Trudeau- Handler Gerald Butts Defends Calling Omar Khadr “Canadian Soldier”

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Instead of backing down after being proven wrong, Butt’s cooked-up a bizarre conspiracy theory that Google wasn’t telling the truth. Why is Gerald Butts, Justin Trudeau’s principal secretary, defending Google for listing Omar Khadr, the Al Qaida terrorist, as a LEGITIMATE CANADIAN SOLDIER? 


1 thought on “Trudeau- Handler Gerald Butts Defends Calling Omar Khadr “Canadian Soldier””

  1. Yes Liberals are funding terrorism or I should say the liberal leaders are using the tax dollars of Canadians and Americans to fund Islamic terrorists.

    We need to demand that Justin Trudeau, be removed from office and investigated for treason. While we are at it we need to have his entire cabinet investigated.

    If they are found guilty. This must be made public and every last one of them should be hanged!!!!!


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