Trudeau IGNORES Canadian GG Julie Payette’s Abusive Behaviours, Past Criminal Charges

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The Canadian Privy Council Office has initiated a thorough, independent and impartial review into harassment allegations within the office of Gov. Gen. Julie Payette.

“In a report earlier this week from CBC News, anonymous employees at Rideau Hall alleged that Payette yelled at staffers to the point of making them cry and prompting them to quit.”

“Harassment has no place in any professional workplace,” a spokesperson for the Privy Council Office wrote in a statement. “It is a public service priority to advance efforts to more effectively prevent and resolve issues of harassment.”

In response, PM Justin Trudeau delivered his typical piece of political tosh: “We are looking at all options,” says Canada’s “master” of saying nothing meaningful at all.

All options, eh Buddy-Boy? Will this be a repeat of your previous obfuscation of space cadet Julie Payette as Justin’s choice for pseudo- Governor General?

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Are patriots aware of the following circumstances regarding GG Payette?

“Governor General Designate Julie Payette was charged with second-degree assault while living in Maryland in 2011 — a charge she calls ‘unfounded’ and which she has since had expunged — and about which the Prime Minister’s Office is refusing to confirm it had prior knowledge.

“We’ve got no comment on this,” Kate Purchase, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s director of communications, said.. She would not confirm whether Trudeau had been aware of the almost six-year-old criminal charge relating to an alleged assault.

In a related situation, there were two separate divorce cases before the Maryland court — one filed by her ex-husband for a separation, which was later abandoned, and one filed by Payette for an absolute divorce, which was granted in 2015.

Ah, yes–2015. Such a special, unprecedented year this was. In was at this time that Justin Trudeau placed the Canadian Crown upon his head, and promptly dove into his new position as the PM who hates the country he was elected to lead.

Now, just about any student of politics knows that when a “Saviour-King” is appointed as commander-in-chief, said person needs a solid team of supporters surrounding them.

This, fellow Canadians, is the reality of 2020 politics: it is ONLY a puppet-like individual who will appointed to assist United Nations-puppet, PM Justin Trudeau.

You name the Liberal– and CAP will show you a sycophantic, pandering princess of Liberal Globalist conformity:

David Lammetti, Chris Bittle, Adam Vaughn, Seamus O’Regan— light-footed types espousing effeminate dispositions so common in Trudeau’s LGBT-oriented nation-state.

Next, the GTA Liberal-3rd World MP contingent. MP Iqra Khalid of Mississauga. MP Omar Alghabra of the GTA Liberal cabal. Maryam Monsef, MP of unknown origin,  Trudeau-puppet in perfect standing.

They all are–because if not, you might not maintain your MP position in Brampton. Wanna know a secret about this riding? EVERY MP is a Liberal Party Sikh. No diversity whatsoever within Brampton politics–a 100% lock on all ridings is the result. MONO-culturalism at its most privileged would be the logical conclusion–if Canadian actually knew about this.

Enter Julie Payette, ex-astronaut. “Some people say she’s the space cow-girl”— and they are right on the money. Trudeau handed Payette the GG position based upon one fundamental requirement:

She must agree with everything Trudeau espouses. This GG is to go along with “everything Trudeau”— mass immigration, illegal refugees, “multicultural” propaganda, globalism, Islam, China, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Somalia.

As long as Ms. Thang adheres 100% to Trudeau-Butts- Hussen destructive ideological goals, she is good-to-go. The rest are the same– Chrystia Freeland and the rest of the white Liberal types.

To survive and prosper under the Trudeau regime, strict adherence to the “Party Line” is mandatory–just as it is in brother Alexandre Trudeau’s hero-nations of Cuba and China.

— BRAD SALZBERG, Founder of CAP(est. 2016).








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