1 thought on “Trudeau Govt Working To Buy Canadian Media Before 2019 Election”

  1. There is no need to give money to reporters in the first place. The reporters have been promoting the liberal party for decades and with love and praises. In fact, the reporters would do anything and everything for Justin Trudeau and will do it for free which Justin knows dam well. All he has to do is blink and the reporters write a full article made up by them.
    In fact, we already know that the reporters have been in the liberals back pocket for decades.
    Where is the $6000ml coming from? I guess it coming from Peter to pay Paul. In other words, the ‘supposed’ bailout money is coming from one reporter (Peter) to pay another reporter(Paul) and visa versa. Plus their own families have to take out extra money on top of other taxes to pay their reporters to get the same deadbeat stories.
    Real reporters should avoid this trap. Once money is given, they have to follow dictator Justin trudeau rules or money be taken away.


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