Trudeau Govt Manipute Media For Purpose Of Winning Federal Election

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One of the most startling realizations to come out of the SNC-Lavalin scandal was Justin Trudeau’s Chief of Staff, Katie Telford, ADMITTING to the fact that the Liberals are WILLING TO EMPLOY GO-TO WRITERS TO SWAY PUBLIC OPINION in their favour.



4 thoughts on “Trudeau Govt Manipute Media For Purpose Of Winning Federal Election”

  1. Justin Trudeau is an Easy person to manipulate by foreign nations and radicals in this country. Yet, none of that perturbed him one bit just as long those people flash him thousands of dollars to his bank account and praises from others.
    His reporters and national media should be thanked daily by Justin for risking and surrendering their credibility; their reputation, everything possible to uphold, protect ‘corrupt law breaker terrorist supporter, the most divisive and destructive PM in Canadian History. They failed themselves and their country.

    • Geez, the media would die for this corrupt PM, they don’t need to be told what to say or write. In fact, they have been doing so for the last three or more years.

  2. Trudeau…..what gives you the right to: destroy Canada? : to bankrupt Canada? :to give away our Sovrenty? : to take away our safety? : to change the very fabric of Canada? : to let migration be out of control?? : to let radical terrorists run free in our country? : to destroy our energy and farming ? : to destroy peoples lives? :to put other countries before your own? : to let your people die in the streets? : to control the media so real news in the world and Canada are hidden? : to enter Canada into agreements “we” never agreed to? : like..UN COMPACT AND AGENDA 21 2030?? : to kill Canadas health care? :to put transgender operations above critical patients? : there is so much more!!!! Why are muslim women getting 760.000?? Why do you not care about Canadians?? : why do you hate your country? :whay are you not in jail???? Why are the RCMP and lawyers not putting you behind bars?? :why are Canadians watching you destroy Canada and not doing anything? Any other politician would be behind bars??: how are you getting away with taxing us to death? :why are you lying to Canda about climate change? There is no global warming…..climate change will always be driven by the sun….no money you collect from us will ever change that!! : you are a disgrace, shamefull, liar, you are definately going to answer to god for your sins.: Canadas economy is going down the toilet and you just keep digging us further in debt.: you have destroyed our childrens futures: why is nobody stopping this from happening? : we cannot afford for this clown to be in power one more day. : every day he is in power we loose more money!!! Because nobody is stopping you!!! You are a runaway train.: Canadians deserve more : we have worked our entire lives for what?? For you just destroy Canada in 3 short years!!!! Every person who reads this must give your head a shake…this excuse for a human needs to be stopped now!!!! Our very lives depend on it!!!people are on the streets starving, dying…..people are getting pushed into the streets from over priced rent. Our housing in Canada is a disgrace!!! But you keep givng more and more money like it was your own!!!: well it is not your money and we want it back!!! Every cent you have squandered into your new Bank…an infrastructure bank….what a joke….taking our money and hiding it away….how did your family foundation grow from nothing to where it is today?? Because you have been stealing from Canada for more than 3 years now ….thats how!!! : i could go on for days….you are the biggest disgrace this country has ever seen!!! Do us all a favor and resign…you need to finish your life behind bars!!! : OUR COUNTRY IS FALLING APART BEFORE OUR EYES PEOPLE…WE NEED TO DO SOMETHING NOW!!!! BEFORE THE ELECTION!!! WE CANNOT WAIT 7 MONTHS FOR CANADA TO BE ABUSED EVEN MORE.: THIS PERSON DESTROYING CANADA HAS GOT TO BE STOPPED!!! DO YOU ALL NOT SEE THE IMINENT DANGER YOU ARE IN??? LAWYERS….LAW MAKERS….POLICE….GOOD HONEST PEOPLE OUT THERE……OUR COUNTRY NEEDS YOU TO STEP IN!!!! BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE!! GOD SAVE CANADA!!!!


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