Trudeau Govt Provide ONE BILLION Tax Dollars To Top Christian-Persecuting Nations Of The World

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Which countries are found on the Open Doors Canada’s list of the top Christian-persecuting nations in the world?

Here are a few leaders:

#2-Afghanistan: Afghan citizens are not allowed to become Christians, and both their communities and families put them under immense pressure to ensure they don’t convert. Leaving Islam to become a Christian is seen as a betrayal and brings shame to Muslim families. Relatives will do everything they can to bring converts back to Islam, including acts of violence.

Trudeau Government tax-payer fund transfer to Afghanistan: According to Canadian International Development Platform: $254 Million in 2018 alone.

#3- Somalia: There is no safe place in Somalia for Christians. Church life is very restricted and believers have to practice their faith in secret. The Christian community is small and violently attacked on a regular basis.

Trudeau Government tax-payer fund transfer to Somalia in 2018:  $43 Million Dollars.

CAP Side Note: Justin Trudeau appointed Somalian Refugee MP Ahmed Hussen as Immigration Minister in 2016. Mr. Hussen labelled Old Stock Canadians who questioned his migration policies as “racists.” Now, consider this in the light of the situation for Christians in his precious backwash of a home-nation.

#5- Pakistan:Pakistan remains one of the most violent countries in the world for Christians.  Christians are treated like second-class citizens and often remain impoverished due to discrimination in the workplace.

Trudeau Government tax-payer fund transfer to Pakistan in 2018: $71 Million Dollars.

At least least a dozen other fundamentalist Middle Eastern nations who maintain government policies of systematic persecution of Christians are also on the Open Doors Canada list.

CAP Conclusion: The government of Justin Trudeau, with its Middle Eastern-infused political sensibilities, are handing billions of Canadian tax dollars to the most anti-Christian nations on earth.

Extent to which CBC, CTV, Globe & Mail and Toronto Star have exposed this incredible injustice? Zero percent.

Why? CAP really want to understand this in clear, direct terms. Why would a western democracy which espouses Western European-derived human rights legislation send billions to anti-western, anti-democratic, Christian-persecuting nations?

What a GIANT question! What incredible silence from CBC and the rest. Is the CEO of CBC an immigrant from the Middle East? Is the Board of Directors of TorStar  a gang of migrants from Malaysia? Not quite, eh?

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So what’s wrong with Canada? How did this icy, cold weather-laden “Great White North” end up a Middle Eastern-friendly, Islamic-supporting pseudo-socialist, Christian-hating nation?

Truthfully, it’s a long story, and one CAP has indulged in describing ad nauseum. Yet, this incredible social injustice continues to nag. One thing we will state with full confidence is the following:

The catalyst for the eventual demise of English Canada is former Liberal Prime Minister, Pierre Trudeau. The individual most responsible for the contemporary assault upon Old Stock Canada is current PM, Justin Trudeau.

#11 On The “We Hate Christians” Chart: Syria.  Dollar amount trans-fered from Liberal government to Syria: $124 Million Dollars in 2018. Joy to the world, eh? Isn’t this a blast?

Media say nothing. CAP has followed these issues for 30 years. We cannot recall a single article exposing any aspect of the Canadian government’s “Cash Transfer To Christian-Hating Nations of the Middle East Program.”

Canada–you have been duped. Just imagine–instead of a billion bucks beig handed to Syria, Somalia, Iran, Jordan, Afghanistan and Iraq, said billion went toward domestic economic growth in Canada.

How many years would it take before Canada was an absolute power house on the world stage? What of government would have taken the approximate 10 Billion Dollars handed to the Middle East over  past decades, and put it into infrastructure and resource development in Canada? Would our nation not become one of the greatest success stories of modern political and social history?

Instead, PM’s like Justin Trudeau give the money to nations who hate the religion of the Canadian majority. It’s down-right sick when you think about it.

So what to do? Simple as pie– do not think about it at all. Enter mainstream media–stage right. Has CBC, Globe & Mail and the rest not been wholly successful in hiding these realities from 37.5 million Canadian citizens?

Damn straight they have. When media work for government, communism is “in the house.”

This is the true story of the degeneration of Canadian society, values, identity and heritage by way of the Trudeau Political Dynasty of Canada.

Founder, Pierre Trudeau. Facilitator, Justin Trudeau.









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  1. The two faced pos isn’t worth the time of day one minute he is telling what great Canadians we are the next minute hes telling that the murdering thugs,the criminals he has allowed in and Quebec are better than the wasp .but as my dad use say the best thing to come out of Quebec was a EMPTY freight train and from what I’ve seen from the POLITICIANS that come out of there anything is better than them

  2. This is the most APPALLING thing I’ve heard yet…Trudeau should definitely be charged with Treason…he doesn’t care at all about Canada.

  3. What if that money never left Canada but went to all the immigration centres for the foreigners flooding into Canada. How do they buy massively over-priced homes, new vehicles, buying up businesses and on & on & on. Where are these supposed hardship foreigners getting the money. Would bet it is from trudeau govt.


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