Trudeau, Hussen CANCEL Deportation Of Somalian Refugee Branded “Danger To Public”

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Another day, another benefit for Middle Eastern criminals and “refugees.” Welcome to Justin Trudeau and Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen’s “post-modern” Canada.

What else has our nation gone “post” over? Under the iron-clad grip of Trudeau, add to this post- true democracy. Canada is now post- Christian. We are post rule-of-law(SNC Lavalin), post- justice(Admiral Mark Norman) and most destructive of all–post TRUTH. Media cover this off most effectively by way of the Liberals seizing control of freedom of the press.

On the other hand, Canada is not post – Islam, LGBT, Aga Khan, Transgender, Sharia Law, FGM, or child marriage. Rather, by way of Trudeau & Co., we are 100% pro-globalism. Not that Canadians ever had a choice in the matter.

Simply put, having a Trudeau family member ruling our nation equates with a direct loss of freedom and democracy in Canada. After all, King Justin has forced social ideology upon society in a manner not unlike Papa Pierre did in his time.

Multiculturalism–the most transformative policy in Canadian history, also happens to be devoid of democratic process. Trudeau Sr.  forced it through Parliament. No public buy-in whatsoever. How could there be, when PET entirely boxed out Canadians from approving or disapproving this giant trans-formation?

“We were all scared for him. We were thinking as soon as he gets deported is he going to live longer than an hour?,” she said. “He was being deported to the world’s  scariest and dangerous country.”

Really?  By way of half-citizen Somalian, MP Ahmed Hussen, his home nation is the greatest thing since sliced bread. Ever see a Canadian journalist reveal the scary truth about this backwash African nation to Canadians? NEVER. Just as media never diss China, the world’s leading human rights abusing nation on earth– as well as our planet’s number one polluter.

Such loyalty, eh? Earlier this month the agency said it decided  that Elmi should be deported to Kismayo, Somalia because he has committed “extensive crimes within Canada and is considered a danger to the public.” His lengthy criminal record includes assault charges.

How sweet it is. Now, let us pose a hypothetical question: If Canada’s immigration minister was not a Third World refugee from Somalia just as the accused is, would he have been saved from deportation?

CAP cannot answer. But what we can say is that under Trudeau and his motley gang of cultural assassins, the chances are just so much greater that government would come to this fellows rescue.

Let CAP not beat-around-the-bush. Under Justin Trudeau, the Nation of Islam is a privileged and protected community. One tangible reason is Islam’s elevation above other communities in society by way of Pakistani-import MP Iqra Khalid’s M103 “Islamophobia” motion. A healthy dose of religious supremacists in related key positions within government doesn’t hurt either.

Ohioze said it is his understanding that the CBSA will now take up to 60 days to prepare a report for the UN on why it believes Elmi should be deported. He noted that people across Canada have been speaking out on Elmi’s behalf.

Quite. Yes– “people” have been speaking out. Of course they have. Trudeau-brand multiculturalism has resulted in an entire multicultural “industry” being set up upon Canadian soil.

Thousands of not-for-profit immigration and multicultural organizations now exist in Canada. This is a direct result of the Multicultural Act of 1988, and the billions of dollars which have been handed to these people over the past four decades

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How many Old Stock Canadians have gone to bat to save the Somalian from deportation? No one knows, of course. Certainly, there are a number of rabid, frothing-at-the-mouth Liberal snowflake-types who will want the fellow to stay. Add to this Somalian-Canadian non-profits, serious supremacist organization National Council of Canadian Muslims, Senator Ratna Omidvar, MP Omar Alghabra, and many other Third World-Globalist types.

Yet, it is fair to estimate at least 10 million Canadians either couldn’t give a damn, or agree the refugee should be tossed out of Canada. The only people who care are those in the diversity racket. It is fair to say this entire phenomenon may never have been afflicted by this condition if it were not for one individual: Pierre Trudeau.

As far as CAP is concerned, we maintain the same position as always: Nothing good ever comes out of Somalia— especially elitist, supremacist Immigration Ministers. Deport the dude straight away.






2 thoughts on “Trudeau, Hussen CANCEL Deportation Of Somalian Refugee Branded “Danger To Public””

  1. This man should be fired.I am so sick of our government and what they are doing to Canada nobody has a back bone to stand up for our values and our customs.Justin Trudeau is our worst PM that Canada has ever had.We are losing our country to all these kind of immigrant that Justiin has brought into our country.They are all getting things free and not working so that is not helping our economy it is a burden on our economy.And all they do is demand that we have to change thing to suit them,they want to play with a different set of rules.But they moved here for a better life so if this is the case why are we changing thing to suit them.Our government need to make a rule that you have to be born here before you can be in our government.We have to many people that what to take over our country and be faithful to their mother country they left,which this is wrong and this should not be allowed.This is Canada and we are losing it to all these other nationalities,but they came here for a better life so why are we changing to there why of life that they left behind.
    This need to be stopped.


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