Trudeau Govt Says Canada Has Responsibility To ISIS Terrorists

The truth is that Trudeau and his Liberals have a soft spot for Jihadis.


14 thoughts on “Trudeau Govt Says Canada Has Responsibility To ISIS Terrorists

  1. Anyone who left Canada to join or support ISIS and wanting to return to Canada, should be detained and sent back on the 1st flight. These persons made a choice to leave Canada to join a terrorist group, thereby basically declaring war against Canadian citizens. These terrorist have no right in Canada whether they were Canadian citizens or not.

  2. You sound like a traitor to your country. We don’t owe anything to any terrorists group. You owe everything to Canada and Canadians. What happens in Canada happens in the US and we do not want terrorists from Canada poisoning our country, we have enough of our crazy people here. What have they offered you to give up Canada so easily. Stay true to your country to your, Mr. Trudeau, you, like our good President, serve at the will of the people.

  3. Mr. Trudeau, YOU have a responsibility to the Canadian citizens who were here BEFORE you took office!
    How about looking after them first?
    Those who chose to fight for Isis made their beds, so let them lay in it.
    Stop wasting our money on useless adventures.
    And keep your nose out of personal banking!
    That is an invasion of privacy!

  4. Trudeau is a complete embarrassment to any Canadian citizen let alone Canada itself. I’m ashamed of our government and what it has become over the years

  5. Beware canada!! Trudope is signing a 36 pg agreement with the UN this December,giving the UN full control who n however many migrants we take in our country!! They do have some 245 million migrants there looking to displace all around the world to get the ball going with there open boarders and NWO globalist agenda!!!!WAKE UP!!!! THIS WILL BE THE END OF CANADIAN SOVEREIGNTY AS WE KNOW IT!!!! MY GREAT GRANDFATHER DIDNT FIGHT FOR THE RIGHTS OF THE UN!!!!!!!

    1. as a Canadian I want nothing to do with the dangerous un ARMY or ISLAM or ISIS TERRORISTS NOW IM SURE I SPEACK FOR EVERY BORN CANADIAN NO LIE.

  6. Because he is still in power shows Canadians are not able to control a election or a cast a vote when we have a PM cheering for the enemy I think its time to remove the traitor dont you thought so . this is crazy these liberals are out right criminals.

  7. WE should thank the IDIOT for demonstrating what a corrupt government is capable of doing and proving WE don’t need Politicians, Who are supposed to Work for the People! With today’s modern technology WE could Self-Govern this once great Nation! The upcoming election is about the two things we were taught not to talk about, Religion and Politics! In 2019 it is not only about the two parties but also includes GOD and the Devil. At this writing the Devil seems to be Winning! However, there is a loophole in the political system which is called an election! Hence your’s truly MEUS BLACK, the “Unknown Warrior” assumes the Right to Fight our Plight! I would rather fall on my sword doing the right thing than cave into authority and do the wrong thing! If you don’t stand for something you will fall for anything! This onslaught will produce no blood, no knives, no guns as we shall murder the enemy with LOVE! Tough times never last, but tough people do! What is required is 650 men and women over 18 years of age being Canadian citizens to run as INDEPENDENTS all across the country in the next federal election! Simple and easily done! Our Platform and Agenda are as follows; ABOLISH the present Corrupt Government, Parliament, and the ever-worthless Senate! DELETE all Politicians with their exorbitant Salaries and their ridiculous Pensions! IMPLEMENT a Corporate structure to operate our Country more like a Business! TIME to say ENOUGH to any more very expensive Bullshit and Lies!!! By the Grace of GOD, WE shall Overcome! Have Faith, have Hope, have a HAPPY Life! Feedback would be greatly appreciated from this moment forward into the future. Please do not comment on the past as there is absolutely nothing I can do about that! Thank You kindly for your precious time!

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