATED AT ALL COSTS!

  3. In truth; Christianity will never die; it can only be suppressed….For a time. Anyone cheering its apparent defeat needs to take a step back. The “pastures” of communism are rife with noxious weeds, and brackish water. The sheep are thin, and wanting. Their “shepherd” cares not for the sheep; or their pasture–only for his own selfish interests. The weaker; sick sheep do not receive healing–They get a knife across the throat. (MAID.) The Good Shepherd gives rest; nourishment, and fresh water. The woke “shepherd” and his thinly-disguised pack of wolves are busy poisoning the well, scorching the pasture, and tearing down Christian symbols. Sheep are considered dumb creatures, and easily led–but it seems apparent that they’re finally realizing the true nature of this false “shepherd.” He’s popular with the goats; the true sheep are shunning him.


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