Trudeau Government REMOVE All References To Islam From Terrorism Studies

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The government has once again revised a report intended to update Canadians on major terrorist threats within our borders. They have removed all references to Islamist extremism. While the report had initially identified attackers “inspired by violent Sunni Islamist ideology” as the main terrorist threat to Canada, that line has now been cut.

All mention of “Sunni” and “Shia” extremism were taken out of the annual report. Canada’s establishment media have tweaked the messaging to make it appear  terms such as “Sunni” and “Shia” are removed from the report. In fact, it is the word “Islam” which is now stricken from the record.

Following complaints from  Sikh-Canadian non-profit organizations, government had already cut the term “Sikh extremism” from the study.  Now, Islamic non-profit groups(the one Canadian tax payers fund) have succeeded in getting their way with government.

But never is there any action to curb generalities related to condemnation of Anglophone Canadians. Even our prime minister generalizes in this manner.  When mass murder occurred in New Zealand by way of an alleged white supremacist, cries rang out worldwide about the scourge of  white nationalism. Sweeping media statements regarding white supremacy went into overdrive. Establishment  media were in no way careful not to generalize about Anglophone communities.

In fact, stereotypes regarding Anglophones as racist xenophobes occur daily within western media. A number of Liberal MP’s, including Iqra Khalid and Ahmed Hussen, indulge in these stereotypes on a regular basis. Canada is a racist nation, they tell us. No one in media bats an eyelash when this occurs. Yet any reference to Islam and its inherent militancy falls into a perpetual media no-go zone.

Is this not, in reality, an example of community privilege? Are the same standards held when tables are turned? Are white nationalists depicted as having no association with their religion? Are Anglophone criminals indemnified from condemnation of their ethnicity by government and media? Not in the least.

Double-standards are integral to the success of liberal-globalist methodologies.  Within contemporary society– meaning Justin Trudeau’s self-proclaimed “post-modern” Canada– this hypocrisy will continue unchecked for as long as Trudeau is prime minister–or if the globalists succeed in their mission, far longer.


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