Trudeau Govt Permit Returning ISIS Terrorists To Go Free In Canada

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According to terrorism researcher Prof. Amarnath Amarasingam, only FOUR of the at least 19 Canadians he has identified as having returned from Syria and Iraq have been charged. Five others were subjected to terrorism peace bonds that have NOW EXPIRED.


11 thoughts on “Trudeau Govt Permit Returning ISIS Terrorists To Go Free In Canada”

  1. What can one say Trudope is attempting to bring Canada to its knees. He should be tried for treason if that is possible. I’ll file the complaint

  2. TRUDEAU is not supporting Canadian citizens he is supporting ISLAMIC integration. He believes the lies. The lies are supported by Mosques being built, terrorist activities, integration of terrorists in Canada, proposals and demands to change the laws to suit ISLAM, belief in Sharia Law, disruptions of everyone to hold their religious ceremonies, IMAM who hold public meetings to advise other ISLAMIC believers to murder the Christians and Jews (if they murder in other countries why would they be any different in Canada), every excuse is used to cry for help to obtain foreign aid, and there is no end to the Lies AND conniving of the people TRUDEAU is supportive of.

  3. I truly believe that Trudum paid money to, and gave freedom to these muslim imports by getting they’re families that were here already to vote for him. Lets have the voting records checked shall we?????? This moron is selling us out big time. I don’t want all these imports running our country….what is wrong with people? Why hasn’t he been shot already? I’m surprised that he hasn’t….

  4. What an asshole we have for a Prime Minister. He is lucky that most Canadians are sheep or else there would have been a rebellion against him

  5. As your virtual Prime Minister For 2019 😀 I will open a indefinite 2500 person Super-max detention facility within my 1st term for known terrorists & extremists of Canadian origin captured or surrendered on foreign or domestic soil for indefinite-detention on the Island of ***Saint Pierre and Miquelon***


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