Trudeau Govt Overturned Deportation Of High Risk Convicted ISIS Terrorist

Under the Harper government, Amara had his Canadian citizenship REVOKED AND WAS SET TO BE DEPORTED the moment he was released from prison. Trudeau’s Immigration Minister AHMED HUSSEN told the Senate that the Liberal government had already initiated the process to RESTORE CITIZENSHIP TO THE CONVICTED TERRORIST.


15 thoughts on “Trudeau Govt Overturned Deportation Of High Risk Convicted ISIS Terrorist

  1. This is or should be illegal.Who does the government think they are.Where is the rule of law we all agreed to

    1. The libtards are above the rule of law. They do as they please, if they are not removed from office in the next election Canada as we know it will become a home for terrorists looking for a place to hide. Jihadi Justin and his band of blind and muted minions have already destroyed this country beyond repair.

      1. Hide? They are given a huge cheque and walk boldly! Even buying property that is largely rented to Gvnmt for office space..

  2. This government makes me sick, they treat us terrible and they are going to keep it up until we all get killed by these terrorists

  3. This is disgusting, I am fed up with trudeau and his idiotic cabinet. Get him out and restore Canadian values, enough is enough!!!!

  4. Trudeau will get enough ISIS into Canada, then give the order to strike. I am fully convinced that Trudeau is out to rune Canada 🇨🇦. Canada will never be the same again.

  5. This government is pathetic given a citizenship back to a terrorist and then bringing more here looks like the people of Canada are going to have to revoke his right to be here time for the people to saddle up and fight back

  6. Can’t believe- what is happening.Canada is surely becoming the safe havens for terroist drug cartels and criminals. Convicted self declared mass murder lives freely in Toronto Appartment! Where are the rules of law Mr. Justin???

    1. Mr. so wrong in at least 2 ways . 1)… How dare you assume his/her/its prefered sexual identification. and 2)… Mr. is an “Honourific”, a pronoun used to identify Male persons “Of Integrity”, a fireman, or a neibour who just rescued your cat from a burning building, a trucker that stops his truck and all the traffic from running over a Duck trying to get across a busy road with her brood of ducklings. Treasondeau??? As close as we can get to an accurate pronoun is P.O.S.

  7. Sadly we are turning Canada into a haven for Criminals on the run. When ISIS had too much pressure on them in another country fear alone had many return to avoid the final day. I am totally disappointed with the Governments decision to permit this individual to stay in Canada. I think someone needs to intervene as this is just not right.

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