Trudeau Govt Process Highest Number Of Refugee Claims In History

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A backlog of “legacy” refugee claims filed by applicants who have been waiting over seven years to find out if they can remain in Canada will soon be cleared, as Ottawa now turns its attention to an EVEN BIGGER backlog of fresh asylum claims.

The old list of stagnating cases one point stood at 32,000 claims and Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen was eager to shine a spotlight this week on his government’s successful efforts at cutting it to ALMOST NOTHING.

Yes, Mr. Hussen is happy with his ability to fill Canada with poor, uneducated and largely unemployable Third World refugees. After all, he was once one himself. Now, after Justin Trudeau placed him in charge or immigration and refugee intake, he can fulfill his personal mission of filling Canada with as many of his co-regionalists as  possible.

And the way he speaks of doing so–like its some kind of GIANT achievement  in the interest of all Canadians. It isn’t. Polls show Canadians have soured on both refugee and general immigration intake. Does this matter to Hussen? Of course not. He and boss-man Justin Trudeau have an agenda, and nothing within it contains a benefit for existing Canadian citizens. Certainly not for any long term Canadian-born citizen.

For Trudeau and Hussen, Canada now exists for the PURPOSE of accommodating Third World migrants. For these two, there is no Canadian heritage or identity to be maintained. Mounties,Hockey Night In Canada, Maple Syrup, Tim Horton’s donuts–this is not Hussen’s Canada. Speaking of hockey, Mr. Hussen attended an Ottawa Senators hockey game to promote Third World migration to Canada. The crowd was typically white. Ahmed looked as if he was ready to throw up. His discomfort was palpable. Why? Because, at least in CAP’s opinion, he does not like caucasian people.

So it’s open-door time for Third World refugees. Our government understand that new Canadians tend to vote for the party in power at the time they entered the country. So do their families, and indeed entire communities.

This is why Hussen adores importing these folks. Legal or illegal makes no difference. He wants ALL OF THEM. After all, the faster he imports them, the sooner Anglophones transition to a minority community.  This indeed is the ultimate goal.


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  1. God he makes me sick and so does this Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen. Like grow up and please stop running Canada like a person play ground.


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