Trudeau Gov’t Set Up “Totalitarian-Style” Isolation Centres Across Canada

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According to a media outlet based in India, the Liberal government of Canada has been quietly funding the construction of isolation facilities across our country. A recent article published this month by TGI Global features the following headline:

“Slavery in 21st Century, Welcome to Trudeau’s Canada” 

“There are now eleven isolation facilities located across nine Canadian cities. The Trudeau administration has recently been under strong pressure from the public after deciding to open a new isolation facility in the Windsor-Essex area.”

Strong pressure from the public? If it has occurred, media did not spread the word to the people of Canada. Just this week, Liberal Cabinet Minister of Health, Jean-Yves Duclos, announced funding of a new isolation site in the Windsor-Essex region.

Meanwhile, TGI Global target the Trudeau government with some serious allegations:

“These isolation centers elicit only a negative response amongst the Canadians, who view them with the utmost mistrust. They have even compared these isolation facilities to the concentration camps, set up by the Nazi administration.

From Sunny Ways To Isolation Centres: The True Story Of The Trudeau Government.

This is not the first time such commentary has been directed at our ruling Liberal government. Over a seven-year period, Justin Trudeau has transitioned from hero of the underclass to overlord of the ruling class.

Around the world, critics have come at Trudeau with accusations of varying degree. Members of the European Parliament brand him a dictator. Media in the United States consider him a tyrant. The U.K. press call him a communist.

Lucky for our PM that Canadian media do not follow suit. Lucky for him to be able to direct one billion Canadian taxpayer dollars per year to over 1000 media outlets for propaganda purposes.

This way, CBC, CTV, Globe & Mail and the rest will refrain from presenting political reality. Under the iron-clad rule of Justin Trudeau, our country is well down the path toward conversion to an authoritarian state.

“The construction of these isolation centres raises many questions about the Trudeau government. Why is the federal government making decisions on behalf of provincial governments when healthcare is primarily a provincial responsibility?

CAP respond in kind: Because formerly distinct levels of government are presently coagulating into a united political entity. We wonder if others have picked up on the trend:

Municipal, Provincial, Federal. In terms of political ideology, does it not appear that all three levels share the same approach?  One cannot become the mayor of a major Canadian city without being a warrior of the woke variety. MP’s, MLA’s, City Councillors—  ideological belief systems are today uniform throughout Canada’s political class.

This new-found synergy is emblematic of transition to a socialist state. In China, the political class are united in ideology, as well as methodology. Justin Trudeau is in the process of converting Canadian politics to this structure.

Turns out CAP are progressive too. When first placed in office, we saw Justin Trudeau as a supporter of neo-communism. As he clamped down on the country, we progressed to the idea that Mr. Trudeau is a full-patch communist. Upon witnessing the Liberal government’s approach to  Covid, we progressed to concept that, in reality, Justin Trudeau is a neo-fascist dictator.

“Perhaps the present government is not realizing that the need of the hour is constructing more houses as the number of homeless Canadians is increasing steadily, rather than focusing on the construction of more isolation sites.”

More isolation sites– at this stage of the game? Truth is, Justin Trudeau will not let go of Covid. While our general population see it largely as a condition of the past, the Liberals continue to utilize the pandemic for their ultimate purpose.

Justin Trudeau has a desperate, pathological need for control. For him, Covid is a political blessing. As disseminated from China, it provides justification for the Liberals to emulate the Chinese style of governance.

Isolation sites by any other name would be a replication of fascist government policy. Concentration camps has a rather nasty ring to it, so CAP hold off on making that association.

14 thoughts on “Trudeau Gov’t Set Up “Totalitarian-Style” Isolation Centres Across Canada”

  1. REALLY! They look like greenhouses. There is one not to far from were I live and it is a greenhouse looks just like these do. Where are these isolation camps.

  2. Well I say since they are built, would sure like to know where they all are. This is a good thing. We now have a place to put Trudeau, Freeland and every Premier, health official, and media people who have followed the science of covid. The fact is trudeau does not have any scientific proof covid exists, and Dr. Deborah Bix has stated that they new it would not stop anything. The truth is coming out, in fact how much more proof do people need to realize they are slowing being murdered, genocide. So they will need all these facilities to house all the people that played the genocide game. Once all their bank accounts are seized and given back to the Canadian people. Trudeau’s foundation has 800 billion in foreign funds, that would surely build a lot of hospitals and hire a lot of doctors etc……

  3. I saw one of these camps on the #2 highway in manitoba, at first I thought it was a construction camp , so I came back around a second time ,this time I stopped and had a better look . I saw the chain-link fencing totally surrounding the camp and thought the fencing was odd for a work camp , but as I was looking I noticed the distinct sight of razor wire stretched across the top of the fence and also realized the housing units were much too tightly packed together. I was going to drive right up for closer inspection but noticed 3 gov of ca. pick ups parked in front so just drove past .

    • Yes, we acknowledge our mistake on that. The caption said they were isolation centres, our mistake. Will do better nect time.


  4. The money should be going into housing and appartement buildings, and into health care, and our elders. Also ventilations in our schools🤷‍♀️

  5. Damn monster!!! He needs to be kicked out ASAP! stick him and klas slob and the other creeps in one of them and feed them bugs from the dam bug farms they think will feed us instead of the meat we are used to!!! The globalists have to be stopped before the world is destroyed!

  6. Jackal Trudeau has become a predatory dictator sending out pogroms and now setting up concentration camps for the forced deaths of dissidents and Christians.


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