Trudeau Govt Process ALL FOREIGN WORKER APPLICATIONS Amid Covid Pandemic

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“Canada is continuing to process applications for all Temporary Foreign Worker Program streams.”

So announces Liberal Government propaganda outlet, Canadian Immigration Newsletter.

Hands up, Canadians who first learned about this from Globe & Mail, or any other mainstream media publication? Okay, that makes all ten of us. In the meantime, Justin Trudeau and Co. continue to deviate from what both government and media recently announced:

“Immigration is on hold in Canada, for the time being, due to the COVID-19 outbreak.”

“A federal government official confirms the immigration program is suspended while travel restrictions remain in place, but some wonder whether we might need to keep the program on pause a little longer.”

Now, fellow patriots, for CAP’s interpretation of the globalist liberal come-back – these are not immigrants, they are “foreign workers.”

Bollocks to that. Any astute Canadian understands that the Foreign Worker Program is a precursor to becoming a citizen of Canada.

Did you know that  recently 75 foreign workers have been impacted by an outbreak at Bylands Nurseries in Kelowna, B.C.,including 63 migrant workers and 12 local workers, according to health officials.

This case only refers to a single Canadian town. Hard to doubt there is serious replication throughout Canada in this regard. Therefore, Trudeau, Marco Mendicino and  refugee-hustler MP Ahmed Hussen have had a choice to make:

Jeopardize the health of Canadian citizens, or continue to play the “Great Globalist Assault” upon 37.7 Million Canadians citizens. To think these cultural assassins would choose anything but the latter is pure folly.

Government/Media Rationalization:  “There’s no large families in rural areas with eight and 10 children, so there’s nobody filling in for the workers that have been there for some time, so our dependence on bringing in foreign workers is greater,” Amirault said.

Right– Old Stock Canadians cannot possibly afford large families of this nature. Justin Trudeau’s tax grabbing of billions to send to Africa and Middle East ensures this will never occur.

So where do we find these “precious” 8-10 person families? Try Somalia–homeland of MP Ahmed Hussen. Are you aware? While this Hussen character held the immigration minister portfolio, he travelled back and forth to Africa 24 times. During these “hidden vacations” Hussen set up economic, cultural and migration ties with Canada. Media said nothing of the sort.

See how they run! Government and media in collusion– straight up.

“In 2017, according to standardized OECD data, around 214 000 temporary labour migrants entered Canada for work purposes, a number that the Trudeau government raised by up to 50% in subsequent years.”

CAP Synopsis: While PM Trudeau and media slaves lie to Canadians regarding a full-scale block on immigration to Canada, the doors remain open in many respects.

HIDDEN BY MEDIA: Trudeau EXEMPTS China, Iran Nationals From Covid-19 HEALTH SCREENING

“Specific measures have been set out by Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada(IRCC) to address situations where the applicant is a citizen or resident of China, Iran or South Korea, and where the applicant is affected by service disruptions or travel restrictions related to COVID-19.”

In other words, Trudeau and Company have exempted China and Iran from Coronavirus testing when attempting to migrate to Canada. Thriller, eh?

Salient Question: Why would Justin Trudeau exempt the two nations of the world which have the most cases of Covid-19 on the planet?

Absurdist Response: Because they are Liberal government of Canada, and they work for China and Iran.

What does all this migration and Covid malarky say to the people of Canada? Not a heck of a lot, actually. Fact is, 90% of Canadians are unaware that Trudeau and his motley globalist-third world agenda are circumventing the media-trumpeted block on immigration to Canada.

BREAKING ON CAP: Bankrupting A Democracy: Trudeau Delivers 700% INCREASE IN DEFICIT Over 2019

And now for the “bad news”— they will never stop behaving in this manner. Think about it–if the greatest biological pandemic in modern history will not stop Trudeau-brand “Open Border Society,’ what will?

Quick Answer: Nothing. In other words, within “post-modern” Canada, what we have is not so much a western democracy as it is a “socialist experiment.”

On this basis, CAP predict democracy in Canada will die by the year 2040. As it happens, the death of our system of governance began with ex-Liberal Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau.

The demise of free and democratic Canada is being handled by spawn Justin Trudeau. CBC say nothing. Not a single allusion to any element of what is being outlined within this article.

CAP’s  Signs Of A Nascent Communist Canada:

— Government and media function as a single entity– communism

— Government ignore ALL public will, and will of the majority–communism.

— Government work a program of social engineering— immigration, refugee, foreign worker, foreign student, provincial nominee programs– communism again.

— Government prioritize specific segment of the population– Islam, Sikhism, LGBT, Transgender.

–Government demonize a specific segment of society, Anglophone Canadiansfascism, communism.

— Government instil an “open border” society-– illegal refugees come on down!

Now, are you telling CAP that the publishers, editors and writers from CBC, Globe & Mail and Toronto Star lack the erudition to comprehend such sublime concepts?

Of course they don’t! Rather–they do what they are told-– just as media do in the Trudeau hero nations of China and Cuba.

Anyone want to buy a dying democracy? Yes, they do–and they are all from “out-of-town”–so to speak.












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  1. Stop all emigration. There are thousands of Canadian citizens, people who have been here for many years, citizens who have lost jobs due to industry changes, are graduating from secondary education or High School that need to get employment. Let’s look after these people first. Tax dollars from their families have supported the government for all its years, it is time to look after our own.


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