Trudeau Govt Told Ex-Justice Minister They Would INFLUENCE MEDIA On Her Behalf

Wilson-Raybould’s Chief of Staff, Jessica Prince, is said to have been assured that they could “LINE UP ALL KINDS OF PEOPLE TO WRITE OD-EDS” to support a decision by the former Attorney General to intervene. 


2 thoughts on “Trudeau Govt Told Ex-Justice Minister They Would INFLUENCE MEDIA On Her Behalf

  1. Justin KNOWS that the media WOULD NEVER do anything to him. They may pretend to care to say a few.words to look good in camera but will never go on his case daily for ‘obstructing justice’ as they have done to PMSH on Duffy affair over three years straight without a day.missed on the subject.
    Had the media a shred of dignity in the smallest bone in their body, Justin Trudeau would not have been in parliament farless the PM office, especially when he announced his support for terrorists to keep their citizenship. The media then should have plastered him left right and centre but they rediculed PMSH instead.
    Jody did her job for canada while paying the price for going against Trudeau’s decisions to protect his friend the SNC.

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