Trudeau Hiring “Climate Police” As Canada Moves To Neo-Dictatorship

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According to a Federal government website, Environment and Climate Change Canada “informs Canadians about protecting and conserving our natural heritage, and ensuring a clean, safe and sustainable environment for present and future generations.”

Sounds innocuous enough. Too bad it isn’t. In what appears to be a paean to George Orwell’s “1984,”  the federal Ministry of Environment & Climate Change Canada (ECCC) is building a new facility in Winnipeg that will “be home to a firearms armoury, interrogation rooms, biological labs, media relations offices, “controlled quiet rooms,” and intelligence facilities.”

According to an article from The CounterSignal, a team of government employees under the title “Enforcement Officer – Environmental Pollution Enforcement” are presently being recruited from coast to coast.

“The plans,drawn up by a firm in Winnipeg, open a window into Trudeau’s future plans for Climate Enforcement. Down the hall from the proposed ‘Firearms Storage’ rooms are several evidence rooms, interrogation suites, and adjacent recording rooms.”

What have we become? Or more succinctly, what has our Liberal government transitioned Canadian into? Do these plans not sound like Trudeau is taking a page from communist China and applied it to Canadian society? Perhaps it has been his intent all along.

According to a recently posted ad, the Ministry is searching to recruit a battalion of Climate “Pollution” Officers, a unit within the coldly named “Environmental Enforcement Directorate.”

“The entire facility that was leaked to The Counter Signal is sketched to be over 50,000 square feet, will house hundreds of ECCC staff, and will also be home to weather forecasting staff.”

“If you emit too much carbon or use too much fertilizer, you may just be on the Climate Communists’ hit list.”

Perhaps readers can help CAP to understand exactly what is going on here. In the meantime, we offer a slice of speculation:

Under the guise of fighting climate change, PM Justin Trudeau is transitioning Canada into an authoritarian dictatorship. In this we witness what CAP has spoken of since the day our current PM took his place on the Canadian throne:

Justin Trudeau is in the process of transitioning Canada into “Canadastan.” 

We hereby witness the introduction of draconian, punitive measures against Canadians. Violate climate laws, and be promptly installed in a “controlled quiet room” waiting to be interrogated KGB-style by a team of Climate “Pollution” Officers from the Fed’s “Environmental Enforcement Directorate.”

Surprised? Cultural Action Party isn’t. Truly, there is nothing that surprises us when it comes to neo-communism in Canada. We have always felt that Justin Trudeau was installed to usher in a neo-Canadian dictatorship.

“The Impact Assessment Act (IAA), which was quietly passed in the final days of Trudeau’s majority government, grants sweeping power to Ministerial “Enforcement Officers.” But, until now, little has been explained about where and how Climate Police will be deployed.”

“The IAA empowers agents of the Ministry of Climate Change to enter premises without a warrant to verify compliance or prevent non-compliance.”

O Canada– you are in big, big trouble. Dear Canadians, your country is no longer in your hands. Once a free and democratic society, Justin Trudeau has plans to deprive you of your natural rights as a citizen of our country.

14 thoughts on “Trudeau Hiring “Climate Police” As Canada Moves To Neo-Dictatorship”

  1. Indoctrinated will report family, friends, and neighbours similar to the Gestapo did in Germany during Hitler’s reign of terror! Be warned people under the guise of protecting the environment will give up your freedoms and a whole lot more if we allow this government to continue down this path!

  2. Climate “Pollution” Officers?? Is this a joke? These people have some screws loose. The US has turned part of the IRS into a bunch of armed goons. Eighty-thousand new recruits–Graduates of the “academy” will be armed, and must be mentally prepared (brainwashed?) to use “deadly force.” I forget how many hundreds of thousands (millions?) of bullets they bought. Their shiny badges say “IRS Police.” The armed taxman. That’s where we’re headed as a Western society. Will the Bananada “pollution officers” be armed, and ready to kill? This is Trudopia. Anything bad is possible. As the late John Hillerman (Higgins on the 1980’s *Magnum P.I.*) used to say: “OH…MY…GOD.”

  3. Without a Warrant means they can break any and all laws on a whim, with no legal oversight or accountability. Literally, they can smash in your door and seize your 10 yr old TV or any other appliance, claiming it uses too much power. How about stopping g your car on the road, forcing you out, and having it towed away to a Liberal friendly “recycler”, because they claim, with no proof, that it pollutes?

    We are officially a communist/socialist lawless dictatorship. Not all tyrannical dictators get removed from Office by losing an election. Arm yourselves. Seriously, obtain and retain firearms to protect yourselves from the Government.

    PS: Where the hell are the Opposition Parties with all this undemocratic crap going on? They have responsibilities as well. Why are they standing back? Where is the Media? This country is too big for a country-wide revolt.

  4. PRAY that CPC candidate MP Leslyn Lewis wins Conservative leadership on Sat, Sept. 10 !!! Listen to her speeches. Look up her name leslyn.lewis


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