Trudeau Govt Promoting Voter Fraud For 2019 Federal Election

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Being able to vote with a simple Elections Canada card could allow countless non-citizens – including asylum seekers, illegal border crossers and those whose refugee applications have been rejected – to vote in the next election.


11 thoughts on “Trudeau Govt Promoting Voter Fraud For 2019 Federal Election”

  1. This is an utter disgrace that they are even able to change these laws! As an immigrant myself I absolutely love this Country and I proudly vote! I had too wait until I had my citizenship to do so and I have since then.
    This government is so corrupted and ignorant to its own people, very sad days ahead.

  2. This Liberal party is so corrupt on everything they do we sure don’t need them getting voted back in. Still cannot believe that there are still some people supporting them while they will wake up when it is to late and live under a dictator and Shari laws the way things are going.

  3. Make it mandatory to prove citizenship at polling stations! Too many non citizens safe getting voting cards without registering!!

  4. Birth Certificate, Citizenship Card, Passport, ect! It’s that simple! No proper I.D, no vote! If I have to show I.D. in my Municipal Election, I sure as hell should have to show it to vote in a Federal Election! Scrutineers…that’s your job!

  5. its been like this for years hasn’t changed just a lot worse since Trudeau got into office just hope that people are smart enough not to vote him in again


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