Trudeau Govt Planning To Replicate Carbon Tax With Plastic Tax

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It hasn’t been a month since Ottawa imposed its hated carbon tax on our nation and lo and behold, it already has another new tax on the table. Ottawa thinks it’s a problem that new plastics are less expensive than old plastics. Their intended solution is to create a plastic tax to make products more expensive.

Following the same logic as carbon taxes, the higher the tax, the greater the behavioural response, meaning that if the government is truly keen on significantly upping recycling rates, it would have to mean a fairly hefty tax. That could end up costing Canadians BILLIONS.

Is the vehemence the Trudeau government place upon saving our environment legitimate? Or rather, is it a blood-sucking taxation method designed to bring in billions for government to do with as they please. And as Canadians have witnessed since the day Justin Trudeau became prime minister, what he does with our money has little if anything to do with the desires of the Canadian people. No prime minister IN HISTORY has funnelled as much tax dollars to foreign nations than Justin Trudeau– over one billion per year to Islamic nations alone.

After the implementation of the carbon tax, a sensible Canadian would think King Justin would give it a rest. Not a chance. It is worthwhile to note a  profound conclusion regarding our PM–one which establishment media never do. No matter what the issue, whether or not the public want such a thing, Justin Trudeau continues along with the same immutable agenda.

Bleeding Canadians dry through taxation. Allegiance to the will of the United Nations. Billions sent to African and Islamic nations. Citizenship for terrorists. Immigration quota increases. Illegal refugee intake. Is this supposed to be some kind of coincidence? The job description for Canadian government is to work for the benefit of Canadians based upon what the majority want for their nation. This is axiomatic within western liberal democracies.

But Justin Trudeau DOES NOT DO IT. Equally as frustrating is that the Canadian media–CBC, Toronto Star, Global News, CTV et al– never mention these circumstances in any manner. Never once has our establishment media pointed out that many government major decisions– including decisions which fundamentally impact our society as a whole– go AGAINST THE GRAIN of what Canadians want for the future of their country.

Democracy at play? No frackin’ way.  The government of Justin Trudeau is a pseudo-democratic institution.  In the past three-plus years Canadians have had ONE DAY of democracy–voting day in October of 2015. Beyond this, it has been despot central, as Justin Trudeau emulates the leadership style of the true political love of the Trudeau family–communism dressed up as liberalism.



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