Trudeau Govt Hiding Cost Of Refugee Resettlement From Canadians

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The bureaucrats worried about their communication strategy because they know Canadian taxpayers would be OUTRAGED BY THE AMOUNT OF MONEY BEING SPENT IN BENEFITS given towards Syrian migrants who are entering Canada. 


2 thoughts on “Trudeau Govt Hiding Cost Of Refugee Resettlement From Canadians”

  1. How can these non CANADIAN people brand us anything ,judge us ,look at the shithole you cane from,CANADIANS didnt make your country the way it is YOU DID AND LEFT AND BROUGHT IT HERE,GO HOME THIS IS MY HOME

    • Trudeau and Hussen believe they OWN Canada. Immigration is one of the biggest issues in our country, yet Canadians are not told WHICH NATIONS these people come from, because if they knew, they would rebel. All the top nations are 3rd world countries and Islamic nations.


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