Trudeau Govt Quietly EXPANDING Third World “Demographic Assault” To Rural Canada

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In November, 2019 the Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot (RNIP) was introduced by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) opening a path for permanent residence for applicants willing to settle permanently in smaller, northern communities across Canada. 

The goal of the RNIP is to encourage economic immigration to Canada’s smaller communities by creating a path to permanent residence for foreign workers who intend to reside in these communities and who might otherwise not be able to qualify for Canada’s other economic immigration programs.

The communities that are registered with the RNIP are as follows:

• North Bay, Ontario
• Sudbury, Ontario
• Timmins, Ontario
• Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario
• Thunder Bay, Ontario
• Brandon, Manitoba
• Altona/Rhineland, Manitoba
• Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan
• Claresholm, Alberta
• Vernon, British Columbia
• West Kootenay (Trail, Castlegar, Rossland, Nelson) British Columbia.

As Canada’s “King of Kings” Justin Trudeau often expresses, there are a variety of ways to interpret political decision-making. One person may see this development as positive, and another may feel the exact opposite.

Any informed Canadian knows of government’s approach to issues of this nature. It is good for the “local economy.” It brings precious “diversity” to hum-drum rural Canadian towns, and the rest of the Liberal-Globalist propaganda.

As it happens, Cultural Action Party of Canada focus upon culture, particularly in relation to our dying “Old Stock” Canadian identity relative to the massive growth of Third World Canada— economically, socially and politically.

One school of thought– ours— informs that part of the goal of mass immigration under the guise of economic need is really an agenda of demographic assault. To confirm, one simply needs to take a stroll through the main streets of Brampton or Markham, Ontario, or Richmond and Surrey, B.C.

There you will discover that it is not Sikh Canadians, or Chinese-Canadians which qualify as minority communities– it is  Anglophone-Canadians who qualify as such.

Now, the Trudeau government have passed legislation to replicate this social development within small town, rural Canada. What did CAP say about this in the past? Here’s a refresher–if Justin Trudeau wins a second term as PM, he will expand the demographic experiment throughout all of Canada.

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No surprise–this is exactly what he is doing. Now, for the Salient CAP Question Of The Week:

Where does it end?  In all fairness, this has to be the most pertinent question never once posited within the entire spectrum of modern Canadian society–the very reason why CBC, Globe & Mail and the rest never present it.

Therefore, CAP will do so right now: The answer is that it doesn’t end, it never will end, and the Liberal government of Canada have no plans for it to ever end.

What does this mean for the future of Canada? How about the concept that within 100 years there will not be a single Canadian riding which is majority Old Stock Canada?

This, in CAP’s mind, is the ultimate goal–the hi-jacking away of our nation from the descendants of those who founded Canada– Anglophone, Francophone and Christian Canadians

Enter the leader of our nation, Justin Trudeau. Has Mr. Trudeau, in “Superman-like” fashion, come to the rescue of Old Stock Canada regarding this ominous fate?

Oh, for certain–on a cold mid-afternoon in Tripoli, Libya. In truth, Justin Trudeau is Canada’s leading advocate for the dissolution of 153 years of Canadian identity, to be replaced with his post-modern globalist identity.

Fellow Canadian patriots–our people are under assault by the government of Canada. Ever notice how Anglophones have trans-sitioned to Canada’s “silent” community? Never referenced by government, never acknowledged by media– a veritable “invisible community” within King Justin’s “No Core Identity” Canada.

Know what this means for CAP? We shall inform: trouble, and plenty of it. Is it not a fact that ,historically speaking, it is generally silent, un-mentioned communities which are oppressed by government? Damn straight it is–and this is what has trans-pired in Canada since Justin Trudeau became PM of our nation.

There are 338 political ridings within our nation. Approximately 30-40 are today minority white ridings.  Let’s try to think long-term here– something CBC and the rest never do in terms of immigration and multiculturalism. It’s almost as if government/media are intentionally hiding our fate from our people.

CAP Opinion: Government and media are intentionally hiding our fate from our people. The nascent rural pilot program of 2019 targets eleven rural Canadian towns.

What happens next?  The rural pilot program of 2021 focuses on 30 towns, the 2023 program targets 65 towns, and on and on. The outcome is simple–a replication over time of the minority status condition for white Canadians in Brampton and Richmond.

See how the globalist gang roll? CAP certainly do–and millions of Canadians would also understand this– if media chose to project into the future regarding demography in Canada.

They don’t, they won’t and never will. There’s you true post-modern nation for you– a perfect euphemism for a “post- English Canada” if there ever was one.

Founder, Pierre Trudeau, non-Anglophone. Facilitator, Justin Trudeau, non-Anglophone.





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