Trudeau Govt Delete All References To Islam In Terrorism Threat Reports

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The government has again revised a report that is supposed to update Canadians on the major terrorist threats they face, removing all references to Islamist extremism.

While the report, first released in December, had initially identified attackers “inspired by violent Sunni Islamist ideology” as the main terrorist threat to Canada, that line has now been cut. All mentions of “Sunni” and “Shia” extremism were also taken out of the annual report, along with section headings on both types of terrorism.

So let’s get this straight: according to Justin Trudeau and the Liberals, religious-motivated acts of terror by way of organizations such as ISIS have nothing to do with the Nation Of Islam. There is no connection to the teachings of the Koran. Islamics who commit acts of terror are not motivated by Jihad, Sharia Law, Allah, or Mohammed. They are ALL lone wolves without connections to Islamic ideology.

That’s Justin Trudeau for you. When it is time to go to bat, count on our PM to hit a home run for the other team. What percentage of Canadians voted for Justin Trudeau so that he would promote, entrench, fund, protect and indemnify the Nation of Islam within Canadian society? How about NO ONE–apart from political  insiders who knew in advance this would result from King Justin attaining the throne of Canada.

Did Mr. Trudeau present this as part of his platform when running for office in 2015? Not a chance. In typical Trudeau-Elitist style(think Papa Pierre), Trudeau Jr. just went ahead and did it.

Justin Trudeau has a soft spot for Islam. Also for Sikhism, LGBT and transgenderism. On the flip side, however,  Pharoah Justin has hardened his heart toward the founding peoples communities of Canada.  At the bottom of his priority list are, of course, Anglophone Canadians. Toward this community our Justin has nothing but scorn. Racists, he decrees. Bigots, concurs partner-in-crime, MP Ahmed Hussen

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We all have priorities. No one outside of a tiny cabal was aware the Nation of Islam was to be placed at the peak of Canada’s social mountain. If we knew the plans in advance of the previous federal election, Trudeau would NEVER HAVE WON.

Conclusion? Justin Trudeau DECEIVED the people of Canada. He ran for office on a “watch me help young people get stoned “policy on Marijuana. Yet, once in office, he delivered a “watch me entrench Islam into Canadian society” policy.

Media have not once articulated this act of grand deception. This in itself should be exposed for what it is: the protection and advancement of a fraudulent, scheming political leader working an agenda not a single Canadian asked for or approved.



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  1. This fool is attempting to become a tyrant. Does Trudeau need to do anything else to prove that HE does not belong as PM. Remove him and bar him from ever returning to Canadaian Politics.


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