Justin Trudeau Unrolls “Islamophobia” Agenda, Crack Down On Freedom Of Speech

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The federal government has released a new anti-racism strategy that promises $45 million to fight systemic discrimination through community programs, public education campaigns and combating online hate.

The three-year strategy, unveiled in Toronto on Tuesday by Heritage Minister Pablo Rodriguez, fulfils key recommendations from a parliamentary committee study that arose from a controversial anti-Islamophobia motion, M-103, which concluded last year.

Islam is to be protected from all condemnation from non-Muslim Canadians. At present, Muslim Canadians represent 4% of our demographic. Yet, by way of our current government, any element of criticism, condemnation and even questioning may well constitute an act of racism.

Conversely, a Canadian can condemn, trash, and slander any aspect of the Christian faith. Go ahead– scream in the streets that Jesus Christ is the most awful figure in human history. Yell to the high heavens that the Pope is evil. Bellow out in public that Protestant churches are houses of satan incarnate.

Nothing will happen. You won’t bothered by the authorities, or charged with a crime. But DARE do the same regarding any aspect of Islam. Give it a go. Watch as you are vilified by government. Witness media tear the person into little pieces of bigotry. Witness as the individual loses their job after being fired for racist behaviour.

And yet, within post-modern Canada, it is the Christian who is the oppressor, and Muslim the victim. Social justice warriors cry out against “white privilege.” Is the above scenario an example of such privilege? Hardly.

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Still, the anti-Anglophone agenda rolls on. It really does appear these people have us by the bollocks. They won’t stop. Whitey must be branded the nemesis community of Canada–without anyone explicitly saying so.

As it happens, identifiable communities within historical dictatorships have become marginalized by this very method: Silence While a calculated plan of attack is organized and rolled out to society, said society remains mute as a lamb regarding the insidious social agenda.

From the source article: The strategy promises $4.6 million to establish an anti-racism secretariat within the federal Heritage department that would “lead a whole-of-government approach in addressing racism” and would report publicly on its results.

The government is also pledging $5 million for civic literacy programs that “address online disinformation and hate speech.”

The government’s anti-racism strategy comes more than a year after the House of Commons heritage committee released the results of its study of systemic racism and religious discrimination, born of the Liberals’ controversial anti-Islamophobia motion, M-103, which called on the government to condemn Islamophobia and all forms of racism.

Interesting choice of wording. Doesn’t “all forms of racism” suggest a comprehensive objection to all aspects of racism? Why the addition of the word “Islamophobia?”

Answer: because this is what MP Iqra Khalid and the Nation Council Of Canadian Muslims(co-creators, M103) demand– special status for one specific identifiable community. Why should one community be protected and elevated within society above all others?

Do not expect this to ever be addressed by the Trudeau government. They have no interest. In typical fashion, special interest communities lobbied hard for this privileged position. National Council of Canadian Muslims pushed M103 founder MP Iqra Khalid— a dual citizen drop-in from Pakistan— to get this motion passed within government.

No surprise–they got exactly what they wanted. When the Conservative opposition suggested the term “Anti-Muslim bigotry,” our tax payer funded Islamic non-profit organizations said forget it. No changes. No flexibility. Total obstinance. How often this is the way.

Jasmin Zine, a professor of sociology and Muslim studies at Wilfrid Laurier University, said she’s disappointed the document “barely acknowledges” Islamophobia, noting it only once references the 2017 shooting at a mosque in Quebec City that left six men dead.

“The lack of political will to address or even acknowledge Islamophobia is an affront to those who were murdered in the QC massacre in an act of terror inspired by white nationalism as well as to all Canadian Muslims,” Zine said.

How typical. This Zine lady is not satisfied. In MultiCULT-land, the art of being insatiable is essential to the trans-formation of society from democracy to dictatorship. The multicult lobby gets their “Islamophobia” mention, rendering their community special and privileged, as requested.

But it is not enough. CAP question of the day: What is enough to satisfy Zine and the rest of the diversity brigade? The answer, of course, is nothing. Well, perhaps this is overly simplistic.

When Anglophones, Francophones and Christians are rendered second class citizens, and permanently established as Canada’s  nemesis community, then perhaps these people will be satisfied. Of course, one should never count on such a thing.

It is most interesting to note that among all these “anti-racism” efforts, not one of them has adopted the concept that racism is a two-way street. Note how these people never make reference to racism spoken by IMAM’s within Canadian mosques. Nor do they focus on events such as the Danforth murders by way of a Syrian refugee brought to Canada by the Trudeau government. The man murdered two white Canadian teenage girls in cold blood.

Is this not an act of racism? Will this be tabled at the racism meetings? These government funded groups and studies never speak of who the racists are. Yet, all the while, the tacit understanding is that the racists and bigots are white, Anglophone, Francophone and Christian-Canadians.

The anti-racism strategy was developed following 22 consultation sessions between October 2018 and March 2019, where the government heard from about 600 people.

CAP will put money on one thing: not one of the 600 come from what has been labelled alt-right Canada. Not one of them is from Rebel Media. Candice Malcolm of True North News is not in attendance. Nationalist-oriented political parties are excluded.

In short, these affairs are one-sided, biased and loaded with globalist and multicult players intent upon taking vengeance upon Old Stock Canada. They FAIL to address Islamic militancy or supremacy. They overlook the Sikh nationalist movement in Canada.

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It is Anglophone Canadians, and only this community, who have the potential to be racists. Therefore, a logical(non-Liberal) Canadian can conclude that the anti-racism agenda is intrinsically racist.

Then again, hypocrisy is essential to the success of the globalist movement. In Trudeau’s Canada, one is free to be a hypocrite as long as it is in line with the trans-formation of Anglo-Christian Canada to second class community status.

The new “anti-racism” program is another incremental, pre-meditated agenda of globalist seduction. Witness as whitey is railroaded into Canada’s nemesis community. Justin Trudeau wants this so very badly, and thereby pumps another $45 million into the anti-Anglo globalist agenda.

Will it ever end? Not while King Justin maintains his iron-grip upon our society.






10 thoughts on “Justin Trudeau Unrolls “Islamophobia” Agenda, Crack Down On Freedom Of Speech”

  1. everytime I see a photo of Trudeau, I think that he is visiting a foreign country because is surrounded by officials wearing turbans or other strange headdress.

  2. Extremely expensive vote buy that is coming out of Taxpayers pocket. People of Canada are more upset about the spending done by the Libs than anything as well as the systematic destruction of several industries across the country. The division this Liberal Party has caused in this country is going to be compounded with the proposed hate towards every religion besides Islam. One final shit storm for the Libs and if the Libs win the West will separate and those coming with us will not be Liberal.

  3. We your neighbor in the South feel your pain. If Trump doesn’t win and the Dems take back the Senate and keep the house, we are all in trouble. Fortunately, the Congressman and Senators are up for re-election and we are fighting for term limits so they can’t stay until they die. FYI, Soros is behind all this and your Prime Minister is part of the Globalist movement.

  4. If these “people” didn’t come here illegally, demand laws be changed to suit them, want Sharia Law instilled, disrespect us “infidels” that supply free money, housing, education and medical from OUR tax money, try to change things to suit them and turn our country into the hellhole they left behind, just out right try to take over the country that they have infiltrated, but offered better than what they left, break our laws then claimed PSD, REFUSE to integrate,,,,,we wouldn’t have “Islamophobia” or racial discrimination! Canada DOES welcome immigrants. They are not immigrants, they are invaders! These new laws that “idiot boy” is bringing in to suite these invaders, would not be necessary if these “people” didn’t demand Canada change to suit them! Idiot boy should be demanding that THEY follow the laws that were put here and made our country so great! Instead he has accused US as being the ones who are causing all the trouble and he’s catering to a cult of killers, rapists, beaters and hate mongers that are trying their best to take over Canada! As far as I’m concerned, this is just out and out treason on Trudeau’s behalf. None of this would be happening if they followed our laws and integrated, like everyone else! If they don’t like it here, Canadians will gladly pay for your ticket back to where you came from!

  5. Trudeau has been helping the Islamic people get into Canada and providing them with more rights than they would receive in the majority of countries. I cannot believe how out of touch a large segment of Canadians are about what Trudeau is doing. Shut off the the TV news because Trudeau runs that and start reading books ,articles from something other than liberal media. Open a Bible and you can find out there what will take place.English and French Canada have to join together to save our Country before Arabic or some other language orginating from the middle east become a working language in Canada. Islam plan is to get people in the government and then have some some appointed to be judges as they have their plan mapped out to take over our Country.


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