Trudeau Govt DEMANDS Google Censor Exposure Of SNC-Lavalin Scandal

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Trudeau sent Minister Karina Gould to THREATEN Google into doing the government’s bidding in the upcoming election. It was, of course, under the guise of preventing foreign interference, but it also had to do with what the government sees as “TOXIC RHETORIC.”



9 thoughts on “Trudeau Govt DEMANDS Google Censor Exposure Of SNC-Lavalin Scandal”

  1. If the liberals said” they did nothing wrong”, why then are they shutting down ‘free speech’ and Facebook and other social media?
    If Google follows the orders of ONE man Justin Trudeau, then they will LOSE customers and memberships and there aplenty out there who will do it.
    If reporters, media outlets want to cower under pressure because Justin Trudeau tells them to do, so be it. We, who don’t follow the whims of Trudeau, will continue to get our message out one way or another.

  2. If you have done nothing wrong in SNC Lavalin or the Mark Norman trial charges, why are you having social media and google censored???? You are a brain dead imbecile, and you need to resign, so we can get an adult in that PM position, and save our Canada. If you don’t we will have the pleasure to see you voted out on your ass come Oct., so stock up on crying towels, you useless POS

  3. Why do media cave for Trudeau? We will find other ways to express how we feel , all political views are allowed in a democracy, i do not want to live in a Trudeau dictatorship…interfering in media is a good step in that direction…but the truth comes out in the end … SNC Lavalin, Admiral Norman, are prime examples


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