Trudeau Govt Legalize Assisted Dying For 18-YEAR OLD Canadians, Tax-Payer Funded

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“Assisted suicide is the intentional termination of one’s life, assisted by someone who provides the means or knowledge, or both.Between 1892 and 2016, assisted suicide was illegal in Canada under section 241(b) of the Criminal Code.”

“In 2015, after decades of various legal challenges, the Supreme Court of Canada decided unanimously to allow physician-assisted suicide. In June 2016, the federal government passed the Medical Assistance in Dying (MAID) Act, which established the eligibility criteria and procedural safeguards for medically-assisted suicide.”

In other words, these dramatic changes in policy became law once Justin Trudeau seized control of the consciousness of Canadian society. As with issues of abortion and transgenderism, government and media speak of these liberal-globalist “fixations” but never reveal which segment of society these people come from.

Obviously, assisted suicide involves Canada’s elderly peoples. Which identifiable community holds the lion’s share of these folks? Old Stock Canada–that’s who.

How about abortion? Blimey– again, Anglophone and Francophone-Canadians are far-and-away the main recipients. Ditto for transgenderism.

Degree Third World  Canada indulges in assisted dying, abortion and transgenderism? Minimal to nothing at all. No wonder King Justin goes all-in on these policies!

The Trudeau government approach to all three–open season, all-the-way for abortion–no restrictions at all— just like the policy functions in China, a nation of 1.3 Billion citizens.

Transgenderism results in sexual sterilization for Canadian males– no natural-born children. White Canada also lead the pack in this regard. Getting the “drift” fellow patriots?

All three programs impede the growth of the populations of Old Stock Canada. Coincidence? You be the judge.

So Justin Trudeau established a minimum age for euthanasia at 18 years of age. Pretty darn young, isn’t it? What else is going on the the nefarious world of euthanasia?

“Canada’s largest children’s hospital is drafting a policy in preparation for the day when children could decide for themselves to be euthanized.”

“In Ontario, “young people can be and are found capable of making their own medical decisions, even when those decisions may result in their death.”

How sweet. See how the globalist liberals roll. The name of the game is “insatiability.” In the same manner as multicult-mongers never stop pushing their agenda, and are thoroughly insatiable in their quests, the assisted dying-mongers are the same.

First, establish the minimum age  at 18. Then, begin worming their way toward knocking off younger Canadians. Empower 18-year olds to make the decision themselves--thereby blocking out parental consent--the exact same approach government apply to transgenderism for youth.

See how they roll!  When government disempowers parents, undermining the family unit, we have an example of totalitarianism. CAP Theory states that Canada is at this very moment trans-sitioning from democracy to dictatorship.

Are these developments not indicative of this transformation? Of course they are. Government controlling life-and-death. Chairman Mao Tse Tung would be impressed– no doubt other totalitarian leaders of modern history would concur.

“The Sick Kids’ group says families are usually involved in such decisions and that every effort is spent to encourage youth to involve their families but that “ultimately the wishes of capable patients with respect to confidentiality must be respected.”

So can ya hear it, brothers and sisters! Witness how establishment media spin this agenda– “respect to confidentiality” means parents are easily boxed out of the picture-the decision comes down to government and the Health Industry.

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For CAP, Canada’s Health industry is decidedly unhealthy. Pourquoi? Canada permits abortion at full term. There is no minimum age for sex change transitioning. This can be, and has been performed, on children as young as 10 years of age in Canada.

“Fran Forsberg of Saskatoon filed a human rights complaint four years ago on behalf of her now 10-year-old daughter Renn to have the gender box on her birth certificate that was marked with an ‘M’ changed to an ‘F.’ She further asked that the box be removed all together.”

Ignorant little trans-pusher, no? This “mother” has two adopted First Nations children. Both have transitioned from male to female-the youngest at 10 years of age. All of it perfectly legitimate and legal in Canada. Hit me baby one more time–how positively SICK this is.

This, fellow patriots, is Justin Trudeau’s Canada. True or false– PM Justin just finished four years of prancing around at Pride Parades, hugging various transvestites, as well as waving a transgender flag high in the air. His self-appointed “LGBT” Minister, Liberal MP Randy Bissoinnette, stood shoulder-to-shoulder beside Trudeau.

As a side note, MP Randy lost his Edmonton riding in the recent election. PM Trudeau has decided not to move forward with  a dedicated LGBT Minister within his new cabinet–not that he will alter his position on the matter. Liberal-Globalist’s never change their nefarious agendas no matter what occurs within a society.

So within our nation, teenagers can make the decision to end their life without approval or even consent from parents, guardians or caretakers. A very “efficient” policy to say the least.

What an incredibly bizarre state-of-affairs our nation finds itself in with King Trudeau in command. This is how CAP sees things: Our government is massaging our society into a totalitarian-oriented nation-state, while Canadian media cover-up and obscure the entire phenomenon.

Media treat critical social policy changes as if they are as standard as snow in Nunavet. This casual approach to serious issues like assisted dying and abortion makes no sence at all. Media in Canada perpetually under-play the meaning and relevance of issues of this nature.

They do the very same regarding immigration, multiculturalism and refugee intake policies. Did you know? Just two nations on earth have multicultural policy established by way of government legislationCanada, and Australia.

Yet media speak about this awful “die-versity” agenda as if it as natural as rain in North Vancouver. Meanwhile, a mere 1% of nations on earth maintain official multicultural policy.

See how they roll? Government and Media in collusion–just as it is in the Trudeau family’s hero-nations of Cuba and China.










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  1. Keep hammering away Brad, You sure do express my concerns & cries for what is happening in our beloved Canada. These self-annihilating endeavours of leader Prince Justine are going to result in a non-existent Canadian population & a ‘new face’ to our grandkids’ country profile – it will become ‘brown Canada’ – no European ancestry detectable!! Oh So regrettable, So sad!

  2. I wouldn’t even know where to begin in correcting or even discussing the comments made in this article. You are so far right that it doesn’t seem logical you would be able to have a calm, realistic conversation about any of the subject you’ve brought up.


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