Trudeau Govt Work To End Prosecution For Knowingly Transmitting HIV Infection

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The federal government should strictly limit the use of criminal law to prosecute people for not telling a sex partner they are HIV-positive, the House of Commons justice committee has recommended.

The MPs said the directive should end criminal prosecutions of HIV non-disclosure, except in cases where there is transmission, and ensure any prosecutions take into account the latest medical evidence.

Basically, they’re at it again. The Trudeau government appear to be OBSESSED with sexuality as it related to homosexuality, anal sex and (gasp!) even bestiality. How incredibly ODD. Why would Justin & company want to remove laws intended to PROTECT innocent Canadian citizens?

In 2016, the Trudeau government repealed what it called a “discriminatory” law that makes it illegal to have anal sex under the age of 18. 

Right now, the age of consent for sexual activity is 16 but the Criminal Code prohibits anal intercourse for people under the age 18 unless they are husband and wife, a discrepancy many have denounced as unconstitutional.

In 2018, the Liberals announced a new bill  that will broaden the definition of bestiality in order to “prohibit any contact for a sexual purpose between a person and an animal.”

As it happens, the broadening meant an illegal act of bestiality only included an act of “penetration.”

Question for SANE Canadians: Why does government put energy into macabre issues like bestiality, when there are SO MANY OTHER more important issues to attend to? The answer is–no one knows. And worse– NO ONE ASKS. Establishment media certainly have not. Our Marxist academic institutions can’t be bothered to do so.

Bottom line question: Do the Trudeau government proposals regarding HELP OR HINDER the health of Canadians citizens? How about lowering the age of anal sex to 16 years of age. How does this BENEFIT greater Canadian society? Who benefits from changes to bestiality laws? Out of 37 million Canadians, how many indulge in this grisly habit?

Try .0000000001% of Canadians, for a start. This, folks, is the Trudeau government IN ACTION. Perpetually working for tiniest fringes of society.

What percentage of Canadian citizens are transgendered? No surprise here, there does not appear to be a study on the topic in Canada. But in the United States, transgender individuals account for roughly 0.6 percent of the U.S. population (Flores et al. 2016)

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Yet, within Justin’s “post-modern” Canada, one would think transgenderism to be a cornerstone of society. It isn’t–not even close. Yet, all the while, Justin Trudeau prances around in Pride Parade where transgenderism FOR CHILDREN is advanced without any thought as to the negative social  or psychological implications of the sex change operations and hormone therapy.

Transgenderism. Anal Sex. Bestiality. HIV blood donations. Who EVER HEARD of a Canadian government putting this kind of energy into these kind of issues? This wouldn’t happen if there was a Liberal government ruling the planet URANUS.

Yet, this is Justin Trudeau and his absurdist gang of liberal-globalists. A blight upon our nation if there ever was one.




3 thoughts on “Trudeau Govt Work To End Prosecution For Knowingly Transmitting HIV Infection”

  1. No more immigration, it’s taken away from Canadians will help build this Country. Trudeau hates white male, he seems to forget, who he is??

  2. To end prosecution of knowing trasnmitting HIV is no diff4rent than to end prosecution for knowingly passing on poison. It is the first step in removing individual responsibility in adult conduct. Such an act has no support in commonsense application of the law. There is the rub – Common sense is Anathema to the Liberal mind they cannot debate common sense they instead resort to name calling and other attacks. Look for common sense thinking in the minds of those that pridefully call themselves “Liberal Christians” – they are in truth members of the end times 2nd Timothy 3 Church that Paul warned about just practitioners of a form of Godliness – and what did Paul say? A: Have nothing to do with them – don’t even eat with them as in no communion and no visiting. So the modern Liberal evangelical pastor says “Paul was not nice” and instead fills the pews with the modern pro-Pagan Christians.


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