Trudeau Gov’t Pay $28 Million To Secure Land For Illegal Immigration

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In the first six months of 2022, more people crossed illegally into Canada at Roxham Road in Quebec than in all of 2019.

According to the latest figures, 16,319 people entered Canada at ‘irregular’ border crossings in Quebec between Jan. 1, 2022, and June 30, 2022. That includes 3,449 in May and 3,066 in June.”

“Those are the second- and third-highest months on record, surpassed only by August 2017.

Upon which Cultural Action Party discover a critical factor in the illegal Liberal voter intake agenda of PM Justin Trudeau. The Feds have paid off a Quebecois businessman for the purpose of maintaining illegal refugee intake at the Roxham Road location in southern Quebec:

“After months of silence, the federal government finally disclosed that it has paid $28 million for leases to businesses owned by Liberal Party of Canada donor Pierre Guay in connection with irregular migrant crossings along the Quebec-U.S. border.”

After which concerned parties discover a critical piece of the illegal immigration puzzle. Justin Trudeau has paid off a Liberal Party donor to ensure illegal entry stays at its highest possible level.

The fact that it likely constitutes a breach of Canadian law does not factor into the equation. As astute citizens understand, PM Trudeau is an agent of social and political transformation. Through a maximization of legal and illegal migration to our country, the PM is converting Canada to a one-party state.

“The amount is contained in a document sent to members of the House of Commons ethics committee on Monday, the same day they heard from initial witnesses in their investigation into Roxham Road spending.”

It’s not nearly as exciting as the official inquiry into Justin Trudeau’s evocation of the Emergencies Act. Superseding the illegal refugee investigation, many Canadians will fail to pick up on this development. It’s exactly what Trudeau and the Liberals are hoping for.

Back in 2016, devoid of democratic process, PM Trudeau took it upon his specious self to sent out a tweet to the refugees of the world[paraphrase]:

“Feel free to rush the Canadian border, where RCMP officers will carry your luggage to the Immigration office. After filling out paperwork, you and your family will receive taxpayer-funded cheques to pay for accomodation, food, as well as health and dental care.”

Eventually, after acquiring citizenship, we know you will vote for the Liberal Party of Canada. If ever a government wanted to transform a democracy to a dictatorship, this is the method to get the job done.

Radio-Canada has revealed that Ottawa paid more than half a billion dollars in public funds to reimburse costs paid by Quebec or to pay suppliers. This money was used to rent land and hotels and to install trailers.

“The public broadcaster noted that it was impossible to know the value of all the contracts awarded by Ottawa because the government hid behind confidentiality requirements.”

Ah, yes– welcome to the Liberal government “transparency” festival. Hidden from the knowledge of Canadians, Team Trudeau has established an illegal entry program to build his base of Liberal Party voters.

Degree to which establishment media has a problem with this? Try zero, and continue till you get to nothing. It’s what happens when government control media through copious amounts of taxpayer funding.

“All of these leases are associated with land and premises located near the Saint-Bernard-de-Lacolle border crossing. As of Oct. 1, $15.8 million has been paid to Guay’s companies for leases and $12.3 million for leasehold improvements.” 

Scam of the century? Not really. For Justin Trudeau and his Liberal-Globalist Party, this is what is called “business as usual.”

Guess what Canada? We have a corrupt federal government who think nothing of breaking the law to accommodate their goal of an elimination of competing political parties.

Patriots stand witness as our nation heads toward its unspoken one-party-state destination at the hands of the Trudeau government.

10 thoughts on “Trudeau Gov’t Pay $28 Million To Secure Land For Illegal Immigration”

  1. I am truly amazed how this country is going to crap and also how Justin’s cute little wife stands by and says nothing about it. Most women would not allow this to happen at the hands of their husband.

    • Small drop in the bucket after the murders of the Sherman family (ivermectin) Kal (Special investigator sex crimes) the we and snc lavolin scandals.

  2. This has been a huge concern of mine for over 3 years, hopefully Pierre can reveal more of the corruption of this government to the tax payer’s of Canada.

  3. Here’s a story about a (literal) pain wracked man who cries most days. He’s about to lose the only (shared) place he has to live. Where is the medical/surgical help? Where is the financial help? I guess that he’s “asking for more then Trudeau can give.” Except for euthanasia–The poor fellow will take death over homelessness. Any love we had in this country has gone cold.

      • get Singh out and the liberal will fall,contact your NDP and tell them they going to fall with the liberal and you hope Trudeau paid them enough to live for a while

    • Let’s hope so. He has no sincere compassion for people, just the x beside his name. Truly despicable and ruining OUR country, not HIS as he likes to think.

  4. Roxham Road is the Gateway to Canada open to all except Canadians returning home.. No Vaccine required here.. RCMP offer transportation to a quality Hotel for their comfort while their cheques and permanent housing is being arranged for them..


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