Trudeau Govt Introduce Bill Eliminating Jail Time For Child Abduction

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Then there will also be relaxed penalties for participating in a TERRORIST GROUP.  Trudeau seems to be paving the way for making Canada into a sharia state. These are the first steps toward accepting Islamic law.


15 thoughts on “Trudeau Govt Introduce Bill Eliminating Jail Time For Child Abduction”

  1. Oh my Gosh. I have been saying that Trudeau is ruining Canada and turning it into an Islamic Country for a year now. It is happening all over the world. It is terrible in the UK. What is wrong with us? This has to be stopped. Trudeau has to be stopped.

  2. Trudont is corrupt he is comprimised by the Muslim’s for sure..either he is being forced to do this because they have info on him or they have made it so that he has no say it he is being paid off…somewhere along the line he is not the real issue it’s the puppet masters that are hiding in the shadows that have the real power…follow the money

  3. This was the real purpose of creating the conflicts in the middle east. Refugees to the western world to spread Islam and create a one world religion. The globalists have been planning this forshifor a long time .


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