Justin Trudeau Brings 20,000 Unemployable Parents/Grandparents To Canada Under Family Reunification Program

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Canada’s Parents and Grandparents Program allows Canadian citizens and permanent residents over the age of 18 to sponsor their parents and/or grandparents for Canadian permanent residence.

Ah yes– the untold story of the importation of non-productive, unemployable elderly Third World parents and grandparents to Canada. Why untold? For one simple reason–media have refused to tell the story. And why would they go and do this? Because they know that Justin Trudeau and butcher-boy MP Ahmed Hussen believe if all Canadians understood the nature of family reunification in Canada, they may well stop voting for King Justin.

Did you know? “Family Reunification” is about much more than importing the elderly from the Third World. In addition to these folks, orphaned brothers, sisters, nephews, nieces or grand children can be brought to Canada under the policy.

Talk about an open playing-field! Yet, in no way should we be surprised. This is Justin Trudeau and Ahmed Hussen’s Canada– a post-modern nation where non-Canadians, illegal refugees and convicted ISIS murderers have more social relevance than Old Stock, Canadian-born citizens and tax-payers.

On the flip-side, let’s take a gander at what Yale University-educated Canadian Professor of Economics, Herbert Grubel, has to say about family reunification.

According to his research, this migration program cost Canadians in the area of $30 Billion dollars each year--most of it related to health care services.  And for what purpose? In line with CAP’s often caustic presentation manner, the purpose is little more than to import free baby-sitters for Liberal-voting Third World  immigrants.

Canadian society has done an incredible back-flip since multiculturalism was forced upon our nation in 1971 by Pierre Trudeau. Result being Third World Canada is now the apple of government’s eye. This is their growth market–not to mention the “ace-in-the-hole” the Liberals pray will keep them in power in perpetuity.

So its off to the Third World-pandering races, as Justin Trudeau and Islamic immigration minister Ahmed Hussen elevate Third World Canadians to privileged communities.Meanwhile, these two continue to corral Old Stock Canada into second class citizenship status.

“Ask and you shall receive” is the Trudeau/ Hussen mantra regarding their chosen Sikh, Muslim and Chinese communities. As for Old Stock Canadians, they hold the esteemed honour of paying for the entire charade.





41 thoughts on “Justin Trudeau Brings 20,000 Unemployable Parents/Grandparents To Canada Under Family Reunification Program”

  1. I got kick off facebook for 30 days for telling truth about muslums–trying to warn my fellow americans about the danger they pose–

  2. You said, “Canadian society has done an incredible back-flip since multiculturalism was forced upon our nation in 1971 by Pierre Trudeau”

    Correction: The Canadian Multiculturalism Act was then enacted by Prime Minister Brian Mulroney (Conservative).

    • True, but Pierre is the ideological founder of the movement. There would be no Multiculturalism Act PERIOD f it were not for him. Diversity for some is die-versity for others.

      • It was all initiated by Pierre Trudeau as part of his grand plan to elevate French in Canada, a policy which most English Canadians would not disagree with. However he did it by doing his best to diminish all things related to English culture. Anything previously named “Royal” was changed, the metric system was introduced bilingualism was introduced, Bill 101 was enacted by Quebec. Immigration was changed from 250,000 from the UK to 250,000 from Asia. In short multiculturalism was introduced to dilute English culture – Quebec was given control of its own immigration – French only was enforced in Quebec through the language police. The constitution was brought home without Quebec’s signature. Mulroney attempted to rectify this by a campaign promise of National Reconciliation – which became Meech Lake and Charlottetown Accord – if you don’t recall who objected to it I will refresh your memory!

      • Justin Trudeau and his family and followers are all fucking low life scum.
        You bring terrorists and their families to are Country.
        Yet you all deny the senior who built this Canada. They came from all over the world to settle work and build homes. They all worked hard never asked for help from the government. Nor did the government offer to help them start their life in Canada. People from all walks of life.
        Trudeau you fucking goof. You can’t pay the seniors of Canada more money to live. Money they paid the Government. For there years of hard work. Its their money not the government’s.
        Justin Trudeau not only you are a goof but also a rapest. You are raping the seniors of Canada to support your terrorists friends.
        Justin Trudeau you goof rapest piece of shit. You can’t help are Military Vets who fought for Are Country. You can’t give them proper medical help or a home to live in. Are Military Who died for are freedom.
        However you and your all your corrupt government followers can import Terrorists into are Canada and give them money. Or what ever they need. .the very same terrorist who killed are Vets.
        Justin Trudeau and his family friends and government. You are all the biggest scum of the earth. Fucking goof losers. All of you. All you liberals.
        Justin Trudeau Fuck You your family your friends your government. And all your terrorist friends.
        Your Judgement day is coming.

  3. Chinese? Well, certainly not the Sino communities, as Marrisa Shen’s family will be only too happy to tell you.

  4. Just what Canada needs. He doesn’t give Canadian seniors enough to live on, but he’ll bring over Muslim seniors and give them free housing, the money WE contributed through taxes and were promised WE would get back through OAS, free medical, free dental,,,,,,,, basically, everything that WE PAID FOR OUR WHOLE WORKING LIVES, will now go to people that refuse to integrate, refuse to contribute, that want to take over our country, that would rather see us all dead and that are nothing more than a freeloading burden on our taxes. VERY, VERY FEW OF THE “REFUGEES” pays any taxes or contributes anything back into our society! Then when we question why they get all of the benefits we paid for and were promised, but don’t receive, we’re called racist and told people like us aren’t wanted in Canada! It was people like US that gave all the money that he spends like a drunken whore on prom night, through taxes that were taken on the guise that they were to be paid back on retirement, after the government made their billions through interest gained on our taxes!!!! I feel sorry for his kids having to grow up with the stigmatism that their father ended up being one of the most hated and laughed at “peoplekind” in Canada! But then again I’m sure he has brain washed them as Pierre brainwashed him! He obviously got the “mentally unstable” gene that his mother has admitted to having and that she loves to flaunt brag about and make a living parading it in front of everyone. It just goes to show you, that in Canada, even the mentally ill can manage to get a job running the country into the ground!

  5. Many Canadians must wonder if Justin Trudeau still considers himself a white Roman Catholic Christian, considering that there are very few photographs of his family attending church on Sundays, but many of Justin in Muslim regalia in various mosque settings. it is time someone asked the PM about his religious beliefs before the vote in October .

  6. Yet, my sister and brother in laws have to come up with 1M PHP in order to even be considered to apply to come to Canada.
    Despite both coming from professions in demand right now in Canada.

  7. Nothing surprises me any more, when it comes to Trudeau. Our Country called Canada, is in trouble. The Canadian people have lots to worry about. This PM hasn’t a clue what’s going on in Canada, and it’s people who were born and raised here. I am not your average person who stays on top of politics, but lately I find myself defending my Country, because the PM is selling us out. You work hard most of your life, and pay big taxes, only to be put out to pasture with very little to live on. How are you going to live on what they give you, it’s a damn shame. I’m actually fairly scared what is going to happen in the next couple of years. Homeless comes to mind, but I don’t understand why I have to be threatened by this, but it’s almost true. When is our PM going to address the starving Canadians, who give thousands of dollars of their hard earned money back to the Government, in taxes. They squeezed the crap out of the average working Canadian, only to be put on the poor shelf. I’m starving, and do without any type of enjoyment. I live only to pay rent, and some minor groceries. I would love to go and see a movie, but cannot afford it. This is not exaggerated, by all means, it’s fact, and I’m not alone. It’s impossible to save a buck, because of the Monthly Income of peanuts (CPP & Old Age Security). How do the rest of you feel about our incompetent Prime Minister.

  8. I got blocked for the 5th time 30 days for sharing a pic of the last guy in Iran blown up.. It was your pic Facebook .. Don’t blame me..!

    • Also I am kicked off of Kijiji for life for advertising in Ottawa that I want to be bought out so I don’t have to represent a terrorist supporting country.. I hate Kanada now and I’m not going to change my mind .. I am a prisoner here for investing in this country that goes against the Geneva convention and all rulings! Kanada back stabbed its closest allies !


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