Trudeau Govt Hands $761,720 To Canadian Council Of Muslim Women

The funding stems from a call for proposals announced by Minister [Maryam} Monsef in October 2018.


14 thoughts on “Trudeau Govt Hands $761,720 To Canadian Council Of Muslim Women”

  1. The headline sounds good but the lion’s share is going to muslims. What about the other women of color in the country or the impovershed anglo women or even the francophone women? How much and where is that, if any, going?

  2. Enough is enough if you have money to give to them then you have money for our veterans who actually gave their lives for us and Canada get your priorities straight little potato Trudeau..the people of Canada had enough of your spending and canadians coming last,don’t get comfortable we are voting you and the liberal party out

  3. Pretty much down to only the Muslim vote… which is the only people he likes to give money to. Time for this jug head PM to go. I think real canadians have had more than enough of him.

  4. This spoiled brat has never worked in his life
    The only hard work he does is working hard spending our hard earned money on his friends

  5. Only one of 250 grants handed out that day to women’s organizations.

    “That’s why on International Women’s Day, the Honourable Maryam Monsef, Minister of International Development and Minister for Women and Gender Equality together with the Honourable Ahmed Hussen, Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship and Member of Parliament for York South–Weston, announced that the government will invest in over 250 projects from women’s organizations and Indigenous organizations serving women across Canada under the Capacity-building Fund. The fund stems from the Budget 2018 announcement of $100 million over five years to support a viable and sustainable women’s movement across Canada.”

    • Susan…you are throwing around the phrase “honourable” pretty freely. Neither one of these so called ministers is even close to “honourable”. You and I both know the only reason either one of these people are ministers is because of the origin of their birth. They are both pro Muslim anti Canadian race baiters.

  6. This is about 8% of the money allotted to womens groups in canada over a 5 year period. The problem i find in this is its a religious group which has over a billion members around the world. Why do Canadians have to fund a non conforming idealogical hate group


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