Trudeau Govt Permit 2.8 Million Non-Residents To Vote in 2019

In the Canadian system, we elect local representatives to take our issues to Parliament. How connected will someone be with local or regional issues after BEING OUT OF THE COUNTRY FOR DECADES.

48 thoughts on “Trudeau Govt Permit 2.8 Million Non-Residents To Vote in 2019

  1. Justin Trudeau waved the two year waiting period to vote, He is buying votes as historical immigrants / Refugees 73% will vote for the party in power when they entered. This is nothing but Vote buying and everyone can see what it truly represents. Not to mention Canadian Taxpayer are footing the costs to have the Trudeau Irregulars here for the October 21, 2019 Federal Vote How low does a politician get before he disappears under a rock.

    1. There is no limit to the lowness. Trudeau is a globalist destroyer. Like Macron and Merkel, there is no limit to the degree they will destroy their own nations.

    2. The illegals are Justin way to be re-elected and he will use them whichever way he wants to maintain his position in gov as you already are aware of the way he controls the media with bribe money on condition that they promote and protect jihadi Justin.
      Here’s where the reporters are so dam stupid at. Justin is taking their own money to return to them on a conditional note ‘that they have to keep quiet.’ What dumb asses. Now if Justin took money from his inheritance to ‘bribe’ the reporters, I can understand them crawling and doing his dirty work for him. BUT THEY ARE NOT. IT’S THEIR OWN DAM MONEY THAT THEY ARE BRIBING THEMSELVES WITH. WHAT A BUNCH OF MORONS.

      Once reporters cater to Traitor Justin’s destruction of Canada, there’s no way out for them unless they see the light and take matters into their hands and ‘EXPOSE TRAITOR JUSTIN TO THE PUBLIC.’

      1. Jen…as for anyone you’re calling “dam” stupid….the correct spelling is D-A-M-N. “Dam” (s) are what hold water….as does your post….regardless of the spelling errors. Trudeau is fakked and needs to be voted out. Sad thing is there are no viable parties or party leaders in Canada to run against him. We’re in trouble.

        1. Any party is better than his party, even a party that can’t spell, least anyone else can talk correctly or give an answer to a question for that matter….

        2. John ‘fakked’ is actually spelt Fucked, but besides your spelling errors you are right, Canada is in trouble having Justin as Prime Minister.

    3. he’s only letting non-resident citizens vote, these are not immigrants or new residents, they are in fact the opposite, citizens who have left the country. Up until last election, non-residents could vote if they left within 5 years. Now, any non-resident will be able to vote. But they still have to be citizens.

      1. I figure this is just what other countries have been doing for years (my brother in laws wife is an American citizen, hasn’t lived there for over 35 years and still votes in their elections). Thanks for clarifying this for those that don’t read the bill, or do any research.

        Oh, and who is to say any of the 2.8 million expats will vote Liberal in the first place.

        1. No one has claimed expats will “all vote Liberal.” What CAP said is that the Liberals have the data to prove the MAJORITY of expats vote Liberal–otherwise they would have never made the change.

    4. Trudeau has never received my vote! There is more then that is this country if he gets in I think this country will actually see dooms day as he will bankrupt this country. He already off to a GREAT START.

    5. I Knew All along That this was his Plan Of Action ,I Kept Saying Over and over We cant wait Till October 2019 To Have Him Charged With His Treason To Over Throw Canada !

    6. As a Landed Immigrant, I was told I do not have the right to vote. Apparently I couldn’t also campaign for anybody nor distribute campaign materials. Neither are refugees. Only Canadian citizens can vote. The requirement has changed?

  2. Canadian expatriates will not vote for Trudeau
    We hate what he’s doing to Canada too
    We still are proud to say we are Canadian
    He’s destroying that pride

  3. Well how is that fair as it took me 18 years to vote in canada. But someone can cross the border and vote. That’s not fair by any means.

    1. Justin Trudeau is not interested in fair, he is interested in destroying English Canada and so is his Somalian immigration minister.

    2. I paid taxes and lived in Canada for forty years and now that I choose to live elsewhere you don’t think zi should be able to vote? Who the F do you think you are?

  4. this is stupid he should not be able to keep getting away with these dummy moves to ruin Canada. He is unfit and to stupid to be the prime minister of Canada. He needs to be charged with treason and given the sentence that comes along with it to the maximum penalty !!!!!

  5. Happy New Year! Start it off right! Over the Holidays, more than TEN THOUSAND CANADIANS spoke out about how we feel about the Trudeau Government. Help us spread the word far and wide …Canadians have NO CONFIDENCE in Justin Trudeau. We want him to step down…as Prime Minister AND as Liberal Leader. We want the Governor General to dissolve Parliament and call an early election. I started this petition a couple weeks ago. My goal was to create a way for Canadians to say how we feel without the message being corrupted or twisted into something it is not. Add your voice to OVER TEN THOUSAND CANADIAN VOICES… Tell Trudeau it’s time to go!
    I started this petition a couple weeks ago. My goal was to create a way for Canadians to say how we feel without the message being corrupted or twisted into something it is not. Add your voice to OVER TEN THOUSAND CANADIAN VOICES… Tell Trudeau it’s time to go!

  6. This man is destroying Canada. He let islamic extremists back into the country setting them up well of. His friendship with the Saudi countries resulted cheap oil to be used in Canada vs the local oil. He is killing an entire nation now by eliminating the oil industry, people are poor! Full of debt! They live from paycheck to paycheck! Some are forced to poach to feed their family. This is outrageous what is happening! He builds a 500 million dollar private house .. how can a person representing a country afford that? On the back of millions and millions of people?! He gives away Canadian dollars when his own people are not taken care of. He sold off free press, taking away free Canadian voices. He tramples on the freedom and wealth of the country. There should be an angry mob out there, demanding the departure of this person immediately!! Before it’s too late! He should leave the country with all his wealth stripped off, his citizenship stripped off for what he did and still doing to this country, it’s treason!

    1. Mia cooper, well said! We all need to do something to get him out of parliament. Everyone needs to sign petitions! Speak up people. I am going to sign one. We can not let him in again, as he has done MEGA Damage! Truedumb go live with the country that you love better then Canada!!! Us Canadians are really suffering and should NOT HAVE to because of very bad decisions that are killing our country!

      1. I have signed every petition that has shown up on Facebook. He has to be gone I thought Canadians would fight harder for Canada Do they not understand what is going on .He is a traitor and getting away with it

  7. This should be an exciting day for the poll clerks. Maybe each one of those millions of
    Illegals will get to vote three or four times. That’s what Liberals call “nation building”.
    More than 350,000$ Per to service each ISIS scumbag returnee, and not enough pension for real soldiers who put their worthwhile lives on the line.

  8. I have no idea how this would work but the question I have is –
    Could this move by Trudope and the liberals not be challenged in the courts?
    I would think that at the very least if there was a challenge it may delay the ability for these 2.8 million non-residents to vote in the federal election coming up in October.

  9. Fuvk off pipeline no jobs = no taxes ..didnt u pass math.. omg you disgust buying votes. Give 2.8 for water in Africa.. not fucking votes you moron.
    Hope u g0 to hrll

    1. 2.8 for water in Africa but we still have people here with no decent water to drink.i guess it’s just like no money for the vets but lots for other countries. What scum bag

      1. Justin works for Africa, United Nations, Islam, Saudi Arabia, George Soros and NOT Canada. This is the reality media REFUSE to tell to the people of Canada

  10. Omg..he buying votes..give 2.8 million for clean water to kids in Africa you selfish learn from Wynn? Pass math? No pipeline no jobs=0tax+moneygrab car on tac you trying to sell = get the f out now..kaboom. destroyed Canada uou dirty effin badt. Rot in xxxx

  11. Sadly, many of the comments here indicate that their authors cannot differentiate between immigrant and expatriate. Possibly you could include a note at the bottom of the picture that would explain the difference or alternatively a link to an online dictionary so the aforementioned correspondents could offer up some comments that contain a glimmer of comprehension.

  12. How is this even legal?! This present government, namely JT himself, is allowing this to ensure being voted back into power in the next election. Such a crooked Liberal government! He has sold out Canada and all legitimate voting Canadian citizens for his own personal gain.

  13. Dear Justin
    Do you like Canadians? Do you love your Country?
    Do you see how many canadians are working multiple jobs? Do you see our homeless? Do you see the gang activity increasing? Do you see how many Canadians lost their jobs?
    Can you see our homeless military? Do you hear their cries for help? Do you see the opioid epidemic?
    Do you see the wind turbines working? Do you know Germany is taking them out cause they don”t work?

    How many canadians have to cry to you? We need you to do something about the housing? How many people are buying houses that are not worth it? How many women have to give up their jobs. Day Care is not affordable or the hours don’t fit.

    I will tell you Canadians are sick of you supporting terrorists! There sick of you raising taxes. The money is lined in other countries pockets! Why? Did the people who elected you trust you? I did not vote for you. I found you unworthy to be a PM. I find you uneducated in finances. Dishonedt to a T. What politican is, honest?
    Do you think you conduct yourself in a professional manner? Do you think our world one and world war 2 veterans are happy. Hell no! Their rolling over, because of you! The parents of the soilders who had to hold funerals are furious with you!! They know they died with purpose and grace! But the question remains do you? This year an injured veteran asked you for help? Asked for his fellow members to get help too!! You questioned our militarys worth? They asked you for help.. You said they were asking for too much!!! But had no problem giving ten million to a terrorist! Our soilders are asking for too much? Or were we expecting too much from you! We were expecting you to run a Country and support our troops. Who sacrafice their life for us and for you. But we must remember they ask for too much. Then I just question your citizenship and your loyality to this Country!

    Canadians want to know if you actually stand behind our troops and do you live for the Country you run?

    Your actions tell us No! You speak without thinking, you are the worst PM canada has ever had. With our future being bleak, You will not be taught about in history. But Promise you will make it into economic classes! Only as a what not to do! You failed this Country!

    I never understood how ppl found you fit. You pulled a stunt on Patrick Brown. He was innocent. He is doing a marvelous job. He would have done one better by running Canada.

    You talk a poor game, you run a country into the ground. Leave your citizens behind. You tell a veteran they ask for too much.

    Now another terrosist is asking for 33 million.

    I want to know what you will do? You do realize that american and Canadian soliders have to work together at times. Kadar killed a US solider. He made a wife a widow, Child fatherless. Now you are granting him to talk to his sister. She has terrorist ties?Are you kidding me? The guy with the gernade wants same conditions. Do it once you’ll be doing it for the rest!

    Its multipication it will only gets worse. You should have chatted with the soilders before communicating with the terrorists.

    As for the dying with dignity step on it already. Make it for all ages. My body
    my choice. Those who support a womens right should support everyones right. People can advocate for themselves.

    A promise made from you is a promise you will break. A promise broken from you will never be just words. It some how always seems to cost us a lot more. This time our Country is riding on thin ice.

    Here is a little math lesson… Focus on your Country, Invest in your citizens. Build your Country up. Make it afforadable, sustainable. Grow it ,watch it blossom. A gov who waters his garden sees the beauty of his country grow. When it grows and he is invested. More people become invested. Taxes get paid. Everything grows together. Then when everyone is working. Then they have the money to help more ppl. That keeps a Country growing. There would be no debt.. Taxes don’t have to be increased to the point ppl can’t live.

    One who understands math understands this. Instead we are in debt that we owe to Trudeau. We pay our bills and pay high taxes. Some how we are in Trillions in debt . To run a country we must have someone who competent.

    He has showed us everything but.

    When we vote, we must all be wiser

  14. This is fucking bull shit. The asshole is only doing this to buy his votes because the rest of Canada wants this sry ass gone. He had fucked up our country so bad we are going to loose all freedom of speech and all our rights if he keeps up. We in the west of Canada keep so much of our country a float and this prick wants to stop all pipelines but yet wants us to pay a carbon tax on it when he’s stopped everything. FUCK YOU MR T GO FUCK UP ANOTHER COUNTRY

  15. In my opinion the voting for election for new prime minister or to keep same prime minister in Canada should be for real Canadians and not immigrants. Canadians have the right to participate more, but for immigrants to be part of it is not right, because it’s bias everyone knows who they r going for. It’s not a fair election. I have nothing against immigrants but Canadians should be heard more of what or who they want. We need a new PM who is going to think about Canadians first. Canada should be helping out their own citizens first.

  16. Why not just let everyone on the whole damn planet vote! What’s the point of being a citizen? What’s the point of a country!

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