Trudeau Hands $50 Million More to Islamic Nations, Part Of $2 BILLION commitment

Ms. Goldsmith-Jones’s announcement is part of Canada’s Middle East strategy, which is a $2.1-BILLION commitment toward security, stabilization and humanitarian assistance in the region OVER THE COURSE OF THREE YEARS.


13 thoughts on “Trudeau Hands $50 Million More to Islamic Nations, Part Of $2 BILLION commitment

  1. Trudeau you are worse than your father,,,,, this country will be ruined while you spend all our hard earned cash… both you and that traitor in the states, must be the worst traitors ever against the people of our countries. Shameful, and you both need to be run out of both countries,

  2. I guess we will be bankrupt..yet our veterans are asking for too much..we have people living on the street..etc..things like this should not be happening in our beautiful country…yet he has the full to hand out out money to a country that is already rich..look after your own first..if I sound angry.. it is because I am

  3. There are many seniors, and disabled, and veterans that are not getting enough help to live decently . . . or the many homeless. How about respecting the Canadians that have lived here and paid taxes here for ages?! This is a path of simplicity, common sense, and compassion – why add to the confusion and brutality in the world?

    1. Oh his reign is short lived the sooner the better Justin baby Trudeau stop playing with our money like u play with your toys. This is not a game we have a serious problem and you are destroying the country our military vets fought and lost lives over. Yet you could care less be gone for the love of God u must know u are the most hated man in a Canada. Soon your playground and your toys will be taken from you are u really this stupid? Don’t let the door hit u in the ass on your way out👍😏😡

  4. You will not only be bankrupt, but you will also be completely under Sharia Law. Good luck and God Bless. Instead of criticizing the US, you should have been paying attention at home. I feel for all of you.

  5. Absolutely disgusting has no idea how the regular people live …. so absorbed with himself and persona, and how he looks, and giving so much to foreign policies, anything to make him look good….are you all sure he graduated high school…..
    he is best in the position he held before government….A DRAMA TEACHER……..

  6. How will a commission of this come back to your foundation. You are corrupt, you lie, you are self serving, a woman represser, traitor and a criminal. Oh yeah, you are an embarrassment!

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