Trudeau Govt Pushing BOTH 3rd World Immigration Program AND Abortion For Rural Canada

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CBC, CTV, Globe & Mail  have informed Canadians that the Trudeau government– along with the leftist NDP Party– are advancing abortion-on-demand and assisted suicide on a regular basis.

Fair to say these two social issues are a matter of “life and death.” Therefore, Canadian should have the right to ask and receive an answer from the Liberals regarding a basic question:

Who is on the receiving end of some 90,000 abortions per year in Canada--as well as those terminated under Trudeau’s assisted dying legislation? Answer–total silence from government and media.

NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh is calling on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to act immediately to withhold cash transfers to New Brunswick until the province provides funding for out-of-hospital abortion services.”

CAP Interpretation: NDP leader, Jagmeet Singh,a Sikh-Canadian,wants immediate action on mass abortion in New Brunswick. Here’s a question media will never posit–what percentage of New Brunswick’s population is Sikh?

Answer: We don’t know–but it’s darn small– meaning something in the area of 95% of residents of NB are either Anglophone or Francophone.

Then, a Sikh fundamentalist demands institutional abortion on demand for these Canadians. A bit “fishy,” no?  Even worse– Mr. Singh is speaking into the ear of the greatest abortion-pusher in modern Canadian history– our current prime minister, Justin Trudeau.

Irrefutable Fact: Justin Trudeau, Jagmeet Singh, our Liberal government and NDP party are all on a mission to establish mass abortion practices in small town Canada–meaning(for the present)– Anglophone and Francophone Canada.

Now, let us contrast this with Trudeau’s “hot off the press”(not–they have said little to nothing) proclamation that small town Canada is about to be flooded with Third World immigrants in the name of Somalian MP Ahmed Hussen’s “Rural Immigration Pilot Program.”

CAP Confession: We were never very good at math while at school. Yet, one thing we did accomplish is an ability to add up 2 + 2.  When doing this, we conclude that mass abortion in New Brunswick and throughout small town, rural Canada plus a massive migration program is a punitive measure agaimst Old Stock, Anglophone Canada.

As mentioned previously, CAP has a piece of advice for Jagmeet Singh: If you want to push mass abortion on an identifiable Canadian community, then do it in BRAMPTON, Ontario, where your people dominate in demographic terms.

Yet, the “funny thing” about all this is that more than likely, Jagmeet Singh wouldn’t even know what we are talking about. Such is the ubiquitous lack of awareness surrounding the plight of Anglophone Canada at the hands of demographic destroyers like Singh and Trudeau.

Any Canadian patriots surprised about this? Well, you shouldn’t be. After all, this dynamic is the “Greatest Story Never Told” within Justin Trudeau’s ” post-modern” Canada.

CBC don’t tell it. Nor do CTV, Globe & Mail, Toronto Star, or National Post.  How odd. Is this demographic trans-sition really as benign as all this?

Yes and no. “Yes” for Trudeau, Morneau, Liberals, Diversity- mongers, multicult-pushers, Immigration lawyers, NDP, CBC, Canadian academia and of course, Canadian media in general.

“No” for Canadian patriots, nationalists social conservatives, non-snowflake Anglophones, Christians, and common sense Canadians.

BURIED BY MEDIA: “The Liberal Government Of Canada STANDS WITH YOU”– Chrystia Freeland To Global Islamic Cooperation Council

CAP Power Scorecard 2019:

Trudeau, Morneau, Liberals, Diversity- mongers, multicult-pushers, Immigration lawyers, NDP, CBC, Canadian academia and of course, Canadian media in general– 100%

Canadian patriots, nationalists, social conservatives, non-snowflake Anglophones, Christians,common sense Canadians, and the Canadian majority–  0%.

And here some people laughingly still refer to Canada as a “democracy.”

Do you know what Canada really is under the iron-clad grip of the “Globalists–Featuring Political Puppet, Justin Trudeau?”

A social experiment. Not a nation, not a democracy, or any other traditional definition of a “country.” Rather, Canada is being completely re-defined as we speak.

In war, in battle and other forms of human confrontation, the outcome resides in a “winner versus loser” dynamic. Please do tell– exactly which parties are the winners and losers within a society that pushes mass destruction of home-grown, local babies, while importing millions of 3rd world families with lots and lots of babies?

Media say nothing. Total silence from CBC. Complete obfuscation from Globe & Mail.

Ah, yes–the great social experiment of our time–the rise of Globalist, 3rd World, non-democratic Canada, and the corresponding demise of Old Stock Canada.

Paranoid much, CAP? Yes, indeed we are. What we see by way of a pro-immigration, pro- Old Stock abortion dynamic is pure trouble for our people. Naturally, it doesn’t stop here.

Euthanasia, as well as transgenderism, also play into the demographic assault. What, pray-tell, is Justin Trudeau’s approach to these social policies? Simple–he has backed both of them to the hilt.

Let’s be realistic here– which Canadian communities most indulge in abortion? Islamic Canada? Not a chance. How about euthanasia? Not 3rd world Canada– their median age is far lower than that of Anglophone Canada. Sikh Transgenderism? Not exactly “high on the charts” is it?

See how ALL points lead to the decimation of traditional, Old School Canada? CAP do. And perhaps 5% of Canadians as well. This leaves 95% of Canadians who are missing the boat on this nefarious globalist social experiment–courtesy of the very white Canadian media.









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