Trudeau Govt Has LIFTED SANCTIONS Against Virulent Human Rights Abusing Iran

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The government of Iran is criticized both for restrictions and punishments that follow the Islamic Republic’s constitution and law, and for actions by state actors that do not, such as the torture, rape, and killing of political prisoners, and the beatings and killings of dissidents and other civilians.

Restrictions and punishments in the Islamic Republic of Iran which violate international human rights norms include harsh penalties for crimes, punishment of victimless crimes such as fornication and homosexuality, execution of offenders under 18 years of age, restrictions on freedom of speech and the press restrictions on freedom of religion and gender equality in the Islamic Republic’s Constitution.

Reported abuses falling outside of the laws of the Islamic Republic that have been condemned include the execution of thousands of political prisoners in 1988, and the widespread use of torture to extract repudiations by prisoners of their cause and comrades on video for propaganda purposes.

In 2016, Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau lifted all sanctions against Iran, paving the way for non-military exports to a country that has long been seen by the West as a pariah state.

Fascinating, isn’t it? Please do tell–why on earth would Justin Trudeau lift sanctions against the Iranian government when out-of-control human rights abuses are known to national leaders all around the world?

Darn good question–therefore one establishment media are sure to dance around, obscure, and spin into political news fodder.

Come on, fellow patriots. Did this Trudeau character(Mr. Global Stage turned Silence-Of-The- Lambs) not just spend four years rambling on about international social injustices?

Did Trudeau not state emphatically that he will “always stand up for the rights of the persecuted people of the world?” He certainly did. Then, once expressed, this man turns around and ignores giant human rights abuses in Iran, and instead grants them a “blessing” by lifting sanctions toward this theocratic Islamic dictatorship.

What a horrible character this guy is. CAP cannot think of a greater political hypocrite than this self-appointed “King of Canada.” Remember this headline in the Globe & Mail?

“PM Trudeau Lifts Iranian Sanctions Despite Human Rights Abuses, Illegal Executions, Torture, Beatings and Homophobia.”

Goodbye, Mr. Trudeau–“it hasn’t been good to know ya.” Only thing is, a report of this nature never appeared in the pages of the Globe & Mail, or within any other establishment media outlet in Canada.

CAP Trans-lation: Media work for government. Their “post-modern” mandate involves the protection of Justin Trudeau, obfuscation of hypocritical political behaviour, and the spinning of pertinent news items into pulp fiction.

“Now, with most of the world’s sanctions against Iran dismantled, the country will be able to repatriate more than $100 billion in assets held abroad — including funds in Canada — that were frozen in an effort to punish Iran for pushing to expand its nuclear capacity.”

“There are fears that some of that money could be used by the regime to prop up its interests in the region, including elements deemed by Canada to be unsavoury at best and terrorist organizations at worst: Hezbollah in Lebanon, the Bashar al-Assad regime in Syria and Shia militias in Iraq.

Wonderbar. So PM Trudeau did a good turn for Iran–he assisted them in collecting $100 billion dollars in frozen funds. How giving, how entirely altruistic.

CAP just have one tiny question about all this malarky–what good does it do for the people of Canada? Try nothing at all.  As for Iran– and the fundamentalist Islam in general– it appears to be quite the win.

Always the way–forever and a day. Justin Trudeau is a very hard worker–when it comes to putting energy into advancing, funding, protecting and indemnifying the Nation of Islam in every manner imaginable. Media breath not a word about any of it.

“Canada is finally joining the rest of the international community,” said Nader Hashemi, a Canadian expert on Iran and a professor at the University of Denver.

An expert, eh? Let’s get real– this guy is a pro-Islamic, pro-Iranian professor working for a Liberal-Globalist academic institution. What a steaming pile of tosh he delivers here.

Hey, Canada–you do not want to be “left behind.” There is money to be made in Iran. All you have to do is forget about the ubiquitous human rights violations, mass murders, torture, beatings and all the rest of these illicit and illegal behaviours.

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Of course, doing so is less difficult for Justin Trudeau than one would imagine. CAP label Trudeau a serious narcissist, and a self-centred megalomanic. Did Papa Pierre give a fig about China’s mass murder regime under Chairman Moe Tse Tung? Didn’t seem to phase him much, now did it?

Justin is the same. His virtue-signalling is, in reality, a hollow shell of nothingness. What King Justin truly desires is of a most puerile variety–attention, power, prestige, glorification–not exactly a laundry list of the most pragmatic element of being PM.

This is the true Justin Trudeau. His Canada is something entirely different from the conception of our nation in the eyes of some 20 million “Old Stock” Canadians.

PM Trudeau wants a “New Canadian Order” to be established within society. No finer example can be found than his mission to integrate the Nation of Islam into the fabric of Canadian society.

Indeed, it is Justin Trudeau’s “highest calling.”




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